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[movie 2006] Woman On The Beach 해변의 여인

t3n5h1_chu_k015h173t3n5h1_chu_k015h173 (Бишкек)Posts: 1,808Member


edited September 2006 in k-dramas & movies
Kim Seung Woo, Ko Hyeon Jeong, Lee Ki Woo, Song Seon Mi, Kim Tae Woo
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Woman on the Beach 해변의 여인 (2006)

Starring: Kim Seung-Woo, Ko Hyeon-Jeong, Lee Ki-Woo
Director: Hong Sang-Su
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 127mins
Production: Bom, Jeonwonsa
Distribution: MiroVision
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

SOURCE : 해변의 여인
해변의 여인
해변의 여인
해변의 여인
해변의 여인


  • AoijenAoijen Posts: 425Member
    I want watch this movie I think this movie was comedy and romantic to... image
  • el diael dia anywhere is possible Posts: 923Member
    Woman on the Beach (DVDrip) 2CDS version with sub
    IPB Image
    is avaliable to download @ naynay123
  • LuvLuv Be Happy! Posts: 7,789Friend of Soompi


    I like Ko Hyun-jung so much from What's Up I was really excited about watching this movie...but sadly I didn't like this movie at all. I guess the acting is okay but I didn't like the story.
  • ataraxisataraxis Posts: 50Member
    I just saw this movie and I thought it was really well made. The director shows human nature and sensitivity very well. There is not much action in this movie but you can see the personality and emotions of each character clearly. Though the ending was not as good as I thought.

    But I love Kim Seung Woo from Hotelier! image

    I recommend this movie if you liked the movie 'Woman is the Future of Man'.
  • lunaelunae Posts: 118Member


    I just watched this movie and I actually liked it. The potrayal of the characters are really good, the movie shows the complexity of human mind and attitude (i guess?)

    Go Hyun Jeong- I love her acting ever since i watched her in Bom nal. She's so natural, even her beauty is very natural. Kim Seung Woo is masculine yet boyish as usual, I love his performance whenever and wherever image
    a bit dissapointed that Kim tae woo's on screen time is too short - since he's a great actor too
    IPB Image
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  • Scully2Scully2 SpainPosts: 143Member
    QUOTE(Luv @ Nov 5 2006, 06:06 AM) »

    I like Ko Hyun-jung so much from What's Up I was really excited about watching this movie...but sadly I didn't like this movie at all. I guess the acting is okay but I didn't like the story.

    Same here. I really wanted to watch it 'cos Ko Hyun-jung was on it but the movie was quite boring image

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  • adikkeluangmanadikkeluangman Yours truly KL, MYPosts: 21,732Friend of Soompi


    Hong Sang-soo Named Best Director

    Hong Sang-soo of “Woman on the Beach” fame was chosen the best director by his peers.

    At the Director’s CUT Awards held Thursday evening, Hong was honored with the Best Director of 2006 award. Hong’s latest work “Woman on the Beach” won an overwhelming number of votes for its mellow plot and witty twists.

    The Best Independent Director of the Year award went to Leesong Hee-il for the distinctly unique film “No Regret.” Director Sohn Jae-gon of “My Scary Girl” was named the Best New Director of the Year.

    Instead of separating the best actor and best actress award, this year’s ceremony presented the “best performers award” to the starring cast of this year’s mega hit “The Host,” Byun Hee-bong, Song Kang-ho, Park Hae-il, Bae Doo-na, and Ko A-seong.

    Ryu Deok-hwan of “Like a Virgin” received the Best New Actor Award and Choo Ja-hyun of “Bloody Tie” the Best New Actress Award.

    Lee Chun-yeon, director of the Korean Association of Film Art and Industry, was honored with the Filmmaker of the Year Award for his lifetime achievement in the Korean film industry and his work to protect the screen quota system.

    c: KBS Global
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  • ioannaioanna Posts: 23Member
    I like a lot this kmovie! Interesting image
  • giunggiung madrid (greatest dream)Posts: 1,040Member


    whatever the storyline up goes.. as long Ms.Go Hyun Jung was there.... image image
    I think the movie have something to learn specially if we entering into relationship...
    Go Hyun Jung Kim Sun AH and Lee Seo Jin
    mystery 4ever. in my heart ...
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