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  1. WOW!! 6 months is a long time. Not sure I could be away from my “babies” that long. My babies are my dogs and cats.
  2. Off the grid is right. Didn’t have time to scratch my nose. I love traveling but it’s really nice to be home and I can relax a little. Not going into the office for over a week gives me a great feeling. I can concentrate on catching up with what’s been happening in the world of BL and other programs.
  3. Both. About 75 per cent work and 25 per cent pleasure. We went Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and now i think i need a week off to recover and catch up with what’s been happening on here.
  4. Looks like I have a lot of reading and viewing to do on all the threads. Missed a lot over the past few weeks. That’s what happens when you’re traveling. Hope everyone is doing Ok?
  5. I agree. It's like they're giving us a cake with a cherry on top and then saying, ok here's the cherry but you're not getting the rest of the cake for 2 more days. Doesn't work for me. jumps up and down.....I want my cake now !!
  6. Well if it makes you terrible person then i'm also one. I really couldn't stop laughing at No's facial expressions and it kind of distracted me from the seriousness of what was actually happening. I have to admit that i was a little disappointed with this episode and it just looked like a "mishmash" of different things going on at the one time. Either that or my brain cells weren't connecting as i did watch it in the middle of the night. Hopefully the 70 minute episode makes things a little clearer, otherwise i might have to sue.
  7. ohhh him!! I was reading about that earlier. Well, when you play with fire you're going to get your "a s s" burned at some stage. I know his ex was upset, but i still have a big issue with a gay guy outing another gay guy especially to the media.
  8. Let's hope they bounce when they hit the bottom or we'll have one hell of a mess. Believe it or not i've only watched episode 1of TWM3, so i'm going to make an effort later today to watch the rest of the episodes.
  9. Interesting picture and nice seating position. I'm going to be sad, but i can't wait to watch the final episode.
  10. And in mine also. It's been a very long time since i was called a twink....well maybe not that long ago.... Teenage White Into No Kink
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