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  1. Ep. 13 in a nutshell Seokyung bought the house Jisoo lives in so she's basically Jisoo's landlord now. That's why the demolition service shows up. Jisoo has difficulties contacting Seokyung (the landlord) because Seokyung is unwilling to pick up the calls and later she goes abroad. So far, Jisoo can still handle this by threatening the demolition workers that what they are doing is unlawful. At first, only Dongjin and Hyojung know about the demolition. Jaehyun didn't find out until he informs Jisoo that he's sending her a piano. Jaehyun's secretary shows up and lets Jaehyun know about how Seokyung owns Jisoo's place and whatnots. Joonseo is embarrassed that his parents are getting a divorce. He sees his grandfather but Jang San badmouths Jaehyun in front of him and threatens Joonseo if he goes with Jaehyun he's doomed (something along that line IIRC) One night, Jisoo has a nightmare about her mother and sister's death. She's obviously very stressed by everything happening to her. Later on, she gets so sick that Youngmin has no choice but to call Jaehyun because Hyojung doesn't pick up the calls. Jaehyun goes to Jisoo's place and takes her to a hospital, he stays by her side. Once Jisoo gets better and is released from the hospital, Jaehyun and Jisoo go out on a walk. Again, someone follows them and takes their photos. Jaehyun finally tells Seokyung he's leaving the house to live somewhere else throughout the divorce procedure. Jang San seems to have enough of this and release very clear photos of Jaehyun and Jisoo (I can't remember if it's his or Seokyung's doing or both) so now the whole world knows about Jisoo and Jaehyun's affair. Jisoo gets fired from her individual lesson job because a parent finds out about the affair. Jisoo insists she wants to see Seokyung to settle her house problem, so one day she goes to SK's company and wait at the lobby. But Seokyung uses the opportunity to meet up with those mean mothers from Youngmin's school and trick them into thinking that Jisoo is waiting at the lobby to talk about the affair. Once Jisoo is sure Seokyung does not want to see her, she goes out of the company building. Those mean mothers are outside and they threw coffee/tea(?) at Jisoo. Just makjang stuff lol. Someone from Jisoo's old supermarket job gives Jisoo a call, saying she wants to meet up. During the meet up, she tells Jisoo that she's suddenly fired by Seokyung because of her work abilities. I think both of them know it's because of the affair. Sehun finds out about the affair and the first thing he does is bring Youngmin to live with him. There, he takes Youngmin's phone because he doesn't want him to see the news. When Jisoo texts Youngmin that she's picking him up, Sehun doesn't deliver this to Youngmin. Leaving Youngmin to think that "Jisoo is busy" as told by Sehun. Later on, Sehun meets up with Jisoo and insists he has given up on her, but he will not give up on pursuing Youngmin's custody. (insert dramatic music here) At this point Jisoo is frustrated and has had enough of everything. She calls Seokyung to tell that she's going to do the thing that will torment Seokyung. Seokyung calls Jaehyun's secretary and forces him to inform her where Jaehyun lives or she will fire him. From the secretary she finds out the hotel Jaehyun is staying at. At home, Jisoo dresses up, puts her make up on like a bad B and off she goes to Jaehyun's hotel with a glam look. Of course, Seokyung finds out about this from the spy and she becomes very very upset and enraged. END(?) not sure haha I'm writing everything I can remember Ep. 14 Text Preview "(I wish) sunbae, too, could return to that time..." With the help of document left by Hyunggu as well as the stockholders, Jaehyun is close to getting a revenge against Chairman Jang. Jisoo informs Jaehyun about Sunhee's unfair dismissal case in hopes that an action will be taken, however Jaehyun says he can't turn his back on the company investors. Seeing Jisoo takes a direct action, Jaehyun realizes the biggest obstacle between him and Jisoo and he sets off to find Jisoo, however... Meanwhile, in 1994, Jaehyun feels sorry for Jisoo who joined the volunteering activity. Jisoo fights with Jaehyun who treats her as if she was a child. Spoilery!
