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  1. A Thai version of the Korean series, but it should be interesting to watch because I loved the original series. Saint is a guest actor on the cast list but I didn't see Perth anywhere. He might also be a guest actor, so who knows.
  2. I would love to have heard your friends explanation! You're right about the books. The majority of them were, and still are, written by females for a female readership. My female friends will read them, but my male friends are really not interested. But, they are more interested in watching the lives series on TV or the net.
  3. I'm not a great Twitter fan, but communicating with fans is ok, but when it comes to communicating with each other it should always be off social media and in private. Having it on public show isn't a great look for either of them.
  4. We'll never know the real reason for what's happened. There's always 2 sides to a story and both are usually different depending who's side you take. No point in speculating as it normally turns out wrong. I'm just happy that there's going to be a season 3.
  5. Thanks and i'll add that one to my list. I love the really long dramas. I've nearly finished watching Untamed and I'm also watching Tomb of the Sea.
  6. That is so true. I'm rewatching Hormones 1, 2 and 3 again. I always have to rewatch programs from the very beginning.
  7. I liked 2 Moons, but I loved 2 Moons 2. It would be illogical (in my mind) if they changed a working formula. But, as you say we don't know what went on behind closed doors and nothing is set in stone when it comes to the entertainment industry.
  8. oohhhhh yes!!! I'm looking forward to that. I'll be shouting at the TV "Go Gurlllllsssss!!!".
  9. Love that scene and like you, brought back some nice memories. Beam didn’t do much resisting. He moved about a bit and that was it.
  10. I have to admit that I sometimes still use the little finger gesture from time to time. There's parts of my childhood I refuse to give up, even as a grown man. That punch was a tap, but it was nice to see. I would have made his a** kiss the floor.
  11. I wonder how many times they had to do this scene to get it right. If it was me there would be more than a few as I'm a perfectionist at heart.
  12. YES!!!! That's what I wanted to see. Now I can go to sleep a very happy man.
  13. Exactly! Who's T or B depends on a lot of factors at the time. Individual preference, the mood at the time etc. It's not a one or the other situation. Also, it doesn't define a relationship. There's a lot of versatility in gay relationships these days, although I think the "Cirque du Soleil" interactions only happens in fiction as you say, or porn videos and only after lots and lots of practice.
  14. Sadly that's so true, especially I think in Asian movies and dramas. We can all live in hope, and as you say maybe one day. As for the wife situation, it would not be a good day for anyone who even "hinted" that I was the "wifey" in my relationship with Kim. I might be a little more feminine than some males, but I'm all "man" with all the manly bits, that I fully intend to hold on to. Now and in the future.
  15. I love that and agree with you. If anyone called me "wife" I'd kick his a** from here to Tokyo.
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