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    (110614) Exclusive Interview by
    Han Geng and Wu Chun: We look like biological brothers. Emotional scenes are complicated.

    [img]http://i55.Richard Simmons/2cnh0rp.jpg[/img] (Script and pictures by: Reporters at the 14th Shanghai Movie Festival)
    Wu Chun and Han Geng acted as brothers under the same teacher in the movie, <My Kingdom> which was directed by Gao Xiao Song. The two of them have complicated relationships with the role acted by Da S as well. But in the exclusive interview by, Wu Chun said that between the three of them, it is not as simple as just a love triangle and there are more interesting things behind. When talking about Han Geng, Wu Chun laughed and said that in the next movie, they could act as biological brothers. 

    [img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/dd23nr.jpg[/img]

    Talking about friendship: We could even act as real blood brothers.
    Before the filming started, we got to know each other better by sending each other messages.

    Wu Chun and Han Geng acted as brothers under the same teacher in <My Kingdom>. However, when both of them sat down together for the interview, it is actually a little difficult to differentiate them. Even Wu Chun said that they could act as biological brothers in the next movie. ‘Before the filming started, we were sending messages to each other. We talked about anything under the sun and got to know each other. We would eat and do practice sessions together as well.’ Wu Chun also said that both of them belongs to the type of people who is slow to warm up but after getting to know each other, they would talk more. 

    In the movie, Liu Qian is a police chief. Even at the set, he did not forget his own profession – a magician. Wu Chun said that he kept thinking about a magic for three days. He said: ‘That magic Liu Qian did give me a shock. He asked you to pick a card and without letting him know, he could pick out the card you were thinking about after shuffling the cards. That magic gave me goose bumps.’ Han Geng, who is by the side laughed and said that he is faster than Wu Chun when it comes to learning magic but the magic they learnt  is what Liu Qian was learning when he was six or seven years old. 

    Han Geng also revealed a funny scene in the movie, ‘In the movie, we are both from a village. We went to Shanghai and for the first time, we went to a movie theatre to watch a movie. But because we learnt Bei Jing Opera since young, we were very influenced by it so when there is a very interesting and good part, we would do a standing ovation. We actually did that in the movie theatre and at that time, all the foreigners were saying, what are you doing? Sit down now! So, I think this is a very fun scene.’ 

    [img]http://i56.Richard Simmons/atoor7.jpg[/img]

    Talking about Da S: In front of her, we felt like little brothers.
    Our relationship is definitely more than just a love triangle.

    Director Gao Xiao Song mentioned that any man standing in front of Da S would instantaneously become a small kid. When talking about this, Wu Chun said that he actually felt more like her little brother, ‘Because she really took great care of us, she is very meticulous, just like her role in the movie.’ On the other hand, Han Geng is really grateful for the help Da S gave him while filming, ‘At the beginning, I do not know her well. But luckily, Da S is a very experienced actress. Her emotional side allows me to go into the mood at a faster pace so I am lucky to work with an experienced actress.’ 

    After looking at the trailer, many people would think that Wu Chun and Han Geng became enemies because of Da S. Regarding this, Wu Chun said that you would only understand if you watch the movie, ‘In short, she really did cause some misunderstanding between us but for the real story, you would need to watch the movie to know.’ In the movie, there is a scene between Han Geng and Da S, Da S was wearing a bathrobe and was really sexy. When asked if he was nervous during the filming, Han Geng denied, ‘When I reached the set, I stopped being nervous and in addition, at that time, everyone is familiar with each other already. That scene was that we were having some emotional entanglements. Everything was kept in our hearts and at that specific moment, our emotions exploded. Many complicated events were involved.’ 

    While filming, Wang Xiao Fei came to visit the set once in a while. Wu Chun said that Da S generously introduced her boyfriend to them. Han Geng also revealed that Wang Xiao Fei stayed in his car for most of the time and did not affect the process of filming. 

    Talking about action scenes: Han Geng’s lips flipped
    There were 10 over NGs for the scenes that requires wire hanging

    <My Kingdom> is an action movie. For Wu Chun who already had experiences of filming olden action movie, it is not very difficult for him to film the action scenes. But for Han Geng, he got injured several times while filming the action scenes, ‘There was an action scene with three of us fighting. Wu Chun was holding on to his spear and the other actor threw his spear over. The spear is flexible so I got hit by it on my mouth, my lips flipped.’  Not only was he hurt during the action scenes, Han Geng was slapped more than 20 times on the face by Da S, and he was slapped to an extent that his face turned red. Although he was injured so many times but Han Geng doesn’t mind at all. ‘I get blood marks whenever I need to do scenes that requires wire hanging, and there was a scene which I need to jump over a person, but my centre of gravity kept going off so in the end, I had to do it over 10 times. Brother Sammo Hung usually would let me take a break but I would definitely just say that it’s alright and ask to carry on.’ 

    Han Geng expressed that the movie’s action director, Sammo Hung has high expectations. He is very particular and wants excellence for every action. Wu Chun also said that under the directing by Sammo Hung, the feel of every action scene is different and is very amazing. Two month before going into the crew, two of them started to practice opera skills and half a month before the filming, they also got training with professional martial arts students. In between the shooting period, because both of them love to go to the gym so they would agree to meet at the gym to train, just to make the fighting scenes in the movie even nicer. 

