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  1. While waiting for more replies, I will answer my own question: I got to know and took notice of Park Bo Gum in Reply 1988. I was drawn to his emotional acting...he had several moving scenes...he shed beautiful tears. But it was really these two articles that I came across that sealed my decision to stan Park Bo Gum: Photographer Reveals His Heart Warming Encounter With Park Bo Gum The post reads: “I take pictures of a lot of people as a photographer. Several of them are very kind and nice. However, the photo shoot I was most impressed with over th
  2. I've been wanting to ask each one in the thread, even those lurking..."What was the decisive point, i.e. drama, event, interview, news article, testimonial of people, etc., when you became a Park.Bo Gum fan? I will also answer the question. Will let others answer first.
  3. @Rom828: I would like to see him and Suzy in a drama this time. I've always wanted a Park Bo Gum - Park Bo Young tandem. It would also be nice if he gets paired off with Kim Ji Won.
  4. Welcome to the thread, @chipMIN & Happy Lunar New Year to you, too, @willenette and to everyone in the thread!
  5. @Rom828: We're on the same page as far as fangirling Park Bo Gum is concerned. Happy to have you in the thread!
  6. Annyeong, too, @U-Çan! Thanks for the updates, @BogumNoona , @dahae2006 & @Sakurafairy! In case I missed mentioning anyone, I apologize for the oversight.
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