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  1. 5 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    Its better no friends than friends like  Bo Young :thumbsdown: ..and it proves again with Min Jeong ...they all saw her being sick/ pale/ coughing  , slippery, wet & unsuitable footwear and nobody cared . And the rescue , sure if she can hear she would call all of you or walk to meet you  :unamused:  .  If it wasn't for ES  , MJ would have been dead in the freezing temperatures. Thank god she was  intelligent enough and utilized ancient nature survival mode of tapping against the rock enabling ES to filter out man made from natural sounds  :star:

    I love women like his Mom , she will not let anyone hurt him any more and she will defend him until her last breath .:heart:

    p.s. I am going to try tomorrow cabbage crepes , they looked delicious...but what was in the middle ..green beans ?



    I think it was scallion

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  2. What an emotional roller coaster ride. The meeting between KJH mother and CSH was heart breaking in so many level. The problem is that I perfectly understand KJH mother's selfish love. She wanted to bubble wrap her son, which is very wrong. But this feeling is too familiar for me. I have a son on my own. Will I let my son make his own decision with minimum interference? At this point of time, I have no confident in 100% letting him walk his own path and make his own mistake.


    Having said that... KJH mother :

    1. Decided to go behind her husband and son's back to break up the relationship. Heartbreak now is better than heartbreak later? What kind of logic is this?

    2. Let the neighborhood gossip outweighed her own son's happiness

    3. As some of you mentioned, she didn't even bother to know more about CSH

    4. She threw marriage out right in front of CSH's face. What was she thinking? Both of them wearing the same ring that signify their commitment. She should know her son better. Would KJH give that kind of ring casually to some random girl... Argh this is so irritating...

    She made too many assumptions. The worst one was that her son will be happier without CSH. 


    I saw many similar kind of mother in real life. I know this is just a drama, but sometimes it hit too close to home...

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Far^away said:




    Reading all your comment made me think twice about JWS's real motive.


    But seeing his actions, his choice of words, and his reaction to JH and SH relationship, he came to Donghwa for SH and himself. AT least at this point in Ep12. He must have been looking at Donghwa as both his and SH exit from Taegyong grasps, especially when he bought all the shares with his personal funds.


    He think he's doing it because he loved SH, it's his way of loving her and protecting her but he also didn't realise he was being a jealous a*rse. And remember his face off with JH at the latter neighbourhood? His jaw ticked when JH left him even though all he can say was 'It's cold!' He was fidgeting when JH didn't emerge after the latter dropped SH at her home. His gaze changes when he saw those who were close to SH are appreciating JH.


    He is in a denial, that poor clueless lad.


    But I didn't totally deny that maybe, MAYBE at some point (giving him a benefit of doubt) he would come around. I am not aware of the writer past work (whether the villains arc of development turn them into a decent person) but everything is possible in Korean drama right?


    Especially when we still got 4 more episode to go. Anything can happen. Pray for the best for our leads.


    Exactly, all is possible in the drama world. I am just praying this drama does not go overly dramatic on us... No terminal disease, no amnesia, no accident... Please... 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, gumtaek said:


    That actually entered my mind. Since this drama reverses all the tropes, I wouldn't be surprised if this happens. Moreover, I predict that JWS will leave Taegyeong toward the end of the drama and live his own life, something he told his Mother in an early episode.



    High Five :) 

    I also think JWS will stand on his own and leave TaeGyeong. 4 years too late... 

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  5. Plot twist :

    JWS is actually protecting CSH AND KJH by joining the company. There is still unanswered question why loyal directors to CSH give the Co-CEO idea a pass. Does JWS plan to give the hotel back to CSH without a full blown court case? He bought Director Choi's stocks. The only director known to support his mother. He can do whatever he wants with them, including giving it back to CSH. My guess is that JWS gave up awhile ago, looking at the couple's sincerity and plotting a way to settle the war once and for all.

    JWS is actually holding all the important cards : video of the conspiracy to bring down CSH through the Cuba deal, Choi's stock. And the uncle, he's very suspicious. He didn't say a word on the Board Meeting.


    Just my 2 cents :blush:

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  6. Annyeong @SeGafanlady unnie... Glad you are back in this thread and celebrate with us :blush:

    This is actually more than 24 hours after the official announcement and I am still giddy. Should I book my ticket to Bali instead of Seoul in October? Just in case they moved the venue to The Island of Gods. Maybe they went for a pre-wedding photo shot AND venue survey there. Who knows... :wink:

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  7. 2 minutes ago, saranghyekyo said:


    On the afternoon of July 5, Song Joong Ki will appear online after the announcement of his marriage with Song Hye Kyo this morning.

    V App will webcasts "Movie Talk" for the movie, "Battleship Island" starring Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub and more. Blossom Entertainmet confirmed that Song Joong Ki will appear on the live broadcast to talk about the movie. But because the marriage news was annouced prior to the live broadcast, Song Joong Ki will surely be asked and talk about his marriage with Song Hye Kyo.


    is this true??

    Not sure but they have a Movie Talk schedule on 7 July, 09.00PM? Anybody can confirm this?

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  8. Something wrong with this thread, why it always look like I have not signed in on the last page? So I cheated a bit and write this post from earlier pages B)

    I just want to say, how I miss this page. The latest Song2 news make me want to rewatch DOTS from the beginning. Let me binge watch this weekend. :wink: Anybody else thinking that Song2 couple eloped and got married in Bali? I certainly wish they did. Bali is known for beautiful... beautiful... solemnization venue. But this is just my shipper's heart.