    Shared by: sltan @
    Translated by: huiwensg @
    (Please take out with full credits)

    My Kingdom's Trailer













    Thanks Credit: 晓默期待韩庚电影, 270度逆风, 小天空隨心也隨意 & as tagged

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    (110616) Cosmopolitan Magazine Photoshoot

    Click image to enlarge



    Thanks Credit: 芮苑苑

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     Jumei Promotional Shooting (Add)

    Click image to enlarge


    Thanks Credit: 聚美优品

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    Exclusive Interview with My Kingdom’s Han Geng  I Want to Present Everyone with the Real Things

    Mtime Special Report

    As a newbie in films, Han Geng is undoubtedly a lucky one who already plays the influential Deng Xiaopeng in his first appearance on the big screen.  Although he only appears for a few short seconds in Founding of a Party, to him, this is already a very good beginning.  His debut film, My Kingdom, has also begun intensive promotion.  To “compete” on the same stage with Wu Chun who is also a handsome guy, however, he thinks the “competition" is a good thing for making things work better.

    Although he just comes to the forefront in the film industry recently, but Han Geng’s popularity shouldn’t be underestimated.  One incidence which left me with a deep impression was during the premiere of Legend of a Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen last year.  Han Geng was invited to walk the red carpet resulting in a large number of fans groups who came and waited very early and surrounding the red carpet.  It was quite spectacular.  I was quite shocked when I saw zealous fans almost crowded the venue as Han Geng appeared.  During the 14th Shanghai International Film Festival, action director of My Kingdom Sammo Hung led the cast for promotion.  Han Geng accepted an exclusive interview with  During our talk, I absolutely did not see him with the arrogance and impetuosity that young idol actors couldn’t hide themselves.  He delivers a sense of composure and maturity as he speaks.

    Q:  Mtime Reporter
    A: Han Geng

    Q:  My Kingdom is your debut film on the big screen.  What is the most intriguing to you? 
    A:  Storyline and characters as well as Peking Opera are those that I am more interested in, followed by Brother Hung’s action screens.  Because I studied dances which include ethnic dances, ballet and classical dance; classical dance is evolved from Peking Opera.

    Q: You and Wu Chun are newbies in film, are there any competition?
    A:  Actually Wu Chun has more experience in film work than I.  I am someone who completely have never acted in films before.  I learned a lot during the process.  I think competition is a good thing.  When you are good, then I have to be better.  Things will turn out to be better when both support each others.

    Q: Do you two have any interactions aside from filming?
    A:  He brought a lot of good food with him and I also brought a lot of with me to the filming location.  Everyone ate and chatted together, played cards.  When we were off, we went to the gym together.

    Q:  Sammo Hung is a veteran action director.  Was he demanding of you two? 
    A:  (He) was more demanding than I expected.  He wouldn’t miss each and every shot, not even one take that was only a split-second long.  One scene which took me 10+ takes, in wirework to jump above and over someone.  I didn’t stick the landing very well, didn’t have enough experience, couldn’t find the center in the air.  Brother Hung said it was fine and to do it again.

    Q:  What did you do for preparation before filming? 
    A:  More than two months before, (I) started learning Peking Opera from Peking Opera instructors, movements, blades.  My car’s back trunk was all blades at that time, needed to practice whenever I could.

    Q: Did you get hurt during filming?
    A:  Definitely would get hurt filming action scenes.  For example, got bruises by using wireworks.  And also my mouth was wounded while filming a scene with Wu Chun.  His blade directly hit the inside of it.

    Q:  Which action scene made you very proud after completion?
    A:  There was this scene that took us half of a month to shoot at a Shanghai hotel, with (Peking Opera) face painting, continuously shooting for 72 hours.  Couldn't take the painting off my face.  Other than the face painting for Wu Sheng, I also needed to put on a flowery face painting (T/N: colorful face painting?  I don’t know the English terms for all these different face paintings in Peking Opera), white tiger face painting.  Wu Chun needed to put on a monkey face painting.

    Q: Can you say something about Da S (Barbie Hsu)?
    A: She taught me a lot.  (She) could help me immerse (into my character), was also very serious during work.

    Q:  Since you separated from SJ, scope of your work has expanded a lot.  Concert, shop opening (T/N: Han Geng hasn’t opened any shops, not that I know of??), endorsement, film.  (Will you) lose your direction by having so much work?
    A:  Actually my focus is quite clear.  I would complete my music work during a certain set period; set aside a few months to devote to filming.  Just like when I filmed My Kingdom, I pushed off all other work just to focus on it.  I also want to walk the path in film and television going forward. 

    Q:  You had said before that you did not really like reacting to hype surrounding the entertainment industry.  Has your attitude and ways changed after going through so many things?
    A:  I have insisted to doing so thus far.  I have been in (the showbiz ) for five, six years since debut and have never done any hype, want to present everyone with the real things.

    Q:  To look back the changes for the past two years, what was your deepest feeling?
    A:  It was not at all easy.  There were a lot of complicated issues.  Everyone is working extremely hard.

    Q:  Now that the Founding of a Party will soon be released, and you play Deng Xiaopeng.  What do you think of the controversy about the height issue that everyone is talking about? 
    A:  The controversy is a good thing.  It tells that people notice me.  I am quite proud to shoot that scene, to be casted in the film.  Yes, actually, this is my debut film, My Kingdom is my first film to be in a leading role.