  2. Ep. 13 Text Preview Now, I also am going to do the things that will agonize you. Jisoo falls into a tricky situation when she has to face the demolition service and house owner that's difficult to contact. Jisoo eventually falls sick and Jaehyun who brings her to the hospital stays by her side, having his heart set even more. Jaehyun asks Dongjin to file for a divorce and finally leaves his house. In a desperate attempt, Seokyung begins to harrass people around Jisoo. Jisoo, who can't take it anymore, heads to the hotel where Jaehyun is and says she will do the thing Seokyung is most tormented by.
  3. You guys post some really good insights that I enjoy lurking on the thread so much I am GLAD Ikjun finally confessed before Songhwa could shoot him down like what happened to Chihong. I have a feeling Ikjun's confession is something Songhwa wants to hear coming straight out of Ikjun's mouth after two almost-confession attempts. Perhaps she didn't expect Ikjun would do it on the day he left for Spain, but she knew it would come eventually. Unlike what Chihong did, Ikjun's confession came in at the perfect time, perfect place, and it was perfectly phrased. I'm sure someone here has said the things I'm about to say but here we go... Perfect time. The confession didn't come out of nowhere. Songhwa is a person who always draws a certain line in any form of relationship she has with people around her. She clearly said she only wants to be friends with Seokhyung and have a mentor-mentee relationship with Chihong (that he frustratingly crossed a few times). After Ikjun's divorce, a certain amount of comfort was rebuilt between Ikjun and Songhwa, hints were also dropped, enough for the relationship line to get blurry, slowly but surely and subconsciously. In my opinion, it's not completely Ikjun's feelings/confession that made Songhwa speechless, it's the thought, "We have always been friends. For 20 years. Now what?" plus her own inability to firmly say she only wants to be friends with Ikjun. Ikjun, too, would not have confessed if he didn't know the detailed development of Gyeoul's feelings towards Jeongwon, Minha's confession to Seokhyung, and Seokmin's obvious crush on Seonbin. Their boldness and Songhwa's decision to move to Sokcho must've encouraged Ikjun to take the now or never approach. Perfect place. After the two of them can spend time comfortably without other people's presence, Ikjun confessed at a very personal place: Songhwa's house (that we previously never see IIRC?) and away from places they frequent. Despite being out of his comfort zone, this signifies how Ikjun wants the confession to be taken and his feelings to be acknowledged: personally and seriously. Having that in mind, he also wants Songhwa to take her time in Sokcho if she needs to. Perfect phrase. The way Ikjun framed his confession as someone asking for an advice is such a pro move that I can applaud him for. If Ikjun confessed so directly by saying something like "Songhwa, I've liked you for awhile." Songhwa would not have the obligation to treat it like an advice. You know when you feel it's easier to give others advice than to yourself? If Songhwa is going to answer it like an advice, she too, would have to follow what she says. It's definitely a dilemma for Songhwa, but Ikjun intentionally wants Songhwa's thoughts to be involved. Considering Rosa-Jongsoo parallel and Songhwa's previous advice, here's what I think Songhwa's early S2 response would be: Rosa-Jongsoo parallel ep. 10. "If you can't find a solution no matter how hard you rack your brain, avoid the problem for now. If you avoid the problem for as long as possible, things could change with time. Oftentime that's what happens. So for now, give him whatever excuse you can think of and just avoid him." ---> this will be overturned later because Songhwa and Ikjun don't want to be another Rosa-Jongsoo. Seokhyung and Songhwa ep. 11 Seokhyung: Songhwa, I don't know how I'm feeling. I don't know if I'm sad or relieved. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. They are my feelings, but I can't put a finger on it. And I don't know what kind of a face I should put on. Songhwa: Then just don't do anything. Prove me wrong, writer-nim!!! Extra thought: I find it really cute that outside the hospital, only Ikjun and Songhwa seem to be related to Yoonbok and Hongdo. Mane and Mone are YB and HD's cousins whereas Songhwa goes to the same church as them (they also study medicine because of Songhwa!)
