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  1. LSG talked about love various times, other than in his song, but I had never read these statements before during LF's promoton (January 2015): "I don't like bad guys. That's probably why I chose to be in this movie; I tend to take love seriously. I don't like 'some' relationships either. Love is an important emotion and I don't like to think of it lightly." That shows another angle/facet in how committed he was. What's striking is how YoonA never talked about it in the same terms as he did, but we know it wasn't the same for her. She did not realize "how lov
  2. It's not a rule, but generally speaking: When rumors are false, they tend to die down immediately or after a short period of time. Regardless of whether some lone voice with an agenda keeps repeating them in the hope of persuading others to believe them. When rumors are true, or there's some truth to them, they keep popping up and persist for a long period of time, from objective and different sources. Sometimes they never end despite the denials, because striking evidence exists and new evidence keeps surfacing. Once you figure that, it becomes easy to dist
  3. I started Yuri!!! on Ice a long time ago but never got to finish watching it so I had no clue about this lol. Haha. For anyone wondering why the "L" at the end, it's probably because they don't have permission to use his exact real name, so they just added a letter. It's what they do with famous brand names like McDonalds=McRonalds, Sony=Somy, Panasonic=Panatonic, and so on.
  4. I guess they're going to keep singing sad love songs for eternity, longing for each other without ever being together. Hoping for a future that may never come. Great basis for a healthy and stable relationship lol.
  5. All this reeks of desperation if he's just going to sit there and wait for her. She also suggested songs that said he's still waiting there for her. "I said I'll wait but you can't come too late." How late is too late? When is late too late? "Hope for the future." When is this future? Seriously, what is wrong with these two? They have serious issues lol. This is an authentic farce in my eyes. What are they hoping to achieve doing this? What do they think is going to happen? They'll be nearing 40 and still playing the waiti
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