    Q: How long is that scene?
    A: I appear in one scene, for just a few seconds, sitting down with no lines, also won't be able to see my height.

    translated by:
    Please take out with full credits.

    A Note Written By A Reporter - “Gengfans” Deliver Breakfast to Reporters

    The Yangcheng Evening News – “Gengfans” Deliver Breakfast to Reporters

    Many reporters like to use Weibo (T/N: the micro blog in China) to deliver “live” entertainment reports that we are currently working on.  A lot of yesterday’s Weibo headlines were “Gengfans” (Name of Han Geng’s fans).  Nothing extravagant was done by them on this day, they simply delivered breakfast to the reporters who attended the <My Kingdom> press conference.

    The press conference took place in the morning.  Many of the reporters were already very sleepy and tired and attended with an empty stomach after working overnight for the past two days to prepare scripts for the press conference.  Everyone was first attracted by a special “bouquet” placed outside of the press conference hall.  If you look carefully, it is actually a “promotional board” made from red roses.  In addition to the characters “My Kingdom”, there were also these two characters “Han Geng” made from yellow roses displayed on the edge of the board.  Everyone already had a deep impression of “Gengfans” at the time.  Unexpectedly, reporters were stopped by some beautiful young ladies right before they walked inside of the press conference hall.  They handed us a small gift bag and took a 90-degree bow, “Please take good care of Han Geng!”.  Everyone was stunned and almost didn’t know how to react to it.

    (Reporters) then went inside and sat down.  They were feeling touched as they opened up the gift bag – a small well-packaged bag with beef jerky, candies, cookies as well as a note pad, two pieces of wet naps, a carton of coffee, a folding hand fan and a cartoon version of Han Geng sticker.  “Yeah, have breakfast to eat!”, everyone started eating and drinking.  “Han Geng, you are very loved!”.  This is actually (our) first time receiving gifts from fans, thank you!  Many fellow peers thanked “Gengfans” on Weibo.  A “thank you” collectively sent by these somewhat cynical entertainment reporters who work at the “bottom” level in the showbiz industry is unprecedented.  

    The quality of “Gengfans” also gave everyone a deep impression.  Just yesterday when we interviewed another idol, we almost could not complete our interviews in separate groups because fans were occupying our seats, blocking the cameras and even pushing each others.  Just as we have lots of complain and anger, today, these few female fans who gave us the gift bags were consistently well-behaved by standing outside the doors and completely were not even thinking “to make friends” with the media in order to find ways to enter the press conference hall.  

    We are able to see the private side of stars to some degree and so we normally don’t understand fans’ craziness and royalty.  For example, some fans would insanely “human search” for, make crank phone calls, faxes and mails to, and some “powerful” fans even do everything they can to “complain” to the boss of, the reporter who wrote a piece of unfavorable report on the idol.  Many times, all these actions that they do only leave the reporters with a bad impression of the idol.

    The small gesture made by Han Geng at the press conference  - during the open questions session today, he got up to personally hand the microphone to a reporter who complained of not having a microphone - as well as the behavior (T/N: or presentation) by “Gengfans”, Han Geng made an immediate good impression on the reporters.  This is really just not only a breakfast meal (T/N: or This is simply not just a breakfast meal).

    source: Yangcheng Evening News
    shared by: sltan &
    translated by:
    Please take out with full credits.

    Han Geng Playing with the Reporter

    63b253136908444.jpg 41c6ff136908276.jpg b0a912136908286.jpg 198f3d136908291.jpg 8de69a136908305.jpg 
    e23253136908315.jpg 938c1c136908330.jpg 05d3f5136908354.jpg 6dd7a3136908379.jpg 44bbfc136908394.jpg 
    eefeb3136908408.jpg c06596136908422.jpg c9d3a9136908431.jpg 61475a136908438.jpg 

    I'm not sure about date :)

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    110618 Meishan Tourism Festival in Sichuan, China




    Thanks Credit: slhg,  小岳化妆
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    Beijing Airport (Departure)

    Click image to enlarge


    Thanks Credit: 庚丹_韩庚主演大武生

    *Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: 庚虫_韩庚主演大武生





    Thanks Credit: 刘春华Halo

    *Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: 韩庚厦门粉丝团

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    110618 Meishan Tourism Festival in Sichuan, China


    Click image to enlarge

    Thanks Credit: 三岁家的喵喵, Tracy

    * Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: 紫依_韩庚主演大武生

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    (110620) Jumei Endorsement 


    Thanks Credit: 迷糊_韩庚主演大武生
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    Special Interview: 'The crew called me "Fresh Seafood"'


    For the idol celebrity Han Geng, 2011 year marks a brand new start (for him).

    Last year in December, Han Geng filed a lawsuit against his previous company SMent and won the lawsuit, found freedom, and it was also last year in which this ex-member of Super Junior filmed his first ever movie <My Kingdom>, slowly moving into the movie industry.

    Although movie fans would have to wait till this year’s summer to witness Han Geng’s screen debut, but this introverted idol recently accepted to be exclusively interviewed by CNNGo, discussed his first encounter with “electric shocks”.

    CNNGo: You’re part of the Nanai minority group. What exactly is this minority group?

