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  1. When I say 'weird feeling" that Is just what it is. It means there is nothing illegal about it. I am not comfortable as in it is not something I would do. Am not sure if it is morally right/wrong so it remains a weird feeling. If you think LL & SR relationship is incestuous, then there shouldn't be any 'doubke in-laws' or 'co-in-laws' in Korea!
  2. I am not aware this is an argument. I thought we are sharing our views here. As I said I am one of those who do not like SR to be wit LL. Putting aside that I dislike LL's character, I do find it yukky for SR to be involved with her daughter's adoptive brother. However I also object to calling their relationship incest. Incest is a filthy word & does not fit the situation here. Weird & uncomfortable, yes. Incestual relationship, no.
  3. Haven't seen the episodes but not liking EJ much. She turned on her family? They did nothing wrong. Mum is a bit off but isn't that the way she is wired? Would the revenge be worth it if in the end all she can say is she accomplished it? Look at step-mom - she lived for revenge and died a lonely death, rejected by her only daughter. Not a great epitaph! Why take revenge on uni oopa for what HR did? Why take revenge on Disco Oppa for what his father did? Hope I have misunderstood the posts. Otherwise I need to take revenge on EJ for all the wrong revenge!
  4. The case you quoted is two people raised as siblings. LL & SR were not raised as family. There was a kdrama few years ago of a two baby girls who were accidentally placed in the wrong cribs. When it was discovered about 18 years later, they were switched back. The girl who was raised as sister to this boy fell in love. They argued that they are not biologically related. The Korean audience agreed and wanted them to be together. I am not sure. I remember one screen where he went berserk when he saw blood on his hands. Yet many times we have seen him look at bloo
  5. I don't like the idea of LL & SR together but there is no incest. LL & SR would have to be family for it to be incest,
  6. In one of the very early scenes between the two doctors, it was quite obvious that the daughter's bf doesn't like his colleague. He told him they were just colleagues, not friends & need not spend time together outside the hospital.
  7. Yes! Fake JDT killed so many people but only have nightmares about one victim, Logan Lee? I feel the writer himself\herself is also coming unhinged. Too many fake characters & deaths have a toll on his\her creativity!
  8. I agree! In the end, she should just be with her Mum and litte brother. Seems like the 2 men also gave up on her - based on what i read in this forum. Uni Oppa apologised to her - when he didn’t have to. He blamed himself that HR’s obsession caused so much pain and suffering to EJ and her family. He let her go to Disco Oppa because he wanted her to have a happy life. Disco Oppa thought to protect Uni Oppa from EJ’S revenge. How about they start up an Oppa company and work together for the rest of their lives! From the start, when she approached Hoon and gave him
  9. I understand your view but I don’t fully agree, It seems like his worth is only how much bacon he brings home. It is not like they are in dire poverty. and if he was working full-time, in a typical Korean family she would have had to do most, if not all the housework after a hard day’s work. He takes care of everything in the house. She seems to have favoured and spoilt her so far, fairly useless daughter over her hard-working, responsible son. why? Because daughter has the brains to study and she felt proud to boast about her academic accomplishments. The son dissapoints
  10. I was deliriously happy too when I read that. Enough of her moppy ways and trying to force someone to love you. You take advantage of a man when he is drunk, then you tell him baby is his but you want nothing from him ... when all along you want to be his wife. then you say that is enough but then you want his love. forever not satisfied. forever with the games to try and manipulate him to give you what you want. She is sick and I don’t just mean physically ill.
