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  1. I believe that is a fan edit. Looks real but i don't think it is...anyone know if its an actual picture? Social distance...yes I understand this completely and I am very happy they are taking this so seriously...but did Lee Joon Ki not get the memo? LOL He was so adorable being such a fan boy around SYJ, heck I would be too if i was there. LOL
  2. Congrats, Moon Gang Tae and Go Moon Young! One of the best love stories I've watched in a long time! BTW, why did KSH leave before SYJ finish her speech when they were on stage together?
  3. ZLY did?!! Awe, they have a cute friendship, i would have thought they haven't kept in touch since PA. I use to think ZLY was one of his best co-stars but I think he suits his new leading lady just as well. Visually, they are stunning. I guess taking a break really helped him vamp up his acting skills as well, this is very different from other shows he's been on. Totally the opposite of sad YWY who I still love to this day. T_T
  4. @Cheerie LOL As a LGX fan, I am still recovering from the lake where his Yuwen Yue drowned in. Watching this makes me reminisce about PA and how bad it was. LOL Its like YWY finally reincarnated and is able to flirt with women in the 21st century but still secretive as heck in his profession!
  5. I think that video is hard evidence that there is something going on even though LGX claims to be drunk. lol It was obvious he couldn't take his hands off her. I am watching this series too but I am finding it hard to completely love their romance onscreen. Honestly, their current love scandal is more interesting then the love story in the drama. lol
  6. OMG I want Nov 28 now!!! LOL I saw some leaked photos of SYJ at AAA and she looks like a goddess! Can't wait to see her dress!
  7. Interesting observations...I think if your observation was true I don't think GM would have Ryu be both KSH and SYJ's bodyguard, maybe only SYJ because I think she would have requested it, no? He is around both KSH and SYJ so I think I would rule him out of having any type of relationship besides being their business chaperone/bodyguard. In that BTS of IONTBO, I think it was already validated that KSH was looking and smiling at OJS since he had entered the scene when they were holding hands. OJS asked him what he was doing and teasing them.
  8. She's too pretty!!! I think my crush on her is bigger then my crush on KSH. LOL I am so happy for the recognition she is receiving. She truly deserves it. I really like all her award dresses so far. She's a very classy woman. I hope for AAA she has some color though! Not always black.
  9. I am so excited they will be attending the AAA together!!! Despite everything else, Its like...2020 is ending happily for me already!
  10. I wish SYJ had an IG, even if its set to private, at least we will see KSH follows her since he only follows artists in his agency. Just that thought is nice.
  11. He said that?!! About hearing her voice at dawn...clearly he's really into her voice! I think I'll purchase that audiobook just to listen to SYJ's voice too! I hope she gifts KSH the audio book so he can listen before sleeping and at dawn. LOL
  12. KSH and SYJ seems to cross paths a lot even before Its Okay. LOL I love their past interactions...seriously fated to be brought together in Its Okay.
  13. Hmm...very interesting how GM is doing this. Proud actually. Its as if something big is brewing and they have put up their shields ready to protect everyone. Sounds like they are grooming Seo Ye Ji for the Chinese market as well...hmm Interesting!
  14. For sure! I think they are grooming Seo Ye Ji to become a big brand presenter just like KSH. With all the new endorsements these two are getting individually, its obvious...if they were smart, endorse these two together jeez. LOL
  15. Love how SYJ is getting international offers! Chloe is a good brand and I'm very happy for her! It really matches her image.
  16. ****NONSTOP REPLAY on Netflix for me! In protest to that STUPID assumption this show tried to promote sexual harassment and other idiotic themes.
  17. Shipping is tough work but i fall every time for a new couple each year, this year its KSH and SYJ. This couple will either end up like Won Bin and Lee Na Young or Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin. LOL *i loved GY and GHJ from way back, from the same agency but remains very good friends. For KSH, SYJ, I don't feel bothered by who they will end up with...i WILL be bother by the limited amount of work they get with each other! Can't see BTS so i have all my hopes and dreams for onscreen romance. 2nd Project, please make it happen, please!
  18. How likely are we going to see them at another award show together?! I hope nothing gets cancelled! They need a red carpet moment together!!! Miss them so much!! Second weekend without Moon Gang Tae and Ko Moon Young is...T_T
  19. Regarding the post above, I am quite impressed with SYJ's decision to become a certified sex educator. Its a very...unique certificate which I don't think many people would consider getting randomly. lol She's so random I love it. KSH bowling is a feast for the eyes for anyone watching him play, his aim is good. By nature, he seems like a competitive guy, bowling is perfect to relieve that competitive attitude.
  20. Very interesting...whenever I hear about GM it doesn't sound very good but I have to give it a chance since they are such a new company. Their first production is Its Okay so where they invest their money has been successful with the popularity of the show, the future is unknown of course. Personally I think GM could be something that was started by KSH and close colleagues. Most actors find things outside of acting to do because there is an end to popularity. Its only natural that KSH would want to venture out into producing and maybe directing. Behind the scenes, he has a good eye since he's
  21. These two might not pair up until a few years but I'm sure they will bump into each other since they are in the same agency. Besides, KSH has worked with costars like IU and Jun Ji Hyun multiple times. I have high hopes they will team up again for another project.
  22. I truly love everything about this drama from the music to the set designs, everything. The only thing that fell short of my expectations was the story of MY's mother, she was an expected tornado that turned into a light rain shower. The climax wasn't as twisted as I hoped for but I understand this was about MY, GT and ST so I didn't dwell on it too long. The message of this drama is very beautiful, you are who you are and no one can change that. I love that. The world in 2020 needed healing and this drama has answered our prayers. Thank you cast and crew for a drama that has given
  23. KSH and SYJ, when kissing seems so natural now. BTS practice makes perfect it seems LOL
  24. I love how KSH, SYJ and OJS are all holding hands in that last picture with their cast and crew! The FEELS!! T_T I will miss this cast.
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