    Han Geng: Since young I’ve been living in a city, with regards to a lot of minute details I’m not that familiar, I only know a bit of the group’s traditional culture. The Nanai minority group is Northern China’s only minority group that fishes for a living. Its population is around 4000, really small (for a population). Fishing and hunting are the main sources of food and clothes for the Nanai people, (and we) even use fish skin to make clothes and other works.

    CNNGo: Why did you choose <My Kingdom> as your first movie to debut as (an actor)?

    Han Geng: Firstly, I like <My Kingdom>’s script, when I first saw the script I was already very touched. Furthermore, “Er Kui” (the role Han Geng is playing) is very similar to my personality. He is introverted, but deep in his heart he understands everything, and has everything. He doesn’t speak a lot, and there’re a lot of things in which he keeps it in his heart. He is very loyal, the same goes towards his big brother and his master. I really like this character, and hopefully through my acting the audience would love him too. Being an actor has always been my dream since I was young. And this time, I finally have a chance to act in my first ever movie, thus fulfilling my dreams.

    CNNGo: The first attempt on acting in a movie and there’re so many martial arts moves involved, is it tough?

    Han Geng: Previously I’ve had many years of dance training to build up my foundation, and have previously learnt some martial arts, adapting to it didn’t take quite long, I really love shows with martial arts (inside). Hong Brother (<My Kingdom>’s martial arts director Hong Jin Bao) has really good martial arts experience, he has thought me many martial arts moves. The crew even commented that I’m a “vigorous seafood”, because for all the moves and scenes I’ve gave my all, (and) often (I) come out sweating a lot but don’t feel it myself.

    CNNGo: Filming <My Kingdom>, (what is) the most challenging part?

    Han Geng: I guess the most challenging part is time. I really want to give my best shot for all the scenes, but I still have to keep in mind my other activities. Time has always made me the most anxious.

    CNNGo: After finishing your first ever movie, do you enjoy acting in a movie?

    Han Geng: I really like the feeling of (being at a) studio. I will, and love being very into a particular character. Also being with the huge family (including the crew) spending months together overnight, (we’ve) become really good friends. After everything ended felt really reluctant (to leave).

    CNNGo: (What is the) genre of movie that you most want to act in?

    Han Geng: I really want to try to act a character that has a completely opposite personality that I have, but I won’t restrict myself. Moreover, I just started my journey of being a movie actor.

    CNNGo: The dispute between you and your Korean company SM has always been the reporter’s main focus these years. After hearing that you’ve won the lawsuit, what was on your mind?

    Han Geng: At that time I was calm, very calm, was so calm till even I myself was shocked. Maybe it’s because it has been so long, and time can make matters seem (less serious). Moreover no matter what is the outcome of the lawsuit, I would still do what I love. It’d be like the current situation, and wouldn’t change.

    CNNGo: Do you want to rid the Super Junior brand on yourself?

    Han Geng: SJ is an important experience for me. Without SJ, there wouldn’t be the Han Geng now. Towards my previous company, I’m really grateful (towards them).  I gained a lot from there, and that experience to me is really important, it can never be erased. However, I do hope that my solo debut and hard work would gain everyone’s affirmation and support.

    CNNGo: From now onwards would singing or acting be your main focus?

    Han Geng: Half half I guess; albums, concerts and acting.

    CNNGo: What about your next step?

    Han Geng: In the year 2011, I’d bring for everyone a second album. It’d be a subversive album.

    CNNGo: Any clues?

    Han Geng: Please anticipate

    CNNGo: How do you interact with both your Korean and mainland Chinese fans?

    Han Geng: I’d look at my tieba, and would also go onto my Weibo to interact with everyone. My fans really make me feel touched. They’re the best. When I was filming, they would even bring some first-aid kits. Not only for me, but also for every single person in the crew (in which they prepared wholeheartedly), very sincere (of them). The thing that touched me the most was that they all had talents. They made for the crew out-of-the-world cartoon peripherals, really awesome. If the law allows, I’d definitely love to visit my Korean fans, bringing new works for my fans. They’ve always been supporting me, I know it, and I’m very grateful.

    (Please take out with full credits!)

    Shared by: yukicorn @
    Translated by: Gengxinn @
    Article: CNNGo

    (110621) Han Geng Weibo Update

    Translated by: sltan @

    21th June 2011, 08:21 AM via IPhone:

    Are you going to rely on this happy matter to survive today?

    In response to
    @Wang Yan (21th June 2011, 08:13 PM via IPhone)

    Congratulation to Little Meng Meng’s mobile phone being totally unusable laugh-2.gif

    21th June 2011, 02:32 PM via IPhone:

    Trying to bluff and deceive again? Hahaha!

    In response to
    @Wang Cai Tao (21th June 2011, 02:31 PM via IPhone)

    What being said must be honored!

    (T/N: Wang Cai Tao is the director of the movie <<Founding Father Sun Yat-Sen>> that Han Geng is currently filming. The Director had promised earlier that he will give away the fan that was in an earlier photo (here) if his weibo followers hit 10000. But when it had already exceed 20000, GengFans complained he was bluffing when he did not carry out his promise then. Guess he is finally honoring his words by having Han Geng autograph on the fan too :D)

    Source: Han Geng's Weibo
    (Take out with full credits)
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    Big Shot- Han Geng


    Thanks Credit: garnetblue@ forhangeng
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    (110626) "The Founding of a Party" Promotion Event in Hong Kong






    Thanks Credit: 隐身看不到胖胖 & as tagged
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    *Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    *Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: hklovegeng

    (110624) 5th China Mobile Wireless Music Awards Migu Meeting in Beijing





    Thanks Credit: as tagged : Han Geng just won the 'Artiste of the Year" award at the China Mobile 5th Wireless Music Ceremony! :  Han Geng just won another award at the music ceremony for being the singer who's the most popular search term of the year! 