  11. IU, the voice and face of an angel. Kim Tae Hee, effortless grace and dignity. I started watching kdrama because of these 2 lovely ladies. Don’t really follow celebrities and their lifestyle. Don’t know most of their names. Sorry, am last person to take part in this1
  12. it’s weird. In S2, JN’s Mum went off on JDT and told him their deal was over - the deal being her husband took the rap for a murder JDT committed. She said that was how they got to live in Hera Place and could afford to send JN to the monster-training school. But now JDT acts as if he is innocent and her husband need to find proof that JDT is the actual killer? JDT’s secretary addressed her husband as ‘boss’ when he got out of prison. Waiting to see why ‘boss’ would have had to take the rap for JDT! The real JDT is an interesting guy. Far more attractive and interesting than
  13. Agree. And I didn’t like that it was GE who blabbed about it. I feel so bad for SB. Now rooting for him to be successful. I don’t mean strike it rich. But find his confidence & self-esteem. It is 2021 so why treat the house husband like he is a complete failure? I mean everyone is so accepting of the children having a baby but they can’t accept that a man can keep house? Obviously he can be charming. We saw that when he visited his wife and step-mom’s workplace. I was thinking a job where he has to interact with customers like frontline staff would suit him. I have see
  14. I agree with you, @chickfactor. I think GT will take the fall for money laundering or whatever. Maybe BH would have to represent her & save her. the idiot detective charged half of Korea with the death of GT’s mum. Now he will charge the other half when he ‘investigates’ the new crime.
  15. Oh, I had a different interpretation. I thought ‘same old’. SSR was alive but pretended to be NAG. Is Alex really Alex or is he Logan? And sadly the way Alex appeared, I really don’t care if he is Logan or not. Was his appearance supposed to be a comic relief? The whole scene was actually distasteful.
  16. They mentioned numerous times that GS' family is a nobel family. But honestly they often act the opposite. The mum just thinks of herself. She wants grandkids. She doesn't care about her son & what he wants. Maria is not even a mistress yet she told GN that GN is pathetic to chase after another woman's man. Ha, no mirrors in her flat! Not sure but there was mention previously that GN upsetted some people in her golf club. She put herself on a pedestal & looked down on them. Guess she is starting to learn humility. She is starting to realize sh
  17. But with so many fake deaths, how to believe the character dies? Even if last scene of last episode. The writer went overboard with fake deaths so dying scenes are no longer believable. Cried wolf too many times! And SSR tried to kill JDT when he was in hospital. The police just let her go? The first episode was like written in drunken stupor.
  18. Is IS younger than his sister? He is more responsible and level headed. The sister and her husband will find out the hard way what it means to be married and raising kids. Two immature children having a baby. I already feel sorry for the baby. I think SB will find something he can excel in. I think the trust and confidence step- mom has will bolster him & help him. The wife wants him to have a high paying job she can boast about. And anything else is a loss of face to her. His Dad & 2nd brother look down on him. Only step-mom and IS treat him with respect. Th
  19. Given the writer's track record, Logan is very much alive. I agree with you - never liked the guy from the start. I would have respected him if he walked out on his parents for the way they treated MSA. But no, he only scolded them and continued to use his father's money. It's beyond ridiculous that all of them ended up in the same prison & same cells - the guys and gals - and all released at the same time. CSJ was a good villant but a bad crazy person. Was over the top & too fake. The writer seems to just want rinse and repeat. Exit one crazy mean gal. So
  20. "he wanted to leave you 10 years ago but then the Chairman fell ill. So he stayed with you. Can't you see that I am the victim here?" so says the mistress to the wife! The main problem with this drama is that the wife & the 2 male leads are very bland. The only interesting character is this mistress who can say the stupidest lines with a straight face!
  21. I don't think it is a matter of taking it too seriously. When the sisters ganged up against the Dad, it was first to pressure him to sign the divorce papers. After the Mum's death, it was to accuse the Dad of murdering him & pressurising him to confess. Not fun & entertaining scenes at all. So glad that the PD has moved on.
  22. I have stopped watching as it has been rather boring. I get my updates here!
  23. Koreans use the bed as a dining table. It miraculously never leaves crumbs, attract ants and what have you ... Even if you live in a mansion & have more rooms than you need, you will bring the visitor to your bedroom - for a discussion. Even if there's no-one else at home! When both of you exit the room you will either find someone standing by the door eavesdropping on your conversation. Or you look guilty as hell and make the person wonder what you and visitor were up to behind closed doors.
  24. I thought she couldn't conceive? Her mother forced her to go for an abortion & end the relationship with the baby's father. The idiot policeman who had arrested half of Korea for her mother's death cited it as a motive for murdering her mother.
  25. Apologies in advance for being crude. He can put it up but might not be fully aware who he was with.
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