    Shout out to all DOTS comrades (if you still remember me)... Glad to see some familiar ID still hang around this thread. :blush:

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  9. 2 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    I think like @tofuetoffee. I see no real redemption with JH's mother. Sure, he doesn't resent her any longer because he doesn't long for her. For him, his aunt is now his mother that's why he gave his bilogical mother the handkerchief back. He won't miss her, only consider her as his biological mother but that's it. When he was at the swimming pool, he told KBJ that he had missed his mother so much and imagined that she felt the same way. However, he came to realise that it was not the same. Thanks to KBJ, he was able to find a closure: even if it is painful, he still has a mother, or even two mothers, while KBJ has none.  

    I was really mad at JH's mother, when she said to him that she was busy with her life!! What? Sure, she had a new family. Fact is that she did abandon him. When the truth was out (he knew about the presents), JH could finally show that he was missing a mother and he had been hurting putting an act. From the moment he came back, he aknowledged his aunt as his mother.    

    The 'busy' part was really too painful to watch. I fully understand sometimes mothers are in fact too busy for the children. BUT NOT FOR 10 YEARS for crying out loud. Those words is like a knife straight to your heart.

    Despite all the tears, what I like about Ep15 was that it had shown reversed role between BJ and JH. The scene where JH found BJ by the lake vs BJ found JH floating on the pool showed how equal they are in the relationship. Very refreshing...

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  10. 15 minutes ago, clauric said:

    As for the preview not going to stress out. This kdrama gave us solid 15 episodes actually more than enough that my heart cab handle hehehe. This kdrama is probably saving the good scenes to squeeze our hearts out and troll us with an angsty preview. I have a feeling maybe JH is helping BJ's dad and encounter a female perfume smell in the hospital and of course bff had to tell BJ.

    Sorry to cut your post short. The 'JH helping Aboji' part is similar to what I have in mind. Not so much on the perfume part, or how exactly that is a misunderstanding, but more on the fact that it was the cause of their fight.

    In Ep15 BJ ask JH to take a look at his Aboji and Samchoon once in a while for her. That is exactly what JH going to do. During one of his visit, maybe he found out Bok Chicken is closed and he went to the hospital. Found out about Aboji but asked to keep it a secret from BJ. Then somehow BJ misunderstood. It might not be related to the perfume comment, but JH is on a bind not to tell the truth to BJ.

    Ah... I am going crazy over this drama. Can not stop watching over and over again. Start to create my own scenario during the weekends. Michyeosseo... Michyeosseo... Michyeosseo... :crazy:

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  11. 1 hour ago, amisyka77 said:

    Hi Swag Fairies!!!

    I've been a silent lurker of this thread. Last time i joined drama thread is for mLshr and after a very bad and prolonged withdrawal, i think i'm good now.

    WF is my crack drama atm and love it to bits. i watch Goblin too but it has been a bit slow-paced. JH n BJ definitely have made me an overly excited ahjumma with their adorable  antics and left me greedy for more.

    The ep 13 cliffhanger is both hilarious and goosebumpy. Hilarious because for all the talk between JH n BJ to make their dating news a secret, they are teasing and hugging each other in the middle of the street where the whole campus can see them. Might as well post notices on the board about that!!

    And the killer-stare bj's abuji was giving them while everything went on a slow mo gave me a hell of a goosebumps. Abuji's eyes were literally popping out of their sockets. JH gonna have a hard time to convince abuji of his love to Bj because i dont think abuji will forget how he swore so dramatically he'll never fall in love with her like 2-3 episodes ago. As for bj, abuji would be mad to her for let herself be in such a big 'distraction' when she was supposed to concentrate on her weightlifting.

    Cant wait for next eps. And to think it's just 3 eps away to the ending, makes my heart sinks...another withdrawal..when i barely survive the last one..*cry*

    Will it be more interesting if Aboji is actually secretly rooting for JH to be BJ boyfriend... To end this cliffhanger with a smile on Aboji's face while he's driving off on his scooter will be great, don't you think? I mean, everybody kind of expecting Aboji to be mad at BJ... It'll be fun to watch the opposite. But, knowing how fathers are to their daughters... very slim chance of that to happen :confounded:

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  12. 3 hours ago, heroonthebeach said:

    Just finished watching the episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Blogged about this episode and sharing my entry here with you guys: https://kdramaanalysis.wordpress.com/2016/12/29/weightlifting-fairy-kim-bok-joo-episode-13/

    there's lots of interesting discussion going about this episode! 

    @_yellowcarina_ i completely agree with you about how the episode reminded me of how i felt like when i was in my early 20s. actually when i watched this show, i was reminded of how silly or stupid i was when i had my first crush at 17... all the stupid things i did like calling her, talking to her everyday, which was so completely out of character for me. Heh. It really makes me embarrassed to remember all those things. 

    @stroppyse@dhakra about the jealousy issue, i haven't fully caught up on all the discussion, but i have to say i'm on joon hyung's side here and i can completely understand how he would have missed out on bok joo's jealousy. i have made similar errors before when dating my now-wife and even after a few incidents, there were still certain things that i could not pick up on that made her jealous. :) perhaps it's just guys sometimes being less sensitive to such things? 

    Whaaaaa... We have another man on a drama thread... So interesting... 

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  13. 1 hour ago, dhakra said:

    (1) That's quite interesting for me. I didn't see it that way. I think with more life experience you get better at reading between the lines.

    (2) I can totally confirm that. I can talk only for myself, but it can be very harmful.

    (3) Thanks, I'm really glad that you liked it. I keep doing my best. I'm sure we will meet in some other drama threads.

    Exactly... I think it will take a while and a couple of practices before you become very good at it :blush:

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