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  1. setting aside issue of them not telling TJ the truth before the marriage. He was told. No, he was begged to let the issue drop and not search for IS daughter. He went charging here and there like a stupid bull. he wanted to know who her daughter is because he imagined he will be like some kind of superhero revealing the truth to poor suffering IS. He decided he knew why she was miserable and what he can do about it. On top of discovering that they kept secrets from him, his hero complex took a beating!
  2. For me, it is the first time I saw him act this kind of role. Usually he acts as a happy, caring person.
  3. Nobody password protect their phones! Eun Ji seems more desperate than the usual stalker. She is not cute or endearing. I hope she gets a good hard slap across the face, at the very least!
  4. & on top of that, KI did suspect that the child was not his. He pleaded with his grandfather not to do the DNA test. Or to let it go if the DNA test is negative. She knelt to KI ... my interpretation is that she felt badly for deceiving him. Yes, he is now deceiving Grandpa and Mom by not disclosing his real identity. But SW is not the malicious type to hold it against him. She kept his secret because she needed him to be the heir, to protect her son Jimin.
  5. MH is not a woman. Even a teenager is more grown-up. It is another mystery that the writer has cast her as a great novelist with wide appeal among adult readership when she obviously has not grown up! If she wrote a children's book or drew cartoons, that would have been a different story! unbelievable.
  6. I disagree that TY never thought Jimin was his son. He looked happy when he thought that SW married KI because of baby. Then he looked angry when he saw she was happy with KI. He said to himself that he will get revenge on SW. If he didn't think baby was his, he never would have been happy or excited even for a second.
  7. Why don't they give some lines or something for the Chairman's second son to do? He comes across like he's not all there. The only thing he does with gusto is eat! Wouldn't it be lovely if he turns out not to be the Chairman's son?!
  8. I hope JH make a terrible mistake in the clinic. They lose patients. He is sued. MIL will kick him to the curb faster than he can kneel in apology! And at same time they found out that it is the blackmailer's baby so he can't use this baby as leverage. and dear SM - whole world will shake theirr heads at her and call her richard simmons to her face! She will have to hide herself in her room! The internet is buzzing and the company's website is full of people commenting on the clinic owner having a richard simmons for a daughter!
  9. I am back! Have been reading the forum but unable to comment as I had forgotten my password. Till now. I don't agree that SW has been stupid in not approaching TY. Would you if the guy you thought loves you but wants revenge on you? Is it the English translation? Because I had also seen the episodes where TY and his friend first wondered why he alone was the target. Later he told his friend that KI tried to kill him because he wanted SW. And I also saw the episode where he and SW spoke the second or third time after he moved in next door. When she was talking about someone in her past who looks like him, he thought to himself that "you wanted me dead". I too had read the same lines as @o. I don't know what the author has in mind now with this marriage and second child for TY. I only wish in the end that Jimin and SW come out winners. Don't really care for any other characters.
  10. @msmy I share the same opinion of NJ's mom. She is a bit of an airhead but can be sharp as nails when need be. But the woman has a golden heart. I hope she ends up marrying Lawyer Heo @Ameera Aliyes, NJ is a busybody and always meddliing. But he is well-matched with SH in this department! They can spend much bonding time meddling together
  11. At the time, Lawyer Heo told NJ how mistress changed her name, how she and Bang know each other. But he said they lack concrete evidence that mistress was the one who asked Bang to kidnapp NJ. NJ said then it would open up a pandora's box and he was unwilling. Lawyer Heo said he understood but on his part, he would continue to dig for information/evidence.
  12. I agree. Hyuk is responsible for Hyuk. He is not Sunny's child that she is responsibile for him. The emperor needs to go to the mental hospital!
  13. All that wailing and screaming! I dislike SH's mom more than I dislike Ae Ra, Esther and NJ!
  14. Does anyone have control over other people's thoughts and words? & NJ never said such things to Bang. The person he loves the most in this world is his mother. He would rather die than let anyone harm her. In good time. Lawyer Heo is working on it. Meantime, he did say to keep Bang close. I have full confidence in Lawyer Heo. Yes, I saw that too. No-way did NJ say he accepted Bang against his mother's wishes. Few pages back, someone (sorry forgot who!) suggested that Siu may be an orphan or that Siu may be Bang's real son. Wah, that would be an interesting twist. Story is getting more interesting.
  15. Why does the illegitimate daughter allow her husband and his child to treat her that way? They are staying in that house because of her connections!
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