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  1. Hello Chingus, haha..I am still around! Amazingly I still remember the password for this account Coming in to share my English translation of the lyrics for the song Bogummy sang as a gift for his fans on his 7th Anniversary. The lyrics are very beautiful. The Korean version as you know, rhymes, so it’s really poetically beautiful. Please note that my translation doesn’t do justice at all to the beautiful language but I hope it will help you appreciate the song better as you listen to his soothing voice singing to you. On a side note, I can’t find this song on iTunes Just to let you know, there are a few songs of the same title but they are not the same song. If you are checking for this song at other sites, be sure to select the one by The Film. Below, I have captured the Hangeul characters for the song title and the original singer and composer for your convenience. For those who read Hangeul do feel free to improve on the translation. (Though I most probably won’t benefit from your input as I no longer follow this thread closely.) Enjoy! Song Title: 사랑, 어른이 되는 것 Love, the thing that makes you grow up Singer / lyrics / composition - 더필름 The Film 짧게 말하기 I’ll say it simply 되묻지 말기 Don’t ask 어린애처럼 사소한 말투 Like a child’s subtle kiss 서운해 말기 Don't feel uncomfortable 한번 더 듣기 Just listen one more time 귀담아 주기 Listen attentively 당신이 원한 그 말이 아니라 It’s not what you want to hear 그대 말 듣기 Will go with what you say 아프지말기 Don't suffer 쉅게 오해도 말기 Don’t misunderstand easily 그대의 얘기 돌려듣지 말고 Don’t let other people tell your own story 그대로 듣기 Listen directly 기다려주기 Wait patiently 자꾸 무언가를 바래지않기 Don’t keep expecting 사랑하게 되는 일이란 The thing called love 어른이 되는 것 Is the thing that causes us to grow up 화내지 말기 Don’t get angry 우릴 더 믿기 Trust us a little more 하고픈 말이 차오를땐 When you are full with what you want to say 그냥 뒤돌아 웃기 Just look back and smile 보채지말기 Don’t fret 가볍지도 말기 Don’t take things too lightly too 그대의 단단한 나무가되어 Will become your solid tree 그늘이 되기 And the shade for you 어른이 되는 것 The thing that causes people to grow up 내게 어려운 것 Is to me a difficult thing 어른이 되는 것 The thing that causes people to grow up 어리지 않은 것 Is not a small thing 이렇게 많은 시간이 흘러 It’s after spending much time 우리 앞에 완성이 되는 것 That we can see it in front of us completed 기다려주기 Will wait for you 서툰 걸음 걷는 날 믿어주기 Trust in me as we walk clumsily ahead 사랑하게 되는 일이란 The thing called love 어른이 되는 것 Is the thing that causes us to grow up 사랑하게 되는 일이란 The thing called love 어른이 되는것 Is the thing that causes us to grow up Translation of lyrics by : 4evgbogummy
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