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  1. Replacing a perfectly clear photograph with a massively blurry one. *facepalm* lol. Might've as well kept the original since it already spread and won't disappear from the internet.
  2. Even if we were to ignore everything else and focus only on the songs, it wouldn't make any sense if there isn't currently something going on between them since WTWB Korean/Chinese and Summer Night/Promise are clearly linked to each other, they both serve as an answer/response to him, and are mirroring his songs; same words, same meaning. But more importantly, it's her taking the initiative. I can't imagine her doing that and continuing with it a year and nine months later post WTWB if LSG was ignoring her and/or their relationship was dead in the water. Neither can I imagine her telling that to someone else since it sounds like a continuation to WTWB, the content and tone being the same, and the similarities being too many, as already highlighted. At the very least, his influence on her is irrefutable.
  3. That should be Brownstone Legend yes. The structure and color of the stone is the same. LSG is hell bent on acting like he's single (Mom's Diary, MITH), so did YoonA on Hyori's Homestay. But it's worth noting that he was merely following up on LSJ's thoughts on dating and marriage. What he said was precisely what LSJ had said before him. I wouldn't take that to mean anything. You wouldn't expect them to say anything and be open about it on camera either way. That's what their songs are for. Remember that these two kept on pretending to be together for the cameras and to save face but behind the scenes had already broken up. Whether together or not, I'm really curious to see how they're going to pen it down to the public and fans when the time comes. Especially YoonA. It'll be hard for her to sell it and hard for the public and fans to buy it. Well maybe not the fans, they buy everything.
  4. We already knew YoonA & LSG lived only 500m apart from each other, but are they even closer now? http://www.skyedaily.com/news/news_spot.html?ID=80801 It was reported on January 2019 she purchased an apartment at Lotte Castle.
  5. What is she even talking about? Sometimes I can't help but scratch my head to what she's saying. What does she want to be open about? What's so important to be news worthy about what she wanted to say? Struggles and worries? We all have those but none are newsworthy. But then in Korea everything becomes newsworthy, even the most stupidest and silliest of things so I get her point. Certainly she wasn't going to post on IG and tell her fans about her private and personal matters? lol. Besides, most of that is public knowledge and everything is on korean and international portal sites. At most, she could clarify and be more open and honest like she said about certain things. If she's talking about her general well-being then I don't see what's so news worthy or so hush hush about that, unless there's some illness lol. Sounds to me like she's exaggerating for the sake of making the fans feel more important than they actually are. "It's between me and you." "I didn't want it to be become public." Dear, I'm not going to say everything, but nearly everything about you is public lol. Besides, everything about you is destined to become public sooner or later. Honestly, all of this just takes me back to her forced smile on Knowing Brothers while Sunny held her mouth wide open next to her: lol.
  6. There is something I haven't posted yet that's even more telling and suspect. YoonA's little chuckle/smile at his lookalike portrait in Summer Night's MV is the same little chuckle (more accentuated) she did on 140123 at the Seoul Music Awards when she was going through the previous year's magazine (SNSD weren't present in 2013) and found him in the group photo while Seohyun pointed him out to her.
  7. That's my thinking too. She answered him with WTWB and Promise. It's once again his turn now lol. We can consider ourselves really fortunate here, because these two are telling everything about their intimate lives to us through their music, whether it's their own or someone else's, and they do so on a constant basis.
  8. Is he there just as a guest or is he participating/producing/recording/releasing after hers? lol.
  9. Everything comes easy and natural with them. We don't even have to try. We just wait and watch for things to happen, because guaranteed, something always does happen. H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 8m8 minutes ago Fan, "Are you a mom or a sister of Rae-O?" YoonA, "I call myself a mom. I think Rae-O knows I'm his master now."
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByXj0H5pfZLg6IxeTtcjpdO6LFZH-rWuWfiAQo0/
  11. H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago Q: Tell me the part of the lyrics you like in the new song YoonA: "Interestingly, there are many 'cham' (Note: it means 'truly') in my songs. There are 2 new songs in the album, and 'cham' is in another song again." LSG's And Goodbye 참 듣기 좋더라 cham deutgi johdeora LSG's All The Time We Spent Together 참, 오랫동안 알았지 널 cham, oraetdongan aratji neol 참 많이 웃었지, 울었었지 cham manhi useotji, ureosseotji 참, 내가 또 이렇지 뭐 cham, naega tto ireohji mwo YoonA's Promise 참 오랜 시간이 걸렸죠 그대에게 cham oraen shigani geollyeotjo geudaeege 참 오랜 시간이 흘렀죠 눈을 보며 cham oraen shigani heulleotjo nuneul bomyeo YoonA's Summer Night 참 시원한 여름밤 cham shiweonhan yeoreumppam 참 편안한 여름밤 cham pyeonanhan yeoreumppam
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