  4. SPOILER: Ep. 12 in a nutshell -- @celebrianna I think Youngmin understands that JS needs time to get back on her feet and he himself needs help from Sehun to return to school. Looking at Sehun's expressions, he has become soft towards Youngmin and less of an angry parent. I have mixed feelings regarding this because at this point Sehun has become such a plot device. Ep. 12 spoiler: conversation between Youngmin and Sehun Ep. 13 Preview My predictions from a week ago are starting to come true one by one...
  5. @ktcjdrama thank you for the correction! I have edited the post to include the right year and the book title For those who want to read the chronological timeline of Jisoo and Jaehyun's relationship up until June 1995, you can head over to this post. Work has been killing me this week so no recap last night cos I completely passed out. I might do one for tonight's episode, I hope nothing comes between me and WMLB tonight Just watched the subbed ep 11 and I... despite being a rather filler-y episode, it was still a heavy one. Some of my predictions came true as well. So I guess Youngmin will stay with Sehun? Sehun (suprisingly) looks concerned and not filled with anger due to Youngmin's decision to drop out. If by staying with Sehun helps Jisoo to get back on her feet then I'm okay? Can't Youngmin just go back to school, though? I can imagine a lot of viewers going into rage if he's still not enrolled in any school by the end of tonight's episode. -- Ep. 12 Text Preview "To me, as well, you are... my sore finger." (t/n: sore finger means someone who is precious and dear to someone but also causes pain when they are hurt) Jisoo finds her father's diary among all the things he left behind. The diary is filled with many secrets Jisoo didn't know... Jaehyun demands Seokyung for a divorce. After Seokyung finds out about the ill-fated relationship between Jisoo and Jaehyun's parents from Chairman Jang, Seokyung meets Jisoo and shakes her up. Youngwoo confesses his past mistakes to Jaehyun while trying to relieve Jisoo of her guilt. Meanwhile, in 1996, a guest comes to visit Jisoo who moved to the countryside. LET A SISTA GUESS, YOUNG WOO (and maybe Hyejung) KNOWS WHERE JISOO LIVES AFTER SHE LEFT SEOUL???
  6. This was originally a double post of the one above. I'm gonna use this area for a DC Gallery post translation instead Chronological Timeline of Young Jisoo and Jaehyun's Relationship (Source) The exact period of scenes mentioned under "~" are not explicitly mentioned but happen some time after the previous event. April 1993 - Jisoo and Jaehyun's first meeting at the demonstration site ~ - Jisoo picks up Jaehyun's cassette tape on the ground - Jisoo at Jaehyun's keynote address, "I found you, Han Jaehyun." - Jisoo goes to the university's Department of Law Student Room to meet Jaehyun and knocks on the door -> "I found you, Yoon Jisoo." (On the cassette tape is Jaehyun singing Deulgukhwa - Blessing while playing the guitar) May 1993 - Love Letter movie, Hendrix Store, Nakwon Mall ~ - After a long period of courtship, Jisoo watches the movie Love Letter with Jaehyun -> "I won't give up! So you should give up! I will date Sunbae, even if it's the last thing I do!" - Jaehyun goes to see Jisoo play the piano. Jisoo has no class every Wednesday on fourth period so she practices piano alone in Room 301 of the Music Building. (Jisoo plays Andre Gagnon - Comme Au Premier Jour on the piano) - Jisoo looks for the Philosophy Solidarity Club that Youngwoo told her about? - Jisoo visits "Today's Book" to find Jaehyun -> She then receives a book of poem collection as a gift from Jaehyun - Jisoo meets Jaehyun at the bookstore for the second time. Bookshelf collapses. December 1993 - Jaehyun sunbae who plays the foot volleyball like ballet - Jisoo shows up last to the MT (overnight trip), Jaehyun who falls asleep while drunk gets carried on Jisoo's back. (continued under spoiler tag)
  7. New DCInside post from Director Kim Tae Yeop (Trans. enchantedyears. Source) Hello, everyone! It's been awhile since Director Kim dropped by to say hello! It seems like I greeted you at the beginning stage of the broadcast, but before we knew it Episode 10 has already been aired! Thanks to your love and interest, we are safely filming the second half of the drama. And this morning, finally, what's finally arrived, that thing is... The script to Episode 16! As I turned to the last page of the script, there was a dampness that came out from my eyes... That's right, without any doubt it was tears of emotion... While I was wiping away my tears before someone had seen them, a sense of duty bloomed in my heart like a shimmering haze. Yeah... Since I'm on DC Gallery, let's deliver these news... And that's why I came here today with hope that I could slightly