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The Official Job Thread



  • YUNA!YUNA! BAN COU BAPosts: 3,930Member


    edited May 2006
    i work at mcdonalds XDD

    the only thing that's keeping me from quitting is the fact that my best friends work at the one i got hired in, my old high school friends work there too, and the coworkers are all fun and...some of them are hawwwt yo~~ harharhar. so in a summary, the teamspirit in my particular restaurant is awesome :].


    go mcd's! the ppl, not the food, haha.
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  • rich.paekkrich.paekk Va 703Posts: 472Member
    WtFREAK your asking for a job in NY on soompi?!? just walking around for 10 mins will probably get you more than 10 job opportunities.

    I work at a law firm. paid 7.50per hour and I file papers and do fun i can't read work.
  • skwannabeskwannabe Noob Member GAPosts: 1,090Friend of Soompi
    i work at Know Fat! resturaunt. its a franchise around Ma for the time, but going to open another store at Minneosta, near St. Paul i believe. 8.50 per hour ^^
  • xx_smilezxx_smilez Posts: 273Member
    someone told me that I should work at a bank? teller? what do they do?
  • BurnthewoodBurnthewood Toronto, CANPosts: 214Member
    I work on a Canadian Forces Base in Trenton, Ontario.
    I work on the air cadet training centre! Hooray!
    I love the job. Great pay, good hours, and the best part is all the great people I get to meet!
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  • MermanMerman Posts: 130Member
    I'm 17. I'm was a lifeguard at the local club pool last summer and got paid 9 bucks an hour. This summer I am either working in a lab or working at a fish store
  • KIM_SAYS:KIM_SAYS: Posts: 1,083Friend of Soompi


    I'd like to work at Starbucks. A guy I know could hook me up, but the only hours available...So effing early. Figures. I'd also like to get a job at the hospital doing patient transport since I already volunteer there, but you have to be 18.

    Does anyone know about Barnes and Noble? I know it's not like the typical job that teens want, but I'd really like to work there.
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  • atalamarche10atalamarche10 Posts: 1,156Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE(NANI* @ May 21 2006, 04:23 PM) »

    i have a job @ Kumon math & reading learning center...had that job for almost 2 years now..started when i was a sophomore in 2004 o___O

    me too...
    I've worked there for about 6 months already.
    the pay was pretty crappy during the 1st month -5.50 and hour
    but it upped to $6 after 3 months..still pretty crappy
    considering the place is only open from 4-7 three hour days.

    I'm 17..but I think you can work there when you're 15..+ or in high school.
  • JunpeiJunpei Posts: 281Member
    edited April 2007
    When I was younger like 16 or so i worked as a portrait artist, did painting like murals, then as an animator, and then in business and law.

    the important thing is just to get your foot in the door, you might want to look into internships as well.
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  • thesarahchongthesarahchong california.Posts: 1,055Member


    I am in dire need of a summer job.
    But I doubt anyone's willing to hire someone who hasn't even turned 16 yet.

    Actually, the Starbucks in this area hires at 15 1/2 years old + working permit. Which reminds me, I need to get a hold of one..
    i wanna work as a pharmacy technician. but here in california i need to take the test for that.
  • theEMPRESStheEMPRESS LOST in WIPosts: 227Friend of Soompi
    I work at DQ/Orange Julius, I get paid $5.75, the only reason I'm not quitting is because I'm kinda attached, and plus i LOOOVE the girls i work with, they're AWESOME! image
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  • xx_smilezxx_smilez Posts: 273Member
    Yeah, so far Starubucks and Barnes and Noble are my top choices. But smooglez, 15 1/2?? That is really young to work in a coffee shop environment.. And omg! I looooove Orange Julius, reminds me maybe working for bubble tea?
  • lady_muimuilady_muimui Hachioji, TokyoPosts: 747Member
    Well I just finished a drug test and am waiting for a call from Super Fresh, who offered me a position in their bakery. I'm 18 and the starting wage is $7.35 I believe.
  • PrillForevaPrillForeva Posts: 106Member
    i'm 16 and i'm looking for a summer job this year but i live the uk so if nebody lives on my side of the world any suggestions for where to work????

    sensible suggestions please..............

  • Po1arisPo1aris J-ville, Fl.Posts: 272Friend of Soompi
    I work at Target as a Cashier. it's such an easy job, but you just got to learn to ignore the customer's rants =]
  • AtomicNorthernLightsAtomicNorthernLights Jacksonville,FloridaPosts: 491Member
    Car wash = mad money from tips i avg bout 15 a day
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  • xvi3txl0v1ngxxvi3txl0v1ngx CanadaPosts: 2,417Member


    QUOTE(xmoogle @ May 21 2006, 03:13 PM) »

    i work at the swimming pool as a lifeguard in seattle. i just turned 16 a couple months ago

    starting wage is $12.55. image

    my friend is one of the lifeguard at the pool i go too. He's always feeling big since he's the lifeguard and his lifeguard jersey thingy looks the best. well, compare to the ones that my uncle are wearing. my uncles are lifeguard at the same pool.

    Well, over the summer i'll be taking my courses to be a lifeguard, but i would have to wait til i turn 16 so i can take NLS. During the days that i don't have courses, i'll probably be working as a pool monitor. I'm not sure what's the wage you get since i still haven't send in my application yet. I'm still waiting for my SIN(social insurance card) to arrive so i can fill in the spaces i have left. To be a pool monitor you have to have your Standard First-Aid and CPR-C. I think you have to be at least 15 or something like that. It's a pretty easy job, you just sit there and if anyone needs help then you are there.
  • missavvymissavvy t.dottPosts: 813Member
    im working as a cashier at a supermarket.. min wage $7.25
    i wanna quit though and work somewhere for like $8.50
    both jobs are real easy
  • ritzy!ritzy! |\|394 |\/|1(|-|Y0}|\|4B\/\/4~~ Posts: 8,173Member


    edited May 2006
    QUOTE(SatinDoll @ May 21 2006, 07:33 PM) »

    any summer jobs for high school teens in NEW YORK?!? i seriosuly need one!!!

    you can sign up for the summer youth employment program and hope you get picked..
    they pick by lottery, i signed up for it, better get yourself an application fast before 31st of may ..

    456 broadway!

    btw, right now i work in this supermarket place thingy as those cashiers.. i get 7 bucks an hour..
    i'm 15, the manager said he needed someone 16 but i was like, i'm hardworking blahblahblah and he's like
    "well..since not tha tmany people came him, you get the job". lol :]
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