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  1. 5 hours ago, jadore1 said:

    Its better no friends than friends like  Bo Young :thumbsdown: ..and it proves again with Min Jeong ...they all saw her being sick/ pale/ coughing  , slippery, wet & unsuitable footwear and nobody cared . And the rescue , sure if she can hear she would call all of you or walk to meet you  :unamused:  .  If it wasn't for ES  , MJ would have been dead in the freezing temperatures. Thank god she was  intelligent enough and utilized ancient nature survival mode of tapping against the rock enabling ES to filter out man made from natural sounds  :star:

    I love women like his Mom , she will not let anyone hurt him any more and she will defend him until her last breath .:heart:

    p.s. I am going to try tomorrow cabbage crepes , they looked delicious...but what was in the middle ..green beans ?



    I think it was scallion

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    @boredahjumma said:-

    Annyeong~ Hello there (waves) Welcome:D

    I didn't want to believe it at first but after ep.10 especially when he look to be holding back from tellin' Da-In on his sexual identity, that's when I was (a light bulb moment) convinced he's gay. 'Cause that's what netizens were speculating for awhile. But what of the lil kid though LoL??


    Not so sure about the lil kid either :D

    Lets continue watching and see how the story develop 

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  3. What an emotional roller coaster ride. The meeting between KJH mother and CSH was heart breaking in so many level. The problem is that I perfectly understand KJH mother's selfish love. She wanted to bubble wrap her son, which is very wrong. But this feeling is too familiar for me. I have a son on my own. Will I let my son make his own decision with minimum interference? At this point of time, I have no confident in 100% letting him walk his own path and make his own mistake.


    Having said that... KJH mother :

    1. Decided to go behind her husband and son's back to break up the relationship. Heartbreak now is better than heartbreak later? What kind of logic is this?

    2. Let the neighborhood gossip outweighed her own son's happiness

    3. As some of you mentioned, she didn't even bother to know more about CSH

    4. She threw marriage out right in front of CSH's face. What was she thinking? Both of them wearing the same ring that signify their commitment. She should know her son better. Would KJH give that kind of ring casually to some random girl... Argh this is so irritating...

    She made too many assumptions. The worst one was that her son will be happier without CSH. 


    I saw many similar kind of mother in real life. I know this is just a drama, but sometimes it hit too close to home...

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Far^away said:




    Reading all your comment made me think twice about JWS's real motive.


    But seeing his actions, his choice of words, and his reaction to JH and SH relationship, he came to Donghwa for SH and himself. AT least at this point in Ep12. He must have been looking at Donghwa as both his and SH exit from Taegyong grasps, especially when he bought all the shares with his personal funds.


    He think he's doing it because he loved SH, it's his way of loving her and protecting her but he also didn't realise he was being a jealous a*rse. And remember his face off with JH at the latter neighbourhood? His jaw ticked when JH left him even though all he can say was 'It's cold!' He was fidgeting when JH didn't emerge after the latter dropped SH at her home. His gaze changes when he saw those who were close to SH are appreciating JH.


    He is in a denial, that poor clueless lad.


    But I didn't totally deny that maybe, MAYBE at some point (giving him a benefit of doubt) he would come around. I am not aware of the writer past work (whether the villains arc of development turn them into a decent person) but everything is possible in Korean drama right?


    Especially when we still got 4 more episode to go. Anything can happen. Pray for the best for our leads.


    Exactly, all is possible in the drama world. I am just praying this drama does not go overly dramatic on us... No terminal disease, no amnesia, no accident... Please... 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, gumtaek said:


    That actually entered my mind. Since this drama reverses all the tropes, I wouldn't be surprised if this happens. Moreover, I predict that JWS will leave Taegyeong toward the end of the drama and live his own life, something he told his Mother in an early episode.



    High Five :) 

    I also think JWS will stand on his own and leave TaeGyeong. 4 years too late... 

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  6. Plot twist :

    JWS is actually protecting CSH AND KJH by joining the company. There is still unanswered question why loyal directors to CSH give the Co-CEO idea a pass. Does JWS plan to give the hotel back to CSH without a full blown court case? He bought Director Choi's stocks. The only director known to support his mother. He can do whatever he wants with them, including giving it back to CSH. My guess is that JWS gave up awhile ago, looking at the couple's sincerity and plotting a way to settle the war once and for all.

    JWS is actually holding all the important cards : video of the conspiracy to bring down CSH through the Cuba deal, Choi's stock. And the uncle, he's very suspicious. He didn't say a word on the Board Meeting.


    Just my 2 cents :blush:

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  7. 8 hours ago, lemonysnicket said:

    Super slow but i just watched eps 25 and 26. Nothing much to add to what has already been shared, except: 1. One of the nice things about this drama is that the supporting cast (like the islanders) look like REAL  people vs the obviously plastic surgeried ones you see in most dramas. 2. I really like hjw clothes in this show (I think i may be the only one). Sure they all look like they're from Uniqlo but it's my style, comfortable and practical.  Got the HJW for Asics shoes during SeGa days, think I'll be getting the red and white Reeboks too. Plus more ankle length pants? Hahahahaha

    No... You are not the only one. Comfortable is also my fashion mantra. I totally dig HJW style in HS. I don't see anything wrong with wearing a suit paired with sneakers. :wink:

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  8. Like everybody said in this forum, KMH portrayed KH perfectly. I truly enjoy HS. A little bit slow in romance department but believable, until... writernim brought the gangsters in. I mean... really... Anyway I gave up relating basic logic with kdrama long time ago. :blush: Now I am just going to enjoy the ride. Looking forward to KH and SEJ interaction during the surgery. I bet this is going to be SEJ's turning point. It's about time she acknowledge her feeling for KH.