unpack your curiosity. Let's cut to the chase. First question! Are we not going to see Young Jisoo and Jaehyun scenes anymore?! - They're coming out! You can keep seeing the appearance of Young Jaehyun and Jisoo until the last episode! "Excuse me, Mr. Director! What are you talking about? We have clearly seen a confirmation of the heartbreaking farewell of Young Jaehyun and Jisoo! And didn't they get reunited again [as shown] on the first episode?!" (t/n: this is the director trying to copy the fans asking more questions lol) - I can even hear your voice coming all the way here. Hehe... Well... I'm afraid that's all the answer I can give you... Second question! Is Joonseo Jaehyun's biological son?! - You are correct, he is Jaehyun's biological son! "Excuse me, Mr. Director! What are you talking about? From my ghost-like hunch, Joonseo doesn't seem like he behaves like Jaehyun's biological son. Why is that so!" - I can [also] hear your voice saying that from here... But what can I do... It's correct that he is Jaehyun's biological son... That's all the news I can deliver to you guys~ In addition to that, there is also trivial(?) question like whether the drama is going to have a happy ending or sad ending. But unfortunately, present-day Jisoo and Jaehyun are waiting for me on the filming set so it seems like I'll have to answer that next timeㅠㅠ Until then, that's all from Director Kim! Please show a lot of interest and love for the rest of the broadcast. Here is a behind the scenes picture of the train scene that I cannot see without shedding tears! Thank you^^ -- Previous DCInside posts from When My Love Blooms Directors: Post #1 from Dir. Son Jung Hyun Post #2 from Dir. Kim Tae Yeop -- New Making Video! (I don't think anyone has posted this one?)
  8. Some thoughts on this week's eps. On Joonseo Where do I even begin... I feel bad that he's practically a collateral damage due to the adults around him. And it's possible he's the one who's going to be left without proper support once it's over. Being predominantly raised by professional manipulators, bullies and enablers like Seokyung and Jang San must've fed Joonseo's ego so much that he becomes a bully himself. I'd like to think he can change once Seokyung and SK's dad's influence on him is gone, but I'm not too sure. As long as he doesn't own up to his wrongdoings as a bully, he's still a lost cause. One thing that intrigues me is his interactions with Jaehyun. There's a feeling of obedience and politeness(?) I get from Joonseo when he's with his dad. I expected him to burst out in anger after being told about who Jisoo is, but he mostly sat there in silence. And I wonder why he didn't tell Seokyung about the real reason why the fight happened. Did he want to protect Seokyung or was it because something else? I'm actually kind of scared Joonseo is going to be so rebellious later on that he becomes the person who holds the divorce back. On telling the kids about the relationship I saw people talking about this part on DCInside and was wondering what you guys think about telling Joonseo and Youngmin about JS and JH's past. Should they protect the kids' innocence by lying and denying what happened? Or do you think what JS and JH did is for the best? I can't still make up my mind, mostly on Jaehyun's part. Jisoo's way of telling Youngmin definitely comes from the fact that she knows Youngmin very well (he's quite mature + perceptive) and she won't be able to lie to him. On Jaehyun Can I just say how much I love the cheesy and silly present-day Jaehyun? Aside from going way above and beyond in giving Jisoo presents, he cheers her up in the cheesiest ways. I, too, would like to fall for and grow old with a person like that This man has a lot on his shoulders but still makes time to joke around. What a cute ahjusshi... Other disjointed thoughts and predictions: That old protestor guy seems like he's ready to kill Jaehyun the moment he has the chance. He looks so disappointed and sad when he found out they can't proceed with their lawsuit. If the writer wants to add more makjang elements, here's the chance to do so Is Jisoo thinking of moving to the house she saw after sending the little girl home? I hope Youngmin gets to study at a better school and Sehun won't use the incident to get custody of Youngmin again... Once Jaehyun's divorce is final I want to see who gets custody of Joonseo. Jaehyun can definitely build a case around Seokyung's drinking habit. “full mental clarity can appear quite abruptly and unexpectedly just hours or days before death.” during a moment of lucidity, perhaps Jisoo's dad is going to accept the relationship, apologize to Jaehyun for what happened in the past, and then... you know... RIP? I want to see more present-day Hyejeong tbh. I love her personality!
