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  1. I hear you! It reminded me of a reaction I got to my very first posting in Soompi. I quoted someone & said how I disagreed with his (general term) views. He wrote a very long reply & said he was through trying to explain his views to me, because of me he will either block my posts or will drop out of Soonpi. so over the top, right? There are real problems in real life. Not sharing the same views about a plot, a character or an actor is not close to being a serious issue.
  2. The classmate was a witch alright! But the bit about the parents was bec YR lied and bragged about how rich her parents were. first time I am seeing this actress. Acting is okay. Not brilliant but not a flop either. Looks wise - sorry but I am not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for her....she is a walking advert for not going under the knife. That nose is beyond weird.
  3. I too would not call her a villian. But I don't consider her a good person. She was very careless in not looking out for her son's future. It could have been way worst than it was for him. I also wonder how much she loved her son. Anyone in her situation with no family she can count on to look out for her son would have done far more, way earlier. nope, not a villian but not a good mom at all. haha, if she is a looker well... on her part, it is conceit and not facing reality the others who act like she is a looker - that's called great acting! haha
  4. Hello my old friend! I have been following your posts. Am way behind watching the show. Only up to the point where TP's Mom has died. But I gotta say that I don't agree with your assessment of her as one of the good guys. To me, she was an amazingly stupid and complacent woman. She had years to prepare once TP met with his accident. But no, she tried her best to keep him by her side and not let him out to do anything. Waited till the last moment to find someone to take care of him. Delighted to marry him off without ever once thinking that it he is a child, unable to take
  5. Just saw the scene where SJ heard that he is not the Chairman's son. I read earlier comments condemning the Chairman for lying about this. But I feel that he did it to protect SJ. SH and his mother ill-treated SJ all his life whilst they thought he was the Chairman's illegitimate son. His mother especially would have kicked up such a fuss and refuse to allow SJ to live with them. Of course it is debatable whether he would have been happier living outside that home. But the Chairman treats SJ like his real son and is so cold to SH. That is rather strange.
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