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  1. I remember the first few scenes of NH was so dreadful. I didn't like her until MIL appeared. MIL phoned her while she was a patient so she ignored the call. Then MIL appeared at the nurses counter when NH was talking to them. The look on the nurses face and their eye rolls when she first appeared was very telling. MIL came with an outfit that she wanted NH to wear to DH's wedding! When NH said she had a similar outfit, MIL screamed at her i\f of the nurses and threw the dress into the garbage. And in her conversation to GJ, MIL said 'why that woman's daugher of all people'. To GJ's question of why NH couldn't just accept the gift, NH said she had enough of trying to be nice to MIL and trying to win her favour. Said MIL always barged into her personal and professional life whenever she felt like it, and whatever NH did, would always fall short. And this woman also made herself and GJ late for DH's wedding That was really quite unforgivable. I guess in the end, the woman will say something like she acted that way because she was always jealous of NH or some stupid thing. we hear violins in the background and she will declare she would be proud to have NH as her DIL.
  2. I am not a fan of the aunt but I think the aunt and the butcher have done nothing wrong, and certainly do not owe the Dad's sister any explanation. I read a comment that the butcher was cowardly in not informing the Dad's sister (sorry forgot the name) that he had a change of heart. She rejected him twice and said she would never consider him. It was for her to tell him she changed his mind. For him to go and tell her, hey you were not interested in me but guess what, I found someone else - would have been so petty. Then it turned out she was playing hard to get. She explained her reasons and he too had his own reasons for choosing the aunt. The aunt caught him on the rebound. I don't like her. I like the sister much more but am glad he is not going to go change his mind. The aunt made her move on the guy she liked and caught him! And it was good of the aunt to ask the butcher if he wants to make a go with the sister, and to the sister she said she made a play for him not realising that the sister was actually interested. Her estimation went up in my book.
  3. Just saw the episode where JW told JS that he is slightly better than JH because he gave up everything for Ju Ri. What?? JS was ready to dump Ju Ri till he saw the house she lived in. Then he had dreams of inheriting the wealth. JS now talks as if he cheated on HJ because Yu Ri tempted him. Like JH, he can’t see what he has done wrong. Like Yuran, he will leech on people to take the easy way out. Yuran is trying hard to prostitute herself to DG. And JS thinks he loves HJ and wants to reconcile. He wants his old lifestyle back. Do nothing but party. Someone else - HJ bears all the burden. I would like HJ to admit that to herself that she was wrong too to coddle JS & never let him grow up.
  4. I have seen Park Hana in only one drama. Forgot the title. Hana’s character was switched at birth. She was the lead. Her acting was simply dreadful. That was last year’s drama & I don’t see ant improvement at all. if it doesn’t get interesting real soon then I am out of here.
  5. I am not happy with the Sera and Danny pairing. I think Sera should be on her own. She needs some major adjustment in her personality and some major healing. Don't forget on her own, she too did some really evil things. I would have preferred to see Danny with the secretary. Those two are truly loyal, generous people.
  6. Somehow I don't really feel sorry for SEH. While Carrie was also wrong, SEH and JThief set things in motion. And I can't imagine that if SEH didn't lose Yura, she would be even more wicked and despicable. To me, I feel that Carrie knows what she did was wrong. But SEH still justifies her actions and blames others for all her misfortune. She too knew the relationship between Carrie and HJ. She just set back and watched with glee as Carrie took her revenge through HJ. She also encouraged Sera to get HJ drunk and sleep with him thereby forcing HJ to marry Sera. Just as much a pimp as Carrie only Sera never turned HJ on in that way so he could resist her. Yes, there were a few scenes where Janice thought back to her past and had some doubts about Carrie. Just to set the scene of why she now doubts Carrie's love for her and went to evil SEH. I believe Carrie has come to think of YJ as her own daughter. It is evident in the discussion or yelling match that she had with SEH. Carrie was thinking of YJ's feelings and her happiness. SEH said she doesn't care - she wants to see Carrie suffer through the suffering of HJ. Even SEH's husband is a bit better than her as he wanted to consider both his daughters feelings. But SEH was only focused on Yura. In all the 30 years, how much of a mother has she been to the psycho Sera?
  7. Yes, I got what you meant. But I don't see it. He wasn’t in her thoughts except to wonder how it would affect their relationship. And like the psycho loser that she is, she blamed her mother for it... “because of you, I almost killed him”. There was no remorse for causing HJ additional suffering or that he could have died. Everything was still about the psycho.
  8. Yes. One of my cousins demanded - not asked but demanded - for her inheritance. My aunt’s response was to draw up a new will. 80% to charity & 20% split among the grandkids, nothing to her children.
  9. Not so much conscience. More the sinking feeling that HJ is lost to her. She kept saying to herself that he will know she tried to kill him and will not want anything to do with her. If she truly felt remorse, there would not be a second attempt to kill him. I wonder why the writer feels she should end up with Danny. He has not done a single thing to be saddled with a psycho like her for life. With her personality, he can’t ever make her upset & not watch his back!
  10. TR had an earlier conversation with JW about this. JW looked guilty but told him it was a mistake that he would not repeat. He said it was over. JW made that also clear to HY. In fact, HY told TR herself that it was over - sooner than she thinks. It's just that after that the chairwoman kept telling her not to give up and all that rubbish! HY was happy to listen to such nonsense.
  11. I can't agree with you @Lmanglathat JThief will not turn fully evil. He ordered the murder of Carrie's husband. Over the years, he has repeated his stealing of patents and forcing the inventors to bankruptcy. Because there was none so obstinate as HJ's biological Dad so there was no need for him to kill again. But he did order the hit again on Carrie but his wife saved her. He is already evil.
  12. I wouldn't say 'gave up'. To me, it is what SA threw away. Her attitude then was her family was a burden to her, a stepping stone to her success. And success to her meant marrying a rich guy - any rich guy. JW's mother is a piece of work but SA was a willing participant. Yes, it was not handled well. To me, it looks like TR was someone she turned to because he was there. The only one there for her. It's like she went from JW's riches to TR's protection and guidance. More like need rather than love. TR is a great guy and deserves far better than SR. I hope these 2 don't end up together.
  13. He kicked up a fuss that he is allergic to dogs right. Something like that. A few episodes had him sneezing even when Jenny was not in the same room with him. Now suddenly he is cured. When his business goes bankrupt, he can sell the allergic cure and make billions.
  14. YK did not know that J thief is aware of this. Otherwise EH would not have threatened her with revealing it to J Thief. This J Thief had been showiing an interest in YK too at the time so was the only one the Grandmother could think of. YK's lover died and she found out she was expecting.
  15. Jihoon fled the scene when DU crashed. He went to tell his FIL and the FIL praised him for doing a good job for the company! the doctor told DU's Mom and YW that DU could have survived if he was brought to the hospital earlier. DU spent many hours in his car after the crash. Someone drove up hours later and saw DU and called an ambulance. So JH didn't mean for the crash to happen but the fact that he fled the scene w\o getting help for DU means he is a murderer. It was DU's Mom who persuaded YW to allow DU's wish to donate his organs.