  9. Ep. 11 Text Preview "Now... It would be nice if no one leaves." Now that Jaehyun and Jisoo are well aware of the pain of suddenly losing their loved ones, they understand each other deeply. Concerned about Jisoo who's being fired from the [music] academy, Jaehyun goes through a lot of trials and errors in order to help her. Jisoo's dad, Hyunggu, who has returned to his senses finds out that Jaehyun is next to Jisoo and contacts Jaehyun secretly. After learning of all the ill-fated relationships of the past, Chairman Jang (Seokyung's dad) uses Seokyung and Junseo as shields to attack Jaehyun further. Meanwhile in 1996, an unexpected soul-crushing news is delivered to Jaehyun who is enlisting in the military. BRUH JISOO CAN'T GET A BREAK HUH -- @celebrianna @thistle @triplem you're welcome @celebrianna one of the things that stuck to me the most is when SK refers to JH's personality as cold when we know JH never treats the people he cares about in that manner. Him and SK are not hitting a rough patch, the relationship itself is a bad match that starts right when SK insisted she wants to marry JH coupled by her possessive personality. On the other side, it's possible JH already has his plans long before he married SK and took the marriage as an extra advantage.
  10. Ep. 10 Recap We start off with the train scene. - 1995 - JS runs to the hospital, she's drenched in the rain. Instead of the morgue, she heads to the emergency room. But all she sees are bodies covered by a layer of fabric, all motionless. She sees her dad sitting on the floor, staring at two bodies: JS' mom and sister. JS starts crying once she sees the smashed strawberry cake and what seems to be her sister's watch on one of the dead bodies' wrist. Jaehyun is punished in a cell and he's crying. JS dreams about the time she's about to leave the house to visit JH in the military. This time, she turns around to see her mom and sister eating in the dining room having a good time together. She calls out their names from outside the window. But no matter how many times she shouts, they wouldn't look at her and continue to ignore her. She cries. (continued under the spoiler tag)
  11. Ep. 9 Recap Cathedral scene. JH walks JS home. They say their goodbyes to each other in front of JS' house. But then JS suddenly asks if JH wants to eat some ramyun, so they have some ramyun and coffee at the convenience store nearby. JH says what they're doing feels like a date. "Should we call this our first day?" referring to the start of their relationship. JS' expression changes at the question and she feels uncomfortable. They talk about enduring something, JH says he can endure it all because there's JS. JS and JH then have a walk at the park. She talks about her dad, how he taught her how to play the piano, how she couldn't see his dad eye-to-eye at all back then but she understands him now. In return, JH tells her about his mom's radio that's recently broken so he gave her a personal concert. He tells JS about the song he sings to his mom, JS wants him to sing her that song too but he refuses to do so. JS falls asleep on his shoulder. At dawn, JS and JH say their goodbyes. After a moment of hesitation, JH musters the courage to follow JS up the stairs. Before pressing the doorbell to JS' house, though, he notices the motion activated lamp in front of JS' front door is dead. Later during the day, JH's secretary comes to JS' house to proudly show JS the newly installed CCTV above JS' front door. A technician also brings up a new digital door lock to be installed for her. JS is overwhelmed and becomes speechless at the sight of this. JH's secretary returns to JH's office to report to JH. JH notices about the personal favors he keeps making Jun Woo do [for JS]. JW says he's the No. 1 person in Korea who knows JH best and assures JH that he's on JH's side. They start joking on how JW's all grown up. JH thanks JW. Aww they're so cute... At the nursing home, JS is with her dad. There's a piano sound coming from the hall, so they head there. "My daughter knows how to play piano very well..." says JS' dad. JS asks him, "What did you say, dad?" "My daughter knows how to play piano