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  1. Welcome to Bo Gum's Soompi thread, @aintnodrama and thanks for the update! Hope to see you around! Newly released vid of Bo Gum in the airport for 2019 MAMA
  2. Hmmm, not well versed with emoticons, @autumnight. Bogummy is currently resting and considering his next work. I hope a great drama project lands on his lap soon!
  3. Thought so, too! Let's trust the PD and these two well-loved stars. First time to see this BTS well-
  4. Still released... Thanks, @autumnight, for the article! I learned about them in HPL. You need to take on a free lance work to be an active one. After the Manila fan meet, I wanted so much to buy one of those cameras so I could take really good photos of Bogummy! I was so envious of these fansite masters.
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