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::redsoul:: Korean Acapella Group

hongkifiedhongkified Posts: 211Member
as featured in STARKING
i am a huge fan of this group after i saw them on starking!~~!!!

so i went online and get more info..anybody else a fan of them? i read that they are releasing album soon!

1st appearance in Star King (singing 'this love','bohemian rhapsody' etc)

2nd appearance in Star King (singing medley,'again&again' etc)

Their song from KBS's drama 'THE ROAD HOME'

Performing CLOSER at Madame B Salon


Performing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY at 2007 Acapella Competition. FREAKING AMAZING!!

more video coming up at that chanel =)



Bass (group leader)
Nameː Park Boo Kyu
Date of birthːMar 23rd, 1986
Blood typeːA
EducationːMajoring in Corporate Management at Inha University

Bariton tenor
NameːLee Hanuel Lee
Date of birthːDec. 28th , 1986
Blood typeːO
EducationːMajoring in Hotel Management at Jangan University

Bariton tenor
NameːWon Eun Kook
Date of birthːMar. 15th, 1988
Blood typeːA
EducationːMajoring in Vocal at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts

High tenor
NameːHwang Tae Ik
Date of birthːFeb. 27th, 1988
Blood typeːO
EducationːMajoring in Vocal at Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts

NameːOh Jun Sang
date of birthː Jan. 30th, 1987
Blood typeː B
Education ː Majoring in Applied Music (?) at Howon University

---one member's profile is missing but i cant find image ---

History :

2005 Initial debut as REMIND
2005 1st Runner Up Lotte World Nationwide Group Competition
2006 WINNER Chin Chin Singing Competition Champion
2006 WINNER Lotte World Nationwide Group Competition Champion
2007 WINNER Korea Acappella Competition Champion
2007 Taiwan TCMC International Choral Ensemble Concert
2008 WINNER ‘Mega Star’ by Mega Cable TV
2008 Korea vs Cuba Soccer Game Singing the Korean National Anthem
2008 Digital Single ‘Winter Sea’ - Rename as RED SOUL
2009 Participate in KBS’s Drama ‘On The Road Home’ OST – Opening Song
2009 Appearance at SBS ‘Star King’



Backstage During Star King

기다릴게 박재범


  • glamchicdivaglamchicdiva Jakarta, IndonesiaPosts: 380Member
    they should totally get a record deal. with all those awards, i wonder why they still haven't.. we need more amazing singers in k-pop
  • TelekinetikTelekinetik NSW, AustraliaPosts: 160Member


    Ahh I loved their song from The Road Home. I really hope they release an album soon!
  • natural-retardnatural-retard Posts: 1,024Member


    I watched them on starking and thought, they are much better than most new artists coming out. Their live stages will be good but i don't know whether they could record because they create their own sounds.

    They are really good, but kpop is so superficial hence another reason why they won't be as big as they should be. But they are very talented.
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  • hongkifiedhongkified Posts: 211Member
    yeah i agree with natural-retard..since they create their own sound that will be difficult to convey in an album.
    they are the kind of artist that need to be seen and have live shows all the time.

    i have a bunch of their performances video~~ they are really impressive ^^ maybe i should upload on utube XD
    기다릴게 박재범
  • riehaeriehae Pearl Sapphire BluePosts: 10,369Member


    In Kpop right now... talent isn't everything.
    For their producer or company, thet need to profit from them as well... marketability.
    Once Again the Album Kings
  • heeqeuriheeqeuri 말레이시아Posts: 349Member


    edited July 2009
    ommo!thanks to you now i know that they're the one that sing Road Home OST.i always sing to the song when i watch the drama. XD
    i watched the vid of them in SK.they are veryyyy impressive.i was like O____________O
    they have their own style and very different from KPOP group we see nowadays.its kinda true that most entertainment company in Korea focus more on popularity than talent.coz its money we're talking about =='
    but the chance of them getting popular in other country is big.because most country love acapella stuff,and did it verryy good. XD
    if they're really recording an album.that is AMAZING! *0*
    [and i still remember how they use borrowed clothes for the first time they were shown in StarKing..and they're hoping to debut as a real singer. T-T]
  • BlackTeaBlackTea Posts: 451Member
    edited July 2009
    They're really good, and the girls they sang with in the second link were really good too :]

    I'm looking forward to their debut, if they do.

    EDIT: I guess they already have, so I'm looking forward to their album.


  • Liinax3Liinax3 refill the glass Posts: 1,677Member


    edited July 2009
    I like them. they are really talented LOL<3

    i will use the ultimate great hero special ultra super-megaton action spectacle suspense thriller road movie love romance adventure real new wave fantasy odyssey good boy shoot to make you fly.

  • FTIsland&amp;PrimadonnaFTIsland&amp;Primadonna YOU GLASSLESS BEACH Mother Father loveft-islandPosts: 3,023Friend of Soompi


    Oh wow their the guys who sing for The Road Home Opening.
    I love that song too !
    I never skip it when watching the road home.
    FNC NEW ARTIST; choi jun hee
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  • j.starr*j.starr* Posts: 590Member
    These guys are soo goooddd!!! So much talent
  • cee-es-jaycee-es-jay Posts: 1,509Member
    oh wow i remember these guys! they are freakin amazing!
  • alicechenalicechen ♥ Insane FanGirl ♥ Posts: 2,240Member


    Wow, they have awesome vocals!
    Wish them the best!!
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  • est.1991est.1991 Posts: 58Member
    they can really sing! i hope i see them soon on music shows soon!
  • sarangiesarangie Virginia, USPosts: 872Member
    i love them~
    they're really good! image
    didn't they say they're going to release an album soon???
    wanna hear more of them
  • STEPHOO--STEPHOO-- B.A.P SydneyPosts: 4,579Friend of Soompi
    Oh, I remember them.
    It was funny when one of the guys did the rap to again&again.
  • orange08orange08 leadersshi Posts: 625Member
    they're sooooo good, that Bohemian Rhapsody cover was incredible!! i was surprised to find out that they didn't already have a recording contract image
    i hope they can release an album soon... i would definitely buy it!
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  • bEllAfREShbEllAfRESh christmas islandPosts: 552Member


    ooh i loved this group. real talent image
    keep playin' playa'
  • janiiekiimjaniiekiim PA.Posts: 604Member
    ah i saw them on star king a little while back.
    they're truely talented. hopefully they get a record deal sooon!
    kimkibum <3
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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    they're really good ^^

    awwh Nichkhun is so cute posing with them
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  • lccynlccyn icon credits (pinkylily.) Posts: 3,789Friend of Soompi
    they have great voices seriously!
    and I like their group name, REDSOUL.
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