very well, Seonsaengnim." referring to JS as "Teacher" (doctors and nurses are also called Seonsaengnim) because he doesn't remember her. The person playing piano turns out to be JH. He greets JS' dad and gets a happy greeting in return. So JS' dad doesn't remember JH either... While walking alone during the day, an ambulance passes by JS blasting its siren and she suddenly has breathing difficulties. Seems like an anxiety attack. At night, JS and JH have another stroll at the park. JS notices the newly installed motion sensor lights. She strongly suspects it's JH's doing but doesn't say anything. A speaker at the park plays a song JH sings while playing his guitar, it's Yoo Jaeha's You in My Arms. We're shown JW is also behind this and he works together with the security guard, bribing him with chickens lol. JUN WOO YOU ARE SUCH A CUTIE!!! JH says what she feels to JS. JS painfully smiles because she feels like a movie protagonist in her best scene, but she feels her footsteps are heavy if she walks together with JH. In the end, he assures her that he'll take care of things even though he doesn't know how long it'll take. He promises he'll come back to her. SK watches Days of Being Wild at home. As the movie ends, JH comes to the movie room. SK seems sad but she tells JH the movie is no fun. JH explains how their marriage ends even before he met JS. He became indifferent and SK saw another man. And it's going to be hard for SK once she has to choose between him and her dad. SK replies there's nothing else in the world she wants, she's sorry but she's unable to divorce JH. SK starts to cry... And I feel kinda bad for her... But I try not to... JS finally meets SK's dad. He claims he knows JS' dad, he used to give HG money and play golf with him. He wonders why JS is doing the things she does and whether she needs money. YM meets with his school's principal. He asks YM why his grades are dropping and whether he has thoughts of studying abroad because he's chosen for a study abroad program, all expenses covered by "that company". YM hesitates because his grades are dropping but principal assures him because his past grades were good. YM's school calls JS to inform her about the study abroad, she finds out it's funded by Hyung Sung Group (not sure if it's from SK's dad or JH). JS is required to come to YM's school to talk with YM's teacher. At YM's school, we see JS waiting for YM alone while there are other moms around her gathering in groups. A black sedan comes by, JH gets off the car to pick Jun Seo. JH stares at JS but other moms notice that and start gossiping about JS. Once JS sees JH, she pretends like she doesn't know JH. JS sits down with YM and she seems to express her feelings about YM being chosen as Hyung Sung Group scholar to study abroad. LMAO JH'S DRUNK SCENE. JS carries him on the back of her shoulders so he can sleep on the sofa. You know what happens next hee hee~ We find out that a couple of school moms finally gossip about JS & JH in front of their kids. Oh no... Back in 1995, it's the night before JS' birthday. She excitedly picks a pair of shoes and a dress. The next morning, JS is all dressed up and we see her packing a lunchbox. JS' mom and sister are planning to get JS a strawberry cake for her birthday at the department store, but JS can't come with them because she has somewhere to go. She promises to come back home before nighttime. Turns out JS is visiting JH at the military base to give him the lunchbox. While JH eats his lunch with JS, there's news on the television about a collapsed department store. JS recognizes the building. She calls someone (his dad's office IIRC) at a payphone and gets shocked at what she hears. She quickly leaves the military base in a trance-like state, even leaving her right shoe behind but JH is unable to chase her with the other shoe since people are holding him back. On the way back to Seoul, the train JS is on makes an emergency stop in the middle of the tunnel. JS who looks distressed leaves her seat and walks to a different coach, she keeps walking until the last coach but the door is locked. Realizing it's too late, she cries while banging the train door, wanting