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Snsd/ Suju New Member?

tvxqsaranghaetvxqsaranghae Posts: 333Member

SNSD is NOT having a new member as far as we know, but this is just for my own curiosity...
also... theres a suju poll =D kyuhyun got accepted pretty quickly, just like yoobin from wonder girls. how did u guys get to accept the new member?? were u reluctant to accept reality that a new member is going to be added/ replaced at first when u first found out the news?

edit: can u guys please state ur reason for choosing what u chose if u arent busy?? i just wanna know why u guys think the way u do XD

EDIT: have u guys forgotten about Stella Kim? many ppl dont want any new members in snsd, but stella has trained w/ snsd members for a long time too! what if sm decides to add her? what will u guys think? just answer this in a reply =D


  • alainachen_604alainachen_604 ? S W E E T ~ H O N E Y ? Posts: 5,956Member
    lol funny poll (:


    if sm announces a new so nyuh member, what would u think?
    I picked.
    doesn't matter! still support snsd nevertheless! <33 image
    when a 13th member for suju was announced, what was ur reaction?
    NO WAY! 12-1=0, 12+1=0!! [ 1 ] [33.33%]

    image image
  • mulamulamulamula SOOMPI.COM/FORUMSPosts: 425Member
    call me crazy but i like the idea of the mega-pop groups. i'm very intrigued with the concept although, it seems like they have to struggle for attention.

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  • butterflyeffectbutterflyeffect ... Los AngelesPosts: 11,910Friend of Soompi
    i'd still support the girls nonetheless & i was never really into suju although i must say i love kyuhyun's voice.

  • stephyphamstephypham Las Vegas, NVPosts: 3,031Member


    I'd still support them BOTH, it doesn't matter<3
    I love both these groupsss!
  • queenbeansqueenbeans ruby to your max. <3 Canada, Planet EarthPosts: 287Member
    none of my business.. never that into snsd anyway

    I was never really into SNSD, I don't hate them nor do I like them. TaeYeon has an amazingly good voice though. image

    Super Junior;
    doesn't matter! still support suju nevertheless!

    I love Super Junior and whether or not they add a new member, it's not going to change my opinion on them. image

    -J ♥
  • joongified.joongified. ????? SNSD ? Posts: 4,400Member
    doesn't matter! still support snsd nevertheless!~

  • nkaozouahernkaozouaher =) Hongki's Heart!Posts: 116Member
    DONT matter still like them all!!! image
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  • iyeilujiyeiluj Posts: 1,212Member
    uhhh isn't it 13 members and not 12?


  • addickshunaddickshun ?:emki. &#9829;:hidden location.Posts: 12,449Member
    for SNSD, i don't care~
    i don't really mind if one drops out or one adds in.
    for SUJU, hell no.
    but if they really IS getting a new member,
    then.. i get i'll just move on with the flow~
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  • pencilcasee.pencilcasee. Posts: 1,793Member


    - For some reason, I highly doubt SM will be adding another member. It's hard enough already for girl groups to gain fans and everything compared to boy groups so it's not the smartest plan to add another member. If they did add another member, nothing I can do about it, but I do support the whole 9-1=0, 9+1=0 concept. Unlike Super Junior, SNSD was not announced as a project group. As far as I know, there still hasn't been any mentionings of them becoming a project group.

    Super Junior
    First of all it's not 12-1=-, 12+1=0. For me it's definitely 13-1=0, 13+1=0 all the way. Super Junior ; 13 <3
  • xyrhenexyrhene TaE YeOn&#39;s HeArtPosts: 813Member
    It Don't matter!!!..
    I will continue to support them especially SNSD!!!!!..
    You rock girls!!!
    credits: love soshi for the banners
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  • random_girlrandom_girl MELB.Posts: 298Member
    i would support no matter what =D for both groups

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  • xiaochingu.xiaochingu. nobody but us... Posts: 2,710Banned
    edited October 2007
    i didnt vote but this is what i think
    i would support both groups EITHER way
    but as for if i THINK shey should have new members (from a fan's pov)
    for so nyuh shi dae because they are so new in the kpop industry
    if they were to add a new member now it wouldnt affect it as much
    (this is similar to how kyuhyun was added to suju- turned out as a success)
    i think what vickkyx is true its harder for female groups to gain popularity
    for suju its a definite NO-NO
    they have been in the industry so long they already set an impression on the audience
    to add new members now would be asking for suicide so to speak
    project group or not, adding new members now is a bad idea
    either way i hope fans would support them

    i just read what SkyKid wrote after me
    sorry for misunderstanding
    well in that case i would have no say in this cause i wasnt a fan of super junior
    until after kyuhyun was added
    my stands about snsd are still the same image
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  • SkyKidSkyKid Posts: 793Member


    I think maybe some of you haven't read the poll probably, she ask when 13th member (KyuHyun) was added into SuJu 05, what was your reaction ??? not now, image

    I can't pick, because when I'm into SuJu, KyuHyun is already there image image

    SNSD, only know a few of them, so don't have any idea as well, but maybe just stay as they're now is good.
    HeeChul - the person who was born to make every woman fall in love with ^^

  • monicaaaamonicaaaa CanadaPosts: 1,330Member


    edited October 2007
    for both groups i picked it doesn't matter, i would always support em both!

    i got into suju a little late so kyu hyun was already there, so it stayed the same for me. hey i wouldn't mind another girl in snsd...just one though, one.
  • chickenwingchickenwing Posts: 1,367Member


    Support them both 4eva!!! image
  • miss scarlettmiss scarlett A toilet.Posts: 1,839Member


    edited October 2007
    I dont' care about SNSD XD I really like them, but it won't make a difference (NOW that is) if they have a new member or not.

    When Suju added a 13th member I wasn't really a fan so... no didn't care at the time lol. If I was a fan... I probably wouldn't like it. But what can I do?
    I love Kyu btw <3 smoooooooooch.
  • :Dolphin_:Dolphin_ . . .Posts: 612Member


    Eh..........~~ I would support SNSD all the way...but I'm not really into them as SUPEEER JUNIOR <3

    IT's 13 forever~ FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~

    KYUHYUN is <3333333333333333

    He's my second favorite =)
  • kimkimkimkim Posts: 512Member
    edited October 2007
    QUOTE(SkyKid @ Oct 30 2007, 12:57 AM) »
    I think maybe some of you haven't read the poll probably, she ask when 13th member (KyuHyun) was added into SuJu 05, what was your reaction ??? not now, image

    I can't pick, because when I'm into SuJu, KyuHyun is already there image image

    SNSD, only know a few of them, so don't have any idea as well, but maybe just stay as they're now is good.

    i have the same thought as you.. heh heh. but i voted SuJu for 12-1=-, 12+1=0, actually its 13-1=0, 13+1=0 image image
    and for snsd it doesn't matter.. image


    credit : coffeee
  • luvinkheroluvinkhero without a single tear, ill laugh at you Sydneyy (:Posts: 1,451Member
    edited October 2007
    ill support them always&&forever!!
    no matter what!
    i love them both x]
    kyuhyun so cute one of my favs image
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