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what do u wear with army green pants?

AlleriaAlleria CanadaPosts: 174Member
edited May 2006 in beauty & fashion
hmm i got a few army green pants and capris cargo and i dont know what type to wear as a top with it besides white.... any advice? any pics? thanks


  • deeleeciousdeeleecious CanadaPosts: 265Member
    cropped hoody sweater with tank underneath

    basic black fitted tshirt ... or white

    Yeah i need something to match my green cargo capris other than those.
  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,458Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2006
    black or dark brown wifebeater or fitted tee

  • matango88matango88 CaliforniaPosts: 2,090Member
    tank tops


    light tan




    since army style pants are for casual / hot weather type clothing / camping
  • missavvymissavvy t.dottPosts: 813Member
    besides white? BLACK! ..i dunno man, anything simple i guess
  • SapphiraSapphira Posts: 40Member
    OMG I love army stuff! I wear anything that looks trashy i.e. old and rough. It goes well with rough looks (messy hair for example).
  • loO4laloO4la Posts: 911Member

    when i wear camo/army green pants, i like to pair them w/ wife beaters, plain baby tees, or simple laced bra tops/camis...all in either white or any neutral color.

  • sooperNOODLES!sooperNOODLES! Posts: 268Member

    wear BLACKKKK, i say you could never go wrong with black xP

    avatar credits -- __JBM*
  • AsianL0veAsianL0ve I'm hawter than ice-cream BostonPosts: 2,656Member


    camaflodge shirts THERE AWESOME image
  • angelZangelZ to dream is a gift Posts: 6,392Friend of Soompi
    i would pair them with plain colored camis and/or tanks~
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  • icetreeunicetreeun Posts: 286Friend of Soompi
    a white tee with a crazy black design on it.. image or vice versa.

    It might be kind of stuffy depending where you go wearing it, but you can wear:
    fitted white/ivory blazor
    white tank
    the army pants tied at the calves so that you can wear your>>
    high-laced black converse

    o_o;; it's pretty cute~
  • PizazzPizza88PizazzPizza88 Posts: 5,474Friend of Soompi
    the first thing that comes to mind is a white wifebeater
  • lilxtiffstahlilxtiffstah Posts: 954Member


    brown wife beater!
  • carolcarol Senior Member USPosts: 1,789Member
    Fitted dark brown or black wife beater image
  • o1hunnyo1hunny vancouverPosts: 2,433Member


    any black coloured shirt~ or dark brown hehe
  • BeatofboABeatofboA Posts: 803Member
    i'm traditional, i'll go with white/black/dark coloured tank top
  • AlleriaAlleria CanadaPosts: 174Member
    anything except black?? i hate wearing black tops, just doesnt look right on me ever!!!!
  • *rashiDah*rashiDah Posts: 1,785Member

    Yellow Tank Top.

    I remember se7en wearing that combo once and it looked awesome. =]
  • beIntimate.beIntimate. im rad your rad lets hug. the milkywayPosts: 1,596Member
    ^ yeah yellow would go with green.
    mmms, maybe a nice brown colour..
    just try different coloured tops you have now and see what looks good.
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  • XiaonessXiaoness New YorkPosts: 741Member
    baby dolls with cargos worked for me. alot of people said i looked so cute x__x
    IPB Image
    IPB Image
    i think any spaghetti strap type top tat isnt tight at the bottm works. something tat flares out or is loose like a baby doll =) hope tat helps
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  • Mz Cr1-CrIMz Cr1-CrI g dragon ? AtlPosts: 2,202Member
    i wear it wit wifebeater.. <3 it
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