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  1. Hello friends, Ji Min is so beautiful. Looking very flesh and relaxed. I'm counting down the days when Josee will premiere. Now we will have to wait for another long season to see HERE production 2021. Soo long but at least Josee gonna be here soon.
  2. She is so beautiful, I could stare at her for hours. It's time for her to start working with Korean best actor like LBH and those other amazing actors. I really want Miss Baek to meet my Ahjussi The Man From No Where so bad. I hope she continues to work with more well received veterans actors. I feel that's more fit for her than actors that are younger than her. Hehe except Nam Joo Hyuk is an exception to me. Still can't get over how stunning she was. She's the prettiest of the night. Hehe LBH to me is still the most handsome actor of the night. They are so good looking and they will work together next year.
  3. @JuneRain Same here I don't ship her with anyone because she is what matter to me most. I respect all her costars but I just can't help to swoon over Nam Joo Hyuk and her. The height difference and the support they have for each other. I get a warming friendship and closeness vibe from them. Seeing them makes my heart feel delightful. I love the Dazzling couple very much. They don't give me the vibe of we trying to impress the viewers but a natural vibe. I really love them.
  4. Knowing she and LBH will have a drama together next year raises my anticipation higher. I just want her to take on a great drama with an actor I like.
  5. I second you. She should because they will be an amazing team. LBH is an excellent actor. They will look great together.
  6. Omg she is drop dead gorgeous. I smile so much see her walk out the stage as if she is one of the nominees. My only reason to watch this is her and as saying pays off. Me imagine Nam Joo Hyuk with her like last year. Make my night my dazzling princess.
  7. I died! Why is he so good looking? I remember a friend went to Soulth Korean back in 2012 and saw Won Bin in person. She said he was so gorgeous looking and look very down to earth. I look forward to his return but when will that day come.
  8. I can't wait to see her. Might just watch her part only but will she be there for long? True she probably be sitting beside Kim Hye Ja. Dazzling is still one of the best drama. I hope she continues to play these kind of well respected dramas more. Please don't go back to choose male centered drama especially if the script is horrible. But yeh I like The Age Of Shadow very much and The Fatal Encounter. Especially The Fatal Encounter, her role of Queen Jeong Sung is executed well. It will be nice to see her act opposite Gong Yoo, Song Kang Ho, and LBH again. My focused is only on her but I like Gong Yoo pretty much. Hehe my whole family don't watch Korean entertainment but if it's Gong Yoo, Won Bin and SJB then they watch. My family came to love Han Ji Min as an actress very much. Many people I know love her too. Saying she is one of the most beautiful Korean actress besides Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae hee, Sung Yuri, and Lee Yeon Hee. Han Ji Min is not just beautiful but is also an excellent actress. I'm very excited to see her tonight.
  9. Same here was not planning on watching the Baeksang but after knowing she will be there as a presenter: I'm watching. She was so beautiful attending last year Baeksang Art Awards. That starring night sky dress suit her so much. I was shedding tears for her just like her fella nominates when she give her speech. This really speaks volumes of Han Ji Min character as a person. Something about her that I really love. Hope her stylist style her in something that's beautiful like last year. Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk make me smile so much last year. I wonder who will be with her this year. If only Joo Hyuk will be there too. I love her Dazzling family so much. I look forward to see her working with actress Kim Hye Ja again. The bond she has with the Dazzling cast is so heartwarming. Not related but like some fans here I want to see her win in the near future. I'm still praying everyday for her to work opposite Won Bin. Hehe I know maybe he'll never come back but a fangirl can still dream.
  10. Rewatching again! The best drama and best cast. Never bored of this drama. Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain should collaborate again.
  11. Love Song Hye Kyo very much. She's one inspiring woman. She's such a bad luck person to always get dragged into nonsense rumors. Dam I hope the rumors is not true because she deserves better. Never like any of the guys she'd chosen before. She's getting slandered by ignorant people from left to right. Hopefully she stays true to her words to never look back.
  12. Thank you guys for sharing Han Ji Min updates. I can't seem to be drawn to many other actresses nowadays. Happy Han Ji Min still has it for me stay around the Korean entertainment. She progressed as she continued to deliver a stronger performance each time a new production is offered. I'm blown away by all her recent performances. She own every characters she portrays. She is such a radiant and positive energy person. She is so natural without trying hard to please her audience. That's what make her fans love her. I was so touch by her performance in Miss Baek like Won Bin does A Men From No Where. Two talented actors in a production will be gold.
  13. Han Ji Min is so beautiful and lovely. I really miss her. She still look the same as during her Rooftop Prince and Yi San day. I want to see her with Won Bin one day. After watching Miss Baek, I just can't imagine how Won Bin and her would be like together if they collaborate.
  14. Hello Willenette, hahaha that's his reason . He's too cute. He look good with any hair styles. Short or long he rocks them all. I hope he decide on a project soon. It's been long enough since he went hiatus. Thank you for sharing his new update! He still look the same since he left after A Man From Nowhere.
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