    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    [HKLoveGeng]110625香港國際機場接機-完整篇(HongKong International Airport full ver)

    (110627) DAZZLE's 2011 Winter Fashion Show in Shanghai



    Thanks Credit: as tagged





    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    (110629) Xtep Sportswear Press Conference in Beijing




    Thanks Credit: as tagged
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    Han Geng Records Theme Song for "My Kingdom" Movie




    Thanks Credit: 李爱的家, jack523, Jessica韩咩咩
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    (110630) YISHION1 JEANS's Endorsement Poster

    Click image to enlarge

    Thanks Credit: YISHION1JEANS
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    (110629) Xtep Sportswear Press Conference in Beijing

    *more pics 11P >>


    Thanks Credit: 庚吧北京分会
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    Geng In Headlines News


    Thanks Credit: garnetblue @ forhangeng

    My Kingdom

    Click image to enlarge

    Thanks Credit: 大武生制片人
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     Han Geng's Photoshoot


    Thanks Credit: 关雎草

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    Click image to enlarge

    Thanks Credit: 晓萍sophie
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    Thanks Credit: albeejiangxi
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    Thanks Credit: 琳琅梅花油纸伞, 韩云晓, & as tagged

    *Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: YISHION1JEANS

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    Han Geng’s popularity creating “Xtep Mania”


    Xtep International Holdings Limited , a leading fashion sportswear enterprise in the PRC, announced to name Chinese celebrity Han Geng as its brand representative under a two-year contract for its urban product series.

    The signing ceremony was held today in Beijing. Through various popular promotional activities with Xtep as well as coverage of his music and movies by the internet and all kinds of media, Han will help increase the public awareness of the Xtep brand.

    Han has gained high popularity in China and Southeast Asia and won various national major music awards, including “The best male singer” in the 10th CCTV-MTV Awards 2010, “The best mainland male singer” in the 15th Music Radio China Top Chart Awards, “The most popular newcomer” in the Global Chinese Golden Chart Awards, “All-round entertainer of the year” in the 18th Eastern Billboard Annual Awards and “Male singer of the year” in the Sina Network Awards. All these are remarkable achievements.

    Han is also a superstar on the internet as his Sina micro-blog has attracted approximately 4.5 million fans and has approximately 100,000 members on Chinese social networking site He is one of the most active young celebrities in mainland China with a leading number of supporters on the net.

    After officially becoming Xtep’s brand representative, Han will join a series of publicity campaigns of Xtep, with the first being the “Han Girl” selection, a screening open to the public. The winner will join Han in a photo shooting for Xtep’s posters. The news has been spread across micro-blog and other social media in mainland China, creating another “Xtep mania” on the internet.

    Mr. Ding Shui Po, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Xtep, said, “We are delighted to have Han Geng as one of our brand representatives. With his young and energetic image and his popularity across the media and the internet, Xtep will be able to further boost its brand awareness among our targeted customers. Han will also focus on publicity campaigns on the internet among other kinds of promotional activities. With the increasing popularity of micro-blog and other social media, we believe the popularity of celebrities on the internet and online promotions can help us reach a larger number of targeted customers. This innovative marketing strategy can further enhance our brand awareness and maximize its effectiveness.”


    source: TodayIR
    post by
    Take full credits.
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    [ reported] Da S who just got married had kissing scenes with Han Geng: Da S (Barbie Hsu) had many emotional scenes with Wu Chun and Han Geng. She admitted that she was moved to tears when she was just reading the movie script: ‘The character is really persistent when it comes to relationships, she would not think twice to pursue the things she think she should hold on to. These points were really similar to me, so I had lots of feelings about it.’ Although Da S just got married during the filming period, but when she was filming the kissing scene with Han Geng, she got into the situation quickly and was focused. She refused to use a double.

    Translated by: huiwensg @
    (Take out with full credits)

    P.S: I know this piece of short news is more focused on Da S but ya...

    110704 Music Billboard - IN index for the week "Top 1" - HanGeng

    ‎110705 Entertainment news from Youku - HanGeng moves to a small room as he thinks the previous room is too big for him

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng & HanGeng韓庚 FB
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    Exclusive Interview with Han Geng: Brotherhood is Stronger than love in "My Kingdom"

    2011-06-15  Netease Entertainment
    Script:Qi Xiao'e; Photograph & video:Li Daozhong

    In My Kingdom, two hot pop idols, Han Geng and Wu Chun interpreted a story of brotherhood and enmity happened in the theater circle. Although it's the first time for Han Geng to be the leading role of a film, he needed to shoot action scenes, play Beijing Opera as well as interprete the brotherhood with Wu Chun. To Han Geng, the "brotherhood" part is the most difficult to interprete, as "the brotherhood between Wu Chun and me is stronger than love."

    Q: Netease Entertainment
    A: Han Geng

    About the Character: Director Says I am Meng Erkui

    Q: Have you asked Director Gao Xiaosong that why he would choose you to play the role of Meng Erkui in the film My Kingdom?