to get out of the dark tunnel. Present day JS takes a train to visit YM. JH takes the train and sits next to her. JH makes up reasons why he's taking the train by saying his secretary is taking a day off and his car dies. She wonders how did he know about which train she takes. JH says he waited for her since dawn. And of course, the train makes an unexpected stop in the tunnel. JS gets really anxious and leaves her seat. At the end of the train coach, she cries during what seems like a panic attack, but this time JH is there to hug her. It's raining at the nursing home where JS' dad is at. He remembers something and becomes worried. He looks at the family photo and puts on a jacket to go outside. In the rain, he shouts "Jiyoung... Yeobo (Wife/Honey)..." as he tries to find them. END Ep. 10 Text Preview "Having filled with moments that are pretty like flowers, I think I can endure it all." Despite experiencing the traumatic pain of the past, Jisoo can endure it because Jaehyun is beside her. Rumors [about JS & JH] spread rapidly, finally reaching Junseo and Youngmin. The two fight, but Youngmin says he does not want to be punished by the school and Jisoo respects Youngmin's choice. Meanwhile, Jisoo asks Jaehyun's involvement in the suicide case of a union member five years ago. Jaehyun tells Jisoo the story of his father's death.
  12. EP. 9 TEXT PREVIEW "I... will go back to you." Jaehyun clumsily expresses his heartfelt gift that he has not given to Jisoo. One of them is to face Jisoo's dad, Hyung Gu, who has turned into a pitiful figure after more than two decades. Little by little, Jisoo opens her heart to the side of Jaehyun that she loved, but Sehun confuses her by revealing Jaehyun's past mistakes in regards to unfair employee dismissal. Meanwhile, in 1995, Jisoo who misses Jaehyun who's currently serving in the military, sheds tears over the gift she received from Jaehyun's parents. -- Thoughts on Episode 7-8 Huh. And I thought JS was the miserable one. At this point JH is waiting (perhaps even looking forward) to get kicked out by SK's family. There's no need for him to file for divorce, it'll come any day now. Fingers crossed. Now I get what he meant by "being the loser". We don't see it often, but he keeps getting trampled on by SK and her family His parenting will always be overruled by SK's dad as long as he's alive, and no matter how good JH is, he will never get SK's dad seal of approval in everything even after going to prison in his place for FOUR YEARS (oof, I almost cursed). Also, it's possible he's going to prison for the second time if things don't turn out the way he wants. Conglomerates are such a big backbone of Korean economy that no one can afford to see them fall (interesting read here). I just hope JH is aiming for his FIL's downfall instead of the whole organization. On Sehun His ways are so despicable in a cheap way. Just cheap. I have nothing but disdain for this guy. On Seokyung As soon as I pity SK for being "thrown away" by her mom, she slaps me with her own despicable doing. She might've deserved Jaehyun in the past, but after JH's imprisonment and her going to such lengths to publicly embarrass Jisoo for her personal satisfaction, I just... nope. Sorry. LMAO COUNT ME IN!!!
  13. @triplem streaming was so laggy I could barely understand what's going on No recap tonight, guys. Sorry I hope the subbed ep gets released fast this time. Seems heartbreaking from the spoilers I see on Twitter...
  14. @triplem thank you for recapping, too! @celebrianna you're welcome It's clear that YM looks hesitant when he's house-viewing with SH. Even he talks to his grandma very obediently as if he's scared of her. I'm not into all of this... @jongski I kinda wish WMLB would end like On the Way to the Airport where the kid accepts the separation and thinks no matter where their parents are, they believe the parents will still work as hard to provide for them, they'll still love them and live happily. If the writer ends it like TWOTM... I have no words lol it's too much and too bleak --- Ahh cute!! Turns out LBY and LTS worked together back in 2011!
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