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  9. 36 minutes ago, cnblueminhyuk said:

    Omo minhyuk is a total fashionista, you should check out some of his airport pics, the clothes he wears in this drama are sponsored, so nothing we can do about them, I think he dresses better than the rest of cnblue n I think there was an interview where they said he likes to go clothes shopping 


    I thought JYH is more of the fashionista of CNBlue :o But anyway, I love KMH fashion choice better. JYH sometimes goes with something too flamboyant lately. I like it when they all dressed like rock musicians they were. Saw their live performance a couple of times. I always try to peek at the back where KMH drum was located. He was so cool while drumming. Back to HS, I really hope KJG will position himself as a younger brother to SEJ. A dongsaeng that helps his noona to admit that she is in love with KH. Can't wait until tomorrow :wub:

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  10. 5 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    Translation of the preview. No YT clip as yet.


    JG: Is it that you don’t want to love me, or that you’re just not interested in love at all?
    EJ: Even if I should somehow become interested, that someone (that I’m interested in) won’t be Dr. Kim Jae Gul.
    WG: They say that he’s diver, but suddenly something went wrong on a dive, and he became paralyzed.
    EJ: That patient, will he be able to walk again?
    JG: What in the world is Kwak Hyun to you?!
    EJ: A colleague. A friend.
    JG: it’s that you don’t want to be seen as a jealous woman to Kwak Hyun. In front of the man you like, you just don’t want to appear lacking.



    So, it appears that JG is going to be a good friend, and try to get EJ to face her own feelings. It would be nice if there was some progress, though perhaps the longing looks that H throws EJ as well as the long, considering looks that EJ throws H is some sort of progress in that at least they're sharing more screen time together, even if they may not be interacting much yet? Also, I guess EJ will become jealous of YE after all.

    Thank you... What can we do without you... :wub:

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    Whoa... What a ride... Kudos to all of you that suspected YE fake leukemia. I can't wait for H to snap, soon. The moment he snapped I think will be the moment H and EJ finally get to be with each other. This repressed version of H is not fun to watch at all. He is hurting and hurting bad... Can we give him a little bit of good time? People can go bonkers in between : Alzheimer father, materialistic mother,  self-absorb sister, conniving ex, rich love rival, and cold potential gf. Please have some mercy on him... Writernim, please give him a small emotional burst as an instant relief :dissapointed:

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  12. Thank you for everybody in this thread... So happy that this thread moved so fast the last couple of hours. I have a little confession to make. I was a CNBlue fan. Heartstring actually brought me to KDrama world. So I have been following Min Hyuk in Heartstring, The Heirs, Entertainer until today. I couldn't be more proud of his growth as an actor...


    I was a little bit worried when I first heard about him leading this drama with Ha Ji Won. Can he match HJW well? Boy... he proved me wrong. Both of them kept me curious and couldn't wait for Wednesday to come. As for last night, I was literally screaming ' Kiss scene... Kiss scene...' by myself... In the dark... while accompanying my boy to sleep :confounded: It really caught me off guard... In the nicest way possible. Can't wait for tonight's episode. Let the jealous fit begin :blush:

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  13. 7 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    Rough translation of preview

    KH:were you waiting for me? 

    SEJ : no. There is no reason to do it? 

    SEJ to KH's Father: ur surgery is possible(i guess) 

    KH's father: should I say sorry? 

    KJW's father scolding seeing SEJ fracture abt the technique(i guess) 

    The ex is back from abroad.. She says to KH:it has been a long time

    Background voice:love feeling is the best feeling in life

    KH voice over:so you can come to me whenever u want as I m near your eyesight.. 


    P. S. This is rough translation.. I know little korea so did it.. I couldn't find sub in net n ppl asked in this thread so did it.. 



    Thank you @icyphoenix Can't wait for the romance to start 

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  14. Annyeong Chingudeul... I had just finished watching Ep 1-2 and I liked it. To be honest, the leads age difference made me lose interest in this drama. Don't get me wrong, I love HJW since SeGa. I also love KMH, almost joined BOICE because of him. But I was not very sure they can pull it off together. After the 1st 2 episodes, I am sure I want to stick around. Can't wait for the next episodes...

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  15. My first post in this thread. Annyeong everybody... :blush:

    I guess not so many people like this drama. But so far I enjoyed watching it. Next couple of episodes are going to be very interesting. TW exposed himself to mess with the Math Competition. I secretly hope DH appreciate TW effort and be friends again. I know it's not easy, since their problem runs very deep. But hey... viewers can hope, right?

    I personally think there are more than 1 student X. Both DH and TW. Let's enjoy the ride without over analyzing these stuff. 

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