    A: I had not met with Director Gao Xiaosong before when I received the play of My Kingdom. But he told me that he felt that I was suitable for the play. He said that he noticed about my temperament from TV, and learned that I had learned dancing before, which he thought might be helpful for me to play the role of Meng Erkui. Until we met for the first time, he saw my state and said, "See, you are Meng Erkui even if you are just sitting there. You two are very much alike on personalities. Both(of you)are quiet, not good at expressing your emotions, but have many ideas inside the heart."

    Q: This is the first time for both Director Gao Xiaosong and you to make a film, why would you trust a new director who did not have much experience? (Note: The reporter made a mistake here as this is not the first time for Gao to direct a film, he had made two literary movies before)

    A: Experience is just one key to a good film. I think the more important thing is to put your heart into it. Director(Gao) is making the film whole-heartedly, so I think it might turn out to be better than some quite professional directors did. Besides, the reason why I decided to play in My Kingdom is that I really love the play and the role. Many things in the play are totally out of my expectation. I am really lucky to come across such a work.

    Q: What moves you most of the play of My Kingdom?

    A: The whole story is quite splendid. Meng Erkui is quite a complicated character, yet despite all the complexity, he has a pure and simple side, which attracted me a lot. I would really like to try to present the state of a Wusheng(martial character for roles involving combat) of Beijing Opera, which shall make the audience see a different side of me. Usually they will see a Han Geng singing and dancing on the stage, and I felt like to present a different image on the screen. Another thing is the action scenes of Brother Hung(Sammo Hung). I had been eager to shoot action movies. My wish comes true, hehe... I had shooted some action shorts before and felt it was very interesting, really fun.

    Q: How do you think of the role of Meng Erkui?

    A: Meng Erkui is a character with great emotional changes. At first he just kept all his emotions to himself,wouldn't express them to anyone. Later something happened, about brotherhood, about love. He would burst out at certain point at last. So during the shooting of the first half I had to control all the emotions and keep all the things in my heart. I felt this...sometimes it's really hard to grasp the state. Still I would put some of my own feelings into the character, which helps to create it. Sometimes the director would talk with me about certain scenes and told the whole story all over again, which would help me to enter deeper into the spirit of the character.

    Q: There are both action scenes and emotional scenes for you in the movie, which part is more difficult for you?

    A: I think the brotherhood part is harder(to interprete), as the feelings of brotherhood between Wu Chun and me might be stronger than love in some ways. (In the movie) we grow up together and face the misfortunes together. Although we are different in character, we have the common goal. 

    Q: In the film you have facial paintings of Beijing Opera, what do you think of your stage appearance?

    A: It is beautiful. Besides Wusheng facial paintings, there is also hualian(Jing, another major role in China's theatrical performing). You could not even recognize yourself with the hualian facial paintings. Really interesting.

    About Fighting Scenes: Muscle Teared for Excessive Practice  Twenty Times Continuous Shootings of a Fighting Scene

    Q: Among dancing, actions and Beijing Opera, which one do you think is the most difficult?

    A: I think Beijing Opera is really hard. Vigor, momentum and spirit are demanded in Beijing Opera, and the momentum of Wusheng needs to be reflected in every tinny movement. So it's really not easy to practice it.Wusheng of Beijing Opera have lots of highly trained skills, like flips, acrobatics with weapons,etc, all require very solid basic skills.

    Q: You have learned dancing before, would it be helpful for you to play such a role, a wusheng?

    A: It is really helpful. I have learned traditional dancing,including the dancing styles developed from Beijing Opera, so... it's very helpful. I also learned some movements on flips in school, like backward flips, Manzi( A term of Beijing Opera for conventional movements), etc. When I went there and practice acrobatic skills with them, I was so excited to see their movements, as I have done it when I was young, I could do it as well. At that time, I just had the feeling of going back to the time when I was practicing with my classmates in class. So I just followed suit, doing what the wuhang(acrobatic actors playing supporting roles) were doing.

    Q: So you found the state of acrobatic skills practicing very quickly?

    A: Actually I had not really done the practicing since I graduated in 2002. The sudden flips made my muscles ached a lot, and after three days' practicing,my muscles could not bear it and I just dared not to turn over when I was sleeping. Until the fourth day or the fifth day, I had my thigh muscle teared with a sudden heavy movement.I dared not to move then. I could not even squat. My training(with legs) had been paused for more than a week after that. Since I could not practice with my legs, I just kept practicing with my upper body, with my arms, of some weapon-related movements and some fighting sets with Wu Chun. I just dare not to slacken in the slightest.

    Q: It must be tougher when the shootings really get started.

    A: It is. One fighting scene, which might only last five or six minutes in the film, requires at least half a month to be finished. Brother Hung is quite professional and dedicated. Before the shooting of one scene formally started, he would shoot all the movements of the scene first and do the cuts. One action scene will be cut into more than 200 shots. I saw the forms and demo films made by him... and I really admire him for these.

    Q: Do you still remember the scene you reshooted the most? How many times?

    A: About twenty times, it's a scene when I was hanging Wia.It was demanded that I should jump over someone. As I didn't have much experience on Wia hanging, I could not control the state of being in the air very well and keep the balance. Thus I either tilted forward, tilted backward, or had my legs straddled. During the shooting, Brother Hung encouraged me on the side,"I think you could do better, let's do it again." Sometimes Brother Hung watched the replay and said,"Not bad." I demanded to do it again as I felt that I could do better. I would also ask Brother Hung to allow me to do some movements myself. He would agree if he thought certain movements are OK with me. So...many set patterns, flips, etc... were finished by myself.

