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The Random Thread (version 2.0) - [now Environmentally Friendly!]



  • ~S.O.S~~S.O.S~ 2PM ? Posts: 1,248Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2009
    My shoulder are kinda itchy and it stings!

    and I don't wanna go to school tomorrow ):
  • adorkableheoadorkableheo Posts: 474Member
    I just don't want to go to school anymore.
    I'm just tired and sick of it.
    I'm sick of those 'annoying' stuck up
    ones. I'm just surviving right now.
    3 more months till summer.
    This Friday will again changed by
    life forever and it's a good choice.
    The more you forget, the more your remember ---
  • jepho*jepho* oddball en su caraPosts: 422Member
    i need to sleeep~
    i want to get my piercings&tat asap...

    so much to do so little time...

    bahaha i'm not going to school fri, f that -__-
  • crashandburncrashandburn I'm love bugged UKPosts: 3,062Friend of Soompi

    Today should be good, I'm meeting him today ^ _ ^


  • xxctxxxxctxx ~*~Do you exist?~*~ Over the rainbow and in your armsPosts: 1,325Member
    Man I think I have fallen in love with Suju's new album... <33
    "Reset", "Why I like you", "Monster" are super duper catchy...! ~
    and Yesung's voice is gorgeous...

    If only I can reset some parts of my life and re-do it again image
  • xxpiinkifiedxxpiinkified under your bed :OPosts: 2,042Member
    i wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
    .. more like i NEED sleep. ahh T__T
    . . . . . why cant I love you in slow motion, take my time ..?
  • _dovely_dovely 희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈 Land of MusicPosts: 1,033Friend of Soompi

    i wonder if i did the right thing today for a friend
    i hope so
  • daisyydaisyy lazy daisyy Posts: 626Member
    edited March 2009
    Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

    Oh, Wizard of Oz... now I can't get this dumb thing out of my head.
  • v3rmillionv3rmillion bayareaPosts: 1,549Member





    ...only if they had functional reheal potions and stuff in real life that make you better instantly. xD
    → shop ★ ←
    selling Uniqlo x Big Bang tee
  • to.angieto.angie (????)? ??? C a n a d a !Posts: 484Member
    edited March 2009
    OMG. It hurts. The seaweed went in my eye T_T..
    And those are so hideously tacky. Did they dress you in the dark? Hire a new stylist -__-..
  • coffeehouse.coffeehouse. ▲loveiro@lj Posts: 1,651Member
    Thank god, tomorrow is Friday (;.
    T___T mann. I hope I can get better. stupid illness >___>
  • skeezeeeskeezeee vis/ions/un/told OC|SFPosts: 906Member
    seven hours on a stupid video and box, i hope it's worth it.
    still gotta study for biology, and somehow do spanish and english homework without my textbook?
    gonnnnna dieeee in xctry tmr.
    +feel better daddy :(
    turn your wounds into wisdom --
  • YUNICAYUNICA ★ 영원히 ★ lalala;lalaladbsg-landPosts: 5,763Member
    drama, drama, drama. too much drama and coming from a guy is
    too dramatic. gawd, what's on earth is happening now?
    ______________________________________°â˜†.。a daydream away
    ____________________________________________________________________________________if we reunite in this place again ・°â˜†
  • lovesbridelovesbride じょこ Posts: 2,120Member
    Augh. Pi day.

    I wanted to memorize like a billion numbers ):
    I only know 100 x___x

    I wonder if I can cram 200 digits before school starts ):

    Please kindly follow the signature rules.
  • Kim NalyshaKim Nalysha *so beautiful so damn rare* On ShinwooPosts: 516Member


    Urgh..I hate exams!!
    I x even bother to study!
    I refuse to! hahahaha
    Justin Nozuka WONDER GIRLS

  • musicbox.musicbox. in a matter of time... Posts: 3,116Member


    LOLZ I can't believe I dreamt about CSG! gosh that's a first XDDDD
    I had to be so noona-like didn't I?! image messing up his hair in a cute sort of way and such and such LMAO <3
    ...I'm so weird.
  • CourtkneeCourtknee Posts: 1,316Member
    edited March 2009
    Need to sleep now.
    Finish homework first...

    OMG *o*
  • julieeeejulieeee SYDNEYPosts: 1,442Member


    i am soo high.
    and BOREDD.
    entertain me someone
  • choliesecholiese 비시✰ Posts: 3,966Friend of Soompi


    health comes first
    no use if i go out and fall sick x_x
  • lli_alli_a melbournePosts: 1,122Member
    i am in love with the nokia N97 and blackberry image
    ebonynightsicons | xanga facebook
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