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  1. PS: If you want to support the original translator of the novel, kindly read it from Volare ^^. She only posts her works there so far (and if I was not mistaken, it was the only site which got agreement with the original author of PGC).
  2. A nice FMV about Guo Jing - Huang Rong vs Zhang Wuji - Zhao Min: And the interview that some mentioned before has been uploaded by TVB Official Youtube channel here:
  3. Actually, I want to ask all of you who follows the trilogy of Condor Heroes (I only watch LoCH and RoTCH once almost 2 decades ago and never bother to watch the series again. I am biased towards HSDS ). I still don't get why people was cruel enough to hide the manual for Jiu Yang Shen Gong in an ape's stomach. Was there any circumstances that forced them to do it? EDIT: Never mind that.. I just re-watch the episode with EngSub and bless the translators, they actually provide the history. Whoever you are, I am very grateful of you.
  4. Ah.... I finally managed to catch up until the latest page of this forum. Last time I logged in, the pages were still around 60-ish and now it has reached 130+ . Thank you for all of you who have posted (and hope will still post ) great and wonderful pics, gifs, FMVs, collections, fanfictions, analysis, even subbing the series. Your efforts are very much appreciated. And now, it's time to re-watch the series again . PS: I really like the FMV which was posted by Joseph on his Weibo, especially since it used another OST from 94's HSDS as well . PPS: regarding Joseph official social media, so far I only know he has 2, Weibo and Instagram (well, at least according to his Weibo profile). And actually, Facebook is blocked in China (along with other sites or apps like Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, etc.) unless you use VPN. That's why, their artists are mostly only using Weibo. It is already amazing enough if they have Instagram account just to connect with international fans (and the number of artists who have Instagram account are actually not that many). EDIT: A BTS collection
  5. The original MV of opening theme in TVB version And the ending theme
  6. I don't know if they will upload it later in their Youtube channel or not, but we can hope right ? In the meantime, if you want to re-watch old wuxia series, TVB has uploaded them here (no sub though): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcadjKOwi1MLRlXb78aGx-Q/playlists
  7. Because a YX must sit like a boss Source: Weibo A nice fan art of ZWJ's family from Weibo
  8. Actually thrice if you include the first time when he and ZM were trapped in ZM's mansion. He did touch ZM's bare foot which actually was a big no no if he was not ZM's husband (based on ancient Chinese culture) .
  9. I actually love ZWJ's sweet little gesture by kissing ZM's forehead in today's episode. Well, at least from my perspective, since the camera was zooming out at that moment . Oh, and ZWJ's reaction when ZM said she wanted to wander the world with him which was the opposite of what ZZR wanted to do. I think his happiness barometer almost reached maximum level . New BTS compilation
  10. Well yeah, I actually could not finish that version, lols.. My favorite until today is still 1986 version, with this 2019 comes in second as of now. However, I do like 94's OSTs and quite happy they used two of them for this 2019 version.
  11. A fun naration of almost all 倚天屠龙记 versions PS: in my opinion, 1994 version really had some nice OSTs compared to the other versions.
  12. Lol... I haven't watched the episode yet but I got a nice surprise instead. Thank you @hamaji .
  13. Found these FMVs about Yin Susu and Zhao Min https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HozKfweMj?fid=1034:4358572415606056 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hor3hefw7?fid=1034:4358237139736858
  14. TVB has its own Youtube channel, but there is no information yet whether they would upload the episodes immediately after they aired or not. In the meantime, if you interested, they have uploaded the old wuxia series in their channel. In 1986 version (apologized if I compared it again), after ZM left, ZWJ visits his parents' grave and met with ZSF. I really like the wisdom that ZSF gave to ZWJ in which he said (iirc) if ZWJ's heart was prioritized to help people and ruled with Ming sect, he ought to know that his people would never accept ZM. So, he had to let ZM go. But if what his heart wanted most was ZM, then for what reasons he still hung on his role as Ming sect leader. It would be good indeed if he could keep both, but as a human, one should have make a choice in life. Additional information if you are new in Soompi's forums : 1. If you want to post a picture here, as far as I know, you need to upload it somewhere and post the url here (we cannot do direct upload from our local folder). The same process is applied to video posting as well. 2. If there are no new posts after your latest post, but you still want to post something, it is advisable (as per the general forum rules) that you edit your post rather than submit new posting.
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