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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/video/world/asia/100000006472593/earthquake-philippines-manila.html i heard Philipines had a earthquake today, its everything okay?
  2. for me i can see almost all the numbers of the list: 1 Too Many Details Naeun was asked about her ideal type, and she always says, someone kind and mainly, that doesnt have to be mainly on the outside . and when Taemin were ask about places to date, he said that hasnt so many, where they can go, and told some of them to a fan 2 Unhelpful Members In apink showtime when naeun is asked to show her photos from her pocket all the member start to freak out about the photos. . in 2016 when shinee won a show perfomance againdt apink, taemin refuse to talk and the members start to laugh about it 3 Personality Shifts for naeun the bracelet and for taemin the adidas pants 5 Awkward Behaviors Everytime that apink is near shinee, its like tamin is frozen, and he try his best to not to look in their direction (the end of a show that shinee is next to apink and they watch the fireworks)
  3. hello guys, im sharing this video, i know that might be old, its from apink showtime, i was watching when i found this scene weird, Bomi are talking about how sad it is that they are seeing to many couples, and before that Naeun was a bit weird and quiet. so right before Bomi talk about couples, Chorong SNEEZES what sound like just naeun name. like: Naeun-na what do u guy think? it happend at the minute 11:22
  4. guys has anyone know where to find a video that taemin is waking up by the staff i think it was on taemin xtra cam or something like that, i might be a little delu but maybe is the same room
  5. well, now she said that has 2 members dating in shinee, so i guess that is taemin and minho, on her old post she said that minho was getting to know someone. . And if the other one that is dating has a fandom already....
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