    About Partners: Wu Chun is Excellent so I could not Lose  Da S is an Actress I Admire

    Q: What's your feelings when you knew that you will be acting with him?

    A: We had met before for a few times on the stage and said hello to each other. When the director told me that Wu chun and I would play brothers(fellow apprentice of the same master), my first reaction is like, "Director, don't you think we are very alike?" The director said, "Yep, he would play your Shige(male senior fellow apprentice), so..." Then I thought, "Yeah, that's right." (hehehe...) My second thought was that although we did not have much contact before, I just felt that he was quite easy to get along with, and later we really got along unexpectedly well. We have much to talk about and play well together. During the spare time, we would play poker with our staffs. Another thing we have in common is that we both have many snacks. I brought a lot of snacks to the crew, so did he. He brought like some Taiwai snacks, etc. We gradually became friends during eating and drinking.

    Q: Wu Chun had shooted some films and have some experience. Will you exchange your experience and thoughts on the shootings when you were together, except for eating and drinking?

    A: I think he has more experiences than me. I was totally a freshman as an actor. This is my first starred movie. Er...during the shooting, I could feel that he is much more experienced than me. I have learned a lot from him. Sometimes we two would discuss about the play, talk about things like in which way could we reflect our feelings of brotherhood better, etc. Then we went to the director together and asked him, "Will it be better if we do(play) it this way or ..." Things like that.

    Q: Would you secretly compete with each other when you were practicing the acrobatic skills and see who would do it better?

    A: As both of our own schedules are not certain, we just practice respectively in the two months before the shootings started. After getting into the crew about half a month in advance, we could really be able to do the trainings together. I think we both worked very hard, tried our best to do the actions better and interprete the characters better. I put a lot of efforts into this play and take it quite seriously, and I could feel that he also take it quite seriously. I thought to myself, "All right, I have to work harder, I can not lose."

    Q: What do you think of Da S after the cooperation?

    A: This is the first time I worked in cooperation with her. She is quite a professional and dedicated actress. I really admire her. 

    More clips:
    Q: ???:huh:
    A: There are conspiracies and misunderstandings in it. When you go into the cinema to watch it, this might be one attraction. Not simply love, affection or friendship. Many complex things in it... So if someone ask me to talk about it, I shall ask this first, "How long would you like me to talk about it? One hour? Or Three hours? " Hahaha...

    Source: Netease Entertainment
    Translated by: yukicorn @
    Please take out with full credits.

    CUN School Magazine <People at CUN> Han Geng's Interview

    Start Dancing From Here


    Han Geng is an ethnic Nanai from Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang.  He was accepted into the College of Dancing of the Central University of Nationalities (“CUN”) in 1996 majoring in ethnic traditional dances and minoring in ballet and martial arts.  He graduated in 2002.  He is currently a pop singer and actor in China.  He did very well academically and performed many times in foreign countries.  The graduation performance, “Hunter”, won second place at the “Peacock Cup” in the China Minority Ethnic Dance Competition.  He was also the youth representative for Nanai to attend the military parade ceremony at the 50th anniversary of National Day in 1999.  As the person who received the most votes in the Beijing district, he was chosen to be a torch bearer at the Beijing Olympic.  His works include the music album “Geng Xin”, an inspirational television series “The Stage of Youth”, film “My Kingdom” and concept book “Han Geng 12.21”.  In July 2010, he successfully held his first solo concert at the Beijing Exhibition Center.

    As a public figure, Han Geng has many "titles" - The "Asia’s Dancing King", "most popular male singer" and "all-round artist in Mainland China", etc.  In many of the media reports, the most commonly used adjectives are “kind, friendly and persevering".  The reporter asked Han Geng’s manager, Sun Le, who is also an alumnus of CUN’s College of Dancing, as to out of Han Geng’s many “logos”, which is the most representative of Han Geng.  Sun Le who has known Han Geng for many years said, “If you are looking for an adjective, then it’s simple.  Han Geng is a very simple person.”  
    Synopsis of Dancing:  Study at CUN 

    Han Geng whose physique is well qualified for studying dancing was chosen by a teacher during a talents show in elementary school.  After graduation from elementary school in 1996, Han Geng’s first mentor (T/N: the teacher who first introduced him to dancing) brought him to Beijing to apply to CUN’s College of Dancing.  After a period of intensive training, Han Geng successfully got accepted into CUN and started his 6-year life centered on dancing. 

    Han Geng said his first impression of CUN was that “it was very big, so beautiful, was very happy."  Honestly, this is somewhat different from how many of us feel now, especially the impression of “very big”.  It could probably be because it was from the view of a 12-year-old kid.  Today, Han Geng could still hold on to his initial happiness when reminiscing his feelings of 15 years ago.  Han Geng who was a kid back then might have realized the significance of stepping his feet into CUN.  But the not-too-big campus was a stepping stone to learning and performance.  He started from here and was on the road to a higher stage.

