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  1. I can't wait for June. I feel like if I wait any longer I'll burst out of anticipation.
  2. God i love this story so much. Episode 11 killed me. One of my favourite things to watch is what happens after they get together. Yes getting together is great but i love seeing what happens after. This series hasn't dissapointed. Also I just love how effortlessly physically affectionate they are. The hand holding, the little kisses, the close contact. Their comfortableness with being so close really shows the difference between now and when they were fake dating.
  3. Also, did anyone else notice a spark btwn Shampoo and Lay (Can's sister). I'm hoping they get together.
  4. Same here. The only one i liked is guardian but i think it would have been better as a bl
  5. Thanks for the info. I only wish we could have access to like ratings or something.
  6. Hah i finally caught up. Started reading this thread from the beginning at 10.30 and now it's 3.23 am. So totally worth it though. I've seen the moisturiser, the butter and that 10 hour guy. I can now participate hurrah. Btw this episode was fire but God i was so bored with Tum/Tar. I was so tempted to skip when they came on but held myself back. I didn't know they were stepbrothers until i read this thread as the series never explicitly states that they are although i guessed it was sthg like that. Still the ambiguity made it worse and made me feel icky. Also i didn't like tum's reaction when tar returned for an outing it felt too controlling. I have a tiny wish i want a gl side couple. I know it's not going to happen but i can see champoo and Bow happening. Or maybe not. I'll be waiting for next friday with happy heart.
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