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Ways To Make Your Nose Smaller

mintybreadmintybread ^o^Posts: 196Member
edited July 2009 in beauty & fashion
Without plastic surgery?
Sorry, pictures take awhile to load... :>

So someone asked me about me pinching my nose XD lol and how I'm making it smaller ~
Before anyone criticizes, I'm just trying to show how over time your nose can kinda..shrink..on its own haha.

you see how i'm like grabbing it?

i DON'T do this
I don't believe grabbing it by the tips/non-bone part will help make it smaller :<

I grab it by the bone-ish part
and then i kinda pull it down
but not so down that it completely flattens it, you know? X'D

And then I basically do this after I'm done laughing because I'm the kind of person whose nose will completely flare after laughing or singing LOL

here's how i looked like at the end of fifth grade:
not clear enough? here
Do you see how incredibly hideous I look[ed]?!?!! XDDDD
see how my nose is like ultimately flaring when I smiled!!! >__<
but here's how I look now!
My nostrils aren't that flaring and huge now... they're still kind of big but my nose looks more refined now ^^;

Yeahh image sorry for the unattractive/ugly pictures of me.. lols.. it's kinda late and I look like a mess hahha.

Oh and I basically do this like on an instinct now; I guess it's 'cause I do it so much that I keep doing it after I talk a lot or laugh or do anything that I think would make my nose flare lol..
so it's kind of like people touching their hair or doing hand movements.. i do it all the time XD

Hope this will help? XDDDDD


  • wootwootwootwoot Posts: 140Member
    i don't mean to be a party pooper, but noses change overtime no?
  • eLPyeLPy Posts: 268Member


    i don't think massaging it would change the shape of your nose.
    there are those japanese nose clips, but they've been proven to be ineffective...
    touching it a lot and putting pressure on it can be unsanitary and would make it swollen if you do it too much.

    You're nose looks fine anyway from the pictures though!
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  • mintybreadmintybread ^o^ Posts: 196Member
    technically i'm not massaging it. ^o^
  • wh0-care5wh0-care5 I WATCH YOU SLEEP Harry Potter LandPosts: 1,032Member

    it is temporary but works wonders. go on youtube and search up tutorials on how to contour your face and you will have a smaller nose in seconds. i'm not even joking
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  • kuroimisakuroimisa Wizard of Darkness SydneyPosts: 942Member
    Interesting, but your images aren't too big - they are far too dark :\ I can't see much >.>

    I suggest taking another 2 images during the day time ^^;
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  • B L o T T - iiB L o T T - ii Tasmania &#33;Posts: 1,357Member
    ermm... ur nose hasn't changed much. personal opinion. it's still pretty big.
    ur nose changes as u grow older, just like ur other features. squeezing it or whatever ur doing won't exactly change it = ='
    why can't u be happy with the nose u have?
    B L o T T
  • xWeeeAmandaaxWeeeAmandaa Posts: 244Member
    QUOTE (B L o T T - ii @ Jul 27 2009, 07:57 AM) »
    ermm... ur nose hasn't changed much. personal opinion. it's still pretty big.
    ur nose changes as u grow older, just like ur other features. squeezing it or whatever ur doing won't exactly change it = ='
    why can't u be happy with the nose u have?

    I kind of agree, it looks pretty same to me. Plus, your nose changes over time, and I don't think that squeezing your nose like that for however long you do it, will do anything.
  • musicpoplovemusicpoplove NYPosts: 1,233Member
    i cant see an ything, its too dark picture............
  • adiavoyadiavoy Posts: 2,281Member


    edited July 2009
    Hmm.. no offense, but your nose still looks the same in the before picture, your nostrils look flaring in the before picture because you were smiling, but in the last picture it got smaller because you weren't smiling. Plus once you get older your nose starts changing too. If you really want to have the look of a smaller nose, try contouring it.
  • hannieoonhannieoon CaliforniaPosts: 1,032Member
    Hmm..... I see a slight change (?). maybe it would be better if you took a pic out in the sun image

    Contouring works. Oh! losing weight from the face also changes how your nose looks (you can't lose weight from your face but you know.... when you lose weight in general and your face is less fleshy).
  • popolalapopolala over the rainbowPosts: 1,584Member


    Or u could use a nose roller.
  • wemoveonwemoveon Posts: 86Member


    wootwoot said:
    i don't mean to be a party pooper, but noses change overtime no?
    Yeah they do... My nose as a kid was really flat but as I grew older my nose became taller. 

    My mom did pinch my nose (lightly) on the tip growing up though so I don't know if that helped get my 'tall" nose. :D  
  • oryxncrakeoryxncrake Who knowsPosts: 173Member


    ^^^ My relatives used to tell me to pinch the bridge and tip of my nose every night before bed when I was a kid so that it would get smaller and "taller." Thinking back on it, it's quite sad in a lot of ways. My nose didn't change much (aside from the usual changes it can do because of aging) and I'm self-conscious of how it looks now. OP, I think your nose looks fine, it suits your face.
  • ilovemakeup10ilovemakeup10 Posts: 11Member


    I would definitely say contour :) it's easy to add into your routine every morning if you wear makeup, as it only takes a few seconds to do. 
  • jsanza29jsanza29 Posts: 6Member


    I think that noses only get bigger overtime and not smaller. Only way to make your nose smaller is to get a nose job.

  • KeHAEaKeHAEa Kris! <\3 USAPosts: 1,210Friend of Soompi


    I think pinching your nose only makes it smaller for like a few minutes, then it expands back to the normal size. :3 I've tried...

    Also, your pic is really dark. :O Consider taking one in better lighting?
  • retsyoretsyo Posts: 153Member


    Unfortunately, I don't believe there's any non surgical way to make one's nose "smaller". Besides, when we are young, our nose bridges aren't fully developed yet, chances are people's nose bridge will somewhat grow a little taller as they age into adulthood.
  • wexbelongxtogetherwexbelongxtogether lalalalandPosts: 930Member


    I think you're best bet NON-SURGICALLY wise is just to have some on point contouring skills. And on top of that, I think you're nose looks perfectly fine the way it is =]
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