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Ouran Koukou Host Club

tifachantifachan New Yorkiee.Posts: 3,946Member
edited January 2014 in Japan
The anime and manga!
Ouran High Host Club is about a poor student named Fujioka Haruhi who is studying at a predigous school, Ouran Koukou. All she wanted to do was look for a quiet place to study, since all the wealthy students were all noisy. And then, she stumbled upon the Third Music Room- which looked to be suitable.

But when she opened the door, she ventured into the depths of the Ouran High Host Club- a group of six bishounen whose jobs are to entertain wealthy ladies with free time like them. But Haruhi accidentally breaks an 8000000 yen vase which was to be auctioned off in the school! Now Haruhi must work as a host to pay off the debt- and she's also a girl!

Will a love story unfold with the lead host, "King"- aka Suo Tamaki?!

Volumes: 18 (Complete)
Published by: Viz
Anime Episodes: 26
*This series has also live action drama and film

This story, I believe is hilarious in its own little way. In the manga, the art might *nah* be as good as others, but it's beautiful in its own way. :] The anime isn't that great since they editted most of the good scenes from the manga.

NOTE!!: Please be kind and to at least post on this thread to keep it alive for other current or future Ouran High School Host Club fans, instead of just coming in here to mooch off of our free goodies. T_T ***ThatGirlPhuong and I (Well, more of her. XDD) have worked hard to supply needed manga and anime downloads for you all, and would like soompiers to just keep this thread alive!

Well, keeping this thread alive is more important to me since I made it. ^^'' But still, help us keep this thread alive! image

From the Host Club Thread Starter, tifachan. image

QUOTE(**ThatGirlPhuong @ Aug 28 2006, 12:14 AM) »
Dear Leechers,

DON'T MAKE US PUT PASSWORDS ON THE FILES!! Say thank you at lease..

Dear Ouran High School Host Club Fans,

All of the episodes will probably be uploaded by next Sunday =) Thank you again tifachan for helping!
Everything will be [HERE]. And I mean EVERYTHING. I put all of the OST's, manga scanlations, anime episodes, and etc.
I go on Soompi everyday, unless I get knocked out after I get home from school, so it WILL most likeluy be updated with new things if there are any.

If you want to join the ~Ouran Lovers~ (name pending), please fill out this form. image (Click HERE to view code)



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