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  1. Interestingly, ZDY said in an interview clip she thought Qing Mu’s hair with the two wisps the best-looking and was worried her own character’s styling would pale in comparison. Some supporters speculated the negativism is a deliberate scheme to put the drama down by those who are worried the drama will succeed. I don’t know if there is any truth to it but some of the supporters don’t behave very well themselves in their desperation to save the drama. They get overly sensitive to remarks that are not wholly positive. They also check international reviews and are super happy that t
  2. I fully agree with you about the lack of contrast in the Gods’ realm. Now that the plot has got to Hou Chi/Qing Mu, the cast seem to have all improved in looks, especially Tian Di and his empress. Feng Ran (whom I first saw in Fu Yao) looks good and she is quite steady in fight scenes. I suspect she may become a couple with Tian Di’s second son, Jing Jian (his character is kind and mature and he looks quite handsome after a while). I quite enjoy this arc. There are some funny moments (like when Hou Chi teaches Jing Zhao a lesson and when Jing Jian tells Qing Mu it is not normal to
  3. Yeah, both are quite stereotypical. I didn’t realise the actress for the 5-colour phoenix was the one who played the smart and beautiful foreign concubine towards the end of The Story of Yan Xi Palace until I looked her up.
  4. I’ve been looking forward to this drama because of Xu Kai but so far (up to Ep14), it is just okay. I think he’s a promising actor so maybe it is the editing that makes his acting seem a bit fake at some points and the progression of Bai Jue’s feelings for Shang Gu from misunderstanding to I-would-sacrifice-anything-for-you seems too abrupt. Apparently, Xu Kai was not well during part of the shooting and had to go to the hospital so it could have affected his performance somewhat. ZDY’s looks don’t really fit this role and she’s a bit weak in the action scenes. I’m waiting for her to grow on m
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