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  1. Hehehe... I think shippers are everywhere. But Seriously one time using OST is a coincidence... the second time?.... Hmmmm... Lets see if they will use a 3rd time. Fingers crossed. And YSH have a new insta? What happened to his old one? And its suspicious that they are not following each other. If they were just friends they would have followed without worrying anything. Only couples tend to not follow each other being scared what if they are caught dating and then being followed on insta publicly and all... Oh well just my theory and over imagination going on a wild ride!! Also have anyone noticed the Soo Hyun is following an account which is a private account with only like 58 followers which looks like a ShyShy couple fan account sort? Type in Yoo Seung Ho in her following list and it would come up. I came across that while checking if she was following him. In her defense, she is following 7000+ accounts, so it could be a fan account later turned into a shipper account without her knowledge. So may be am wrong and again blaming it all on my over imagination. Anyway I hope this thread would continue being active... I return here once in a while to know whats going on... new fan theories and findings... And also... since new year around the corner, Happy New Year everyone! Have a great year ahead.
  2. does anyone have a link to the preview of ep 9? I searched youtube and couldn't find one. thanx
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