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  1. Hello Han Ji Min thread. I'm new here to soompi actual forum visiting this page throw my sister soompi account. I love Han Ji Min very much, my favorite actress among all Korean actresses. I'm very happy to see all the love and support everyone here give to her. I'm the owner of Hyunbin_Hanjimin ig and just wanna drop by to say hi. Thank very much for keeping her thread alive and provides her international fans like us who don't understand Korean updates of her whereabouts. Have a wonderful days. ❤
  2. @tok-soompi Thank you so much for sharing these clips. I somehow miss these two very much after just finished rewatching Hyde Jekyll, Me with my friend because she is a die heart fan of Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. They somehow seem to grow on me as a couple. They make my heart flutter seeing their BTS clips. Waiting to see them at the Baeksang Art Awards. I hope both win the grand prize.
  3. Omg long times haven't been here; I sure miss Hyun Bin. He is so handsome and his acting really excel from his last dramas and films. He'd grown so much. His performance in Memories of Alhambra is phenomenal. I enjoy Rampant and love Memories of Alhambra but sadly I don't like The Negotiations. I give Hyun Bin an applaud and credit for taking the villain role for the first time. Acting something out of his comfort zone but he fail to carry the role and the character. I can't connect his performance to his character MTG. He and Son Ye Jin failed badly. Maybe I'm too picky that's why. Well congratulations to Hyun Bin for getting nominated for best actor for the Baeksang Art Awards. I hope he win the grand prize because he deserves it for his outstanding performance as Zinu and Yoo Jin Woo. Thank you so much @willenette and @rori0711 for still keeping this thread alive with his update. Hope to see his new productions soon.
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