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  1. I really enjoyed this series however it could of done without episode 17. I wonder why they didn't show us who answered the phone when KY called her at the end of episode 16. Their story was the worse ending in the series. I wonder who will lead season 2...I really like director Park Shin Woo's work. He's able to showcase deep emotions in his work through the actors, the music and setting of drama. I look forward to more of his work and the writers he works with.
  2. If they didn't wrap PJW and LEO's story with the ending in episode 16, I really wonder what else could be added. Maybe a small wedding scene?? but to me, episode 16 wrapped up most of the love stories. When I think of 17 now, I just wonder if the focus is all on MH's character. They can't put that much into 30-35 mins of an episode, I think PJW and LEO will appear in one or two scenes max. So I conclude episode 16 for most of the major stories. I look forward to episode 17 but I don't expect that much out of it. It may be the bridge between seasons 1 and 2.
  3. To have this air before Valentines Day...good job PD! For PJW and LEO, the ending means their beginning. I am satisfied with their ending because PJW deserves it. Yes, PJW is the only character who's kept me through till the end. JCW's portrayal of PJW was so heartbreaking, lovable, sincere, career driven...the layers are countless. Kyung Joon and Rin Yi couldn't get past their differences, but their breakup was both their faults. I was expecting it. I am more sad Geon and Sun-young couldn't be together. Their love story was bittersweet. Overall a solid drama with a great OST and good portraya
  4. I feel this new episode wrapped up a lot of this drama today. The truth is revealed and its a simple reason. To fall in love in the city truly comes at a cost because everyone has their own life's interpretation. LEO is like many women I see and work with today. It really is about taking care of yourself in the end of it all. I may be frustrated like PJW and want to beat my pillow too, but just like PJW, I understand now and will step back to leave room for LEO to grow more then ever. This drama is becoming a lifestyle improvement book. Ha.
  5. FINALLY! The chemistry was off the roof today, the desire to have each other so badly is here. Again, left with a cliffhanger, making us crave for more!
  6. Finally, PJW can start loving LEO for who she is not YSA he keeps thinking of...I wonder what would happen if he ever met the real YSA...
  7. .....Let me get this straight...LEO was dumped and felt too ordinary so she impersonates someone she wish she was more like...then she returns to her old self when she got back to Seoul...I'm at a loss of words...I can't try and like LEO more now that this has been revealed. Especially how she treats PJW, its kind of uncalled for and I feel sorry for him. I'm as frustrated with her attitude as PJW is. Okay, 5 episodes left...I was close to giving up on this until LEO woke up in PJW's house. This drama has good cliffhangers.
  8. The last scene in today's episode, DANG. I think the last scene was too realistic. I'm sure many people have been in LEO's shoes while she finally meets him again. The butterflies in your stomach type of meeting, portrayed wonderfully.
  9. Thanks @cherkell PJW's house is so beautiful! The artist who own the property is truly creative with the design. The blend of old and new is very refreshing with a touch of minimalism.
  10. The build up to them meeting again is so slow!! But still satisfying because in ways fate is playing with their relationship. Park Jae Won must be such a loner LOL His friends are good friends of Lee Eun O and yet he's never met her. This relationship is best described: So near yet so far. LOL At least now PJW knows his cousin knows who Lee Eun O is so he has the upper hand. Its like that Friend's episode. She don't know that he knows she knows....? LOL
  11. I just want to say....I want to live in Park Jae Won's house, the mix of contemporary and traditional is exceptional. HAHA. So far, the latest episode is my favorite. I like Park Jae Won more and more every episode I watch of him.
  12. Hmm...I have a bad feeling I'm not gonna like the reason they broke up or the reason they broke up isn't good enough...This is from the same director of Its okay to not be okay and the climax in that drama wasn't as good as I hoped for...I hope this isn't a repeat of a weak climax.
  13. Today's episode was so heartbreaking! The "dream" scene was wonderfully performed by Ji Chang Wook! I truly felt his pain and helplessness thru this scene. I can't help but dislike Yoon Seon-A even more!! The reason for their break up hasn't been revealed yet but I hope its a very very good reason because right now I don't see myself forgiving her for what she did to Park Jae Won.
  14. I am currently watching Lovestruck in the City with Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook, its from the same director of IONTBO and I couldn't help but notice the couple in this drama meets and falls in love while traveling in a camping trailer. I so badly want Moon Gang Tae and Ko Moon Young to make a special appearance together, still traveling and living in their camping van. T_T
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