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  1. Apparently, the special ep. won't be subbed by Netflix Hope to catch you all during tonight's broadcast + Youtube live!
  2. I see that some have been interested in Shin PD's creative process. He actually appeared on Yoo Quiz on The Block a few weeks ago! I'm not entirely sure about the content because I hardly understand Korean (i would be so grateful if someone could sub! ), but I hope it can give you some insight.
  3. i remember jeon mi do described chae songhwa’s relationship with jungwon as “someone she can rely on” and that dynamic was clearly shown in this ep. they both have the same approach towards their work & their patients, it’s hard to describe. it kinda reminds me of a low maintenance friendship? they don’t talk all the time, but when they do, it’s easy and they get each other immediately. so happy for winter garden!! each ep came with countless theories and most of them turned out right!! i wish they had shown how jungwon fell for her though, did it start in ep. 2 with the frostbite/maggot case?
  4. If anyone's interested, a blog is catching up on translating Hospital Playlist articles! https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/search/label/Hospital Playlist
  5. Found an IkSong fanfic on Twitter. Finally. https://mydramafic.wordpress.com/2020/05/19/its-raining-lets-eat-1/
  6. @KDramaFan0828 Exactly. I was thinking of that line when I realized they will all turn 40 by then. The Shin-Lee duo has developed a strong fanbase of their own that will keep the show afloat for the next two seasons. Anyone who's a fan of them will agree that the Reply series is so timeless and remains relevant to this day.
  7. Songhwa and Ikjoon may need some time apart. I hate how we always end up relating it to the previous works, but I just noticed that couples in Shin PD's dramas spend a period of being away from each other and come back with a clearer understanding of how they feel. It seems to me that prior to their employment at Yulje, Ik Joon and Song Hwa didn't see each other frequently (they & the rest of the gang worked in different hospitals so it could've been impossible). It was only until Ik Joon got divorced and Song Hwa got a biopsy that they began spending a lot of time together. Remember how Episode 6 became a turning point for Ik Joon? This thread may (since we have no idea how Song Hwa truly feels) also serve as an explanation for the change in dynamic between these two. Song Hwa only used to smile at Ik Joon's jokes, but in Episode 9 she let herself loose: I agree with what everyone said here that Song Hwa is pretty confused and shocked right now. If we can indeed confirm that her first love was Ik Joon, it will also be pretty understandable for her to think, "Why now?" She needs to come to Seokcho to sort her feelings out, not to mention that reciprocating her feelings for Ik Joon would change her life. It's unlike the aforementioned couples who were only in their 20s; Ik Joon is a single dad who does his best to make time for his son. Song Hwa would also need to be a mother to Uju and the amount of responsibility that needs is no joke (she may have to give up camping on weekends). Maybe something huge will happen in 2020, isn't this the year they will all turn 40?
  8. It's an endless saga of Shin PD's men confessing with a ring but never actually pursuing the confession
  9. Get your pockets ready.... Hospital Playlist OST album is coming. Alsooo, Jeon Mi Do OST?!!?!! She has a signed polaroid!!!! Prayer circle for With All My Tears drama version since there was a BTS clip of her rehearsing the song Not to mention the heartbeat(? lol what's the correct trans for this) cards are Iksong and Pigeon couple. I feel like it says a lot about the end game. LOL.
  10. As with other tv dramas, didn’t they produce this show under the assumption that anyone who watches this literally just puts on Netflix and lets herself/himself be entertained? I have friends who casually watch Hospital Playlist and don’t look up theories on Youtube. The details indeed make the show more interesting, but they understand each episode just fine without them. To them, they have accepted the scenes for what they were and assumed them to be pretty self-explanatory. No need to rack their brains, because they watched the show to relax and have a good time. I think it’ll be a huge disservice to them and the rest of the general audience if they steer them towards a whole different direction at the last minute. Not everyone is as invested in Hospital Playlist as us (let’s be real, we’re so invested LOL), and I believe that sometimes, it’s best to understand this show through the eyes of a regular viewer. What would be the most obvious thing that could happen?
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