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  1. Heh let's wait and see. I'd say #2 as well. That leaves the other 2 choices. ; ) Can't go wrong either way. This makes a good phone wallpaper + lockscreen. Feel free to use it. Enlarged and enhanced.
  2. 'A Walk to Remember' WINTER - 'The Ordinary Man' WINTER RELEASE Remember the video he took last time for MITH when he was writing a journal? He was sitting at his home desk.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHXUBL2nZqe/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CHXUKWJHs1i/ 8 SEPTEMBER 2017 15 NOVEMBER 2020
  4. You can see the complete redesign of his house at teoyang's site: http://www.teoyangstudio.com/project#/samseongdong-residence Remember this? ↓ It's extremely classy and luxurious. A far cry from the usual Korean celeb homes you usually see. Total different class.
  5. Wow! It's so elegant. The Ordinary Man It’s been too long… November 15 #MasterInTheHouse I love you, SBS Thank you #Jipsabu How long has it been?…
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSnmjTJVn9/ - The correct and official title is 'The Ordinary Man'. Ironically, allkpop was the closest of all lol. https://www.instagram.com/yoonjongshin/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CHSpKOyJX_I/
  7. I just posted some excerpts which I thought were relevant and informative to the topic at hand. It's amazing how many people think this way, because they don't want or can't say, which makes it all easy to figure out.
  8. Well here's another one: That he definitely is.
  9. http://www.spotvnews.co.kr/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=388539 @IliK you're gonna love the title of this. Prior to the release of the regular album, at 6 pm on the 15th, the track 'The Obvious Man' is pre-released. LOL! Everyone seems to have their own personal translation of the title track. Soompi has it as "Clichè Man", allkpop as "Generic Man", others as "Shameless Man" lol. Complete article: Lee Seung-gi and Yoon Jong-shin joined hands to become singers in 5 years… Pre-released song on the 15th-
  10. Have you seen this whole mess? It would have been hard to miss unless you're not on social media or don't follow k-ent related media. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/10/a-netizen-claiming-to-be-chanyeols-ex-girlfriend-alleges-that-the-idol-member-cheated-on-her-and-committed-other-misdeeds My posts regarding Y in this thread lead to the same scenario as the one presented by this person. But Y's case is a case of 'Everyone knows but nobody (or so they think) says.' In any case, they already had a taste of it when Soo-geun made them tremble wi
  11. Confirmed. Incoming new album? Which in turn would mean obvious and blatant clues. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG_-foLHzE1/ leeseunggi.official Verified Hello Airen I really miss you all Let me see in From.Seunggi at 8:00pm today#공홈#프승예고 "Handsome boy coming out of the album in December, 4 tracks, the third track was working with Epitone. Is that?!?! Huh?!?!?!?" #Lee Seunggi #Nell? #Brave brother? #Epitone project?
  12. You know, it makes tons of sense that YoonA didn't tell them she had broken up. Apart from being her personal life, she obviously didn't want to be judged, she was afraid to be judged. By them, by everyone. When news broke out on 1st January 2014, Sooyoung said they all acted like nothing in those days. Same thing applies with their break up. Yuri wasn't insensitive when she mentioned his name like someone had said, she merely wasn't aware, because YoonA lied to everyone. When Soo-geun humiliated her on KB (because that's what it was) by heavily
  13. https://www.soompi.com/article/1433689wpp/astros-cha-eun-woo-lee-seung-gi-and-shin-sung-rok-reminisce-about-the-highs-and-lows-of-their-careers Lee Seung Gi, who debuted as a singer, hit it big right away with his song “Because You’re My Woman.” He said, “My popularity rose with the public right after my debut. But my personal happiness and satisfaction were the complete opposite. The pressure was too intense. This was a time in which I felt constantly nervous and pressured. Until now, there was never a time in my life where I felt I was happy every day. It felt like I had a stone
  14. Recurring words in "And…”: Love x24 Goodbye x20 Forget x14 Time x14 Heart x12 Together x11 Memories x10 Don't forget x8 Step x7 Moment x6 Fade x6 Wind x5 Longing x5 Smile x5 Some day x5 Streets x5 Warm/Warmth x5 Mean x5 I hope x5 I’m happy x4 Remember x4 Spring x3 Painful x3 Seasons x2 Look back x2
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