    Chinese ethnic minority dances are formed after a long process of history by each of the different ethnic groups based on their geographic environment, cultural customs and economic and cultural conditions.  They feature a combination of songs, dances and music instruments.  When asked whether there was a particularly difficult course of study, Han Geng said that all courses were hard at the beginning (but) gradually became easier.  Nothing was particularly hard.  This can be regarded as the standard answer given by a model student.  If one thinks a course of study is difficult to learn from the beginning to the end, it is probably because he did not try hard enough during the process.

    About taking exams, Han Geng continuously said three words to describe his state of mind at the time - frightened, nervous, forgot to zip up pants.

    In many interviews, Han Geng who studied dancing is always asked about the bitter experience in order to prove that the road to success is not easy and to encourage people.  While lamenting over the level of hard work, we should better take note of his attitude.  Han Geng naturally says, "It is normal to experience hardship.”

    Teenagers Han Geng and his classmates were innocent and naughty.  They would sometimes procrastinate doing morning routines.  One morning, he and a few classmates were late to class.

    The strict teacher asked them, "have you washed your face?”
    "Then you go wash your face!”
    They went to wash their face.
    (They) returned to the classroom, the teacher then asked, "have you eaten yet?”
    "Then you go eat!”

    Han Geng and his classmates were particularly nervous and wondered why the teacher was different from normal and became nice?  (S/he) lets us go eat?  Then we go eat.  Han Geng reminiscently said, "Meals at CUN were very delicious.  Wontons and buns, we ate a lot.”

    After eating, they returned to the classroom feeling happy and fortunate; thinking how come the teacher treated them so nicely today and didn’t punish or hit them.  At that time, other classmates were doing some routine exercises.  After putting on their kung-fu clothes, the teacher asked them, who were late, to do flips (T/N: or somersaults?) for two straight hours.  As a result, they ran to the bathroom, held the toilets and vomited badly wasting the delicious breakfast.  Han Geng kept laughing when he told us about the story.  We did not know whether he thought he and his classmates or the strict teacher was too adorable at the time.

    When talking about those teachers who he wanted to say thank you, Han Geng named quite a few in a respectful tone of voice.   He almost thanked each and every one of the teachers from the College of Dancing who had taught him.  At the end, he said very sincerely, "(I) thank all the teachers from the College of Dancing.  (I) thank them for nurturing me during my six years (at CUN).  (I) thank the teachers for their full attention to each of us and all the classes.  (I) wish them joy and happiness!”

    Colorful Life: Bright and Warm

    Han Geng said the days he spent studying at CUN was very regular.  He went to bed by 10 every night and slept well.  He would not be awakened by classmates who played around in dorm rooms.  The College of Dancing curriculum is a 6-year program.  Sun Le who was four years ahead of Han Geng in school recalled his first impression of Han Geng in CUN, “(my) impression at the time was that he looked particularly pitiful.”  The reporter thought that the answer seemed inappropriate and asked Sun Le to use another words.  He insisted, "Han Geng was little and thin so he looked particularly pitiful.”  Han Geng’s teacher friend Mao Lei who sat beside him hinted, “This should be called sympathy”.  Han Geng looked like a very good kid at the time.  People especially had “sympathy” for him.  The senior (T/N: Sun Le being HG’s senior in school) felt pity for him.  In old Chinese, the meaning of “可” is “worthy of”. (T/N:  The adjective Sun Le gave was 可憐 and I translated it as “pitiful”.  The first character “可” means “worthy of” or “deserving”.)

    In Han Geng's memory, he had lots of fun with his classmates while in school; played in Zizhuyuan (T/N: a park in Beijing), snowball fight in the winter, played outside together in the rain.  And Sun Le said the funniest thing that they did was throwing Han Geng back and forth in the corridor.
    Since the year 2000, there have been many changes to the campus.  It’s been almost ten years since Han Geng graduated.  He felt the biggest change to CUN is that it has tall buildings now.  In his eyes, another change he was quite emotional about is that the teachers are older now.  Talking about it, he lamented of how quickly time flies.  He particularly felt a sense of closeness to seeing the 18th Building, center main building and auditorium.  The renovated cafeteria and dormitory also gave him another feeling.  In his eyes, he thinks CUN is becoming more beautiful and his juniors are lucky and so they should treasure what they have now.  Sun Le said he always comes back to CUN to have meals.  Although it is a bit more crowded than it used to be, but it is no doubt more modernized.

    “Han Geng developed his persevering and determined qualities during his time studying dancing at CUN.  His solid knowledge in ethnic traditional dances makes him distinctive.  Han Geng is unique." Sun Le explained the connection between the time spent studying dancing at CUN and how Han Geng is now dubbed by others "The Asia’s Dancing King".  Han Geng looked very quiet while waiting in the dressing room.  He was very polite to those unfamiliar to him.  He showed a joyful smile while taking picture with Teacher Mao Lei.  When I saw Han Geng holding a stack of paper giving autographs, from then on I suddenly felt the special aura of a star.  

    Appearing at an event venue and seeing many zealous “Gengfans” holding signs and screaming “Han Geng”, the nearby colorful light beams criss-crossing the dark sky, on the stage is Han Geng dancing and singing his “My Logo”.  “It’s wings made of iron.  That alone can fight bright rays…”

    source: CUN's school magazine, 60th anniversay special edition
    shared by:
    translated by:
    Photo credit: as tagged
    Please take out with full credits.

    (110224-27) Magazine Photoshoot in Thailand 




    Thanks Credit: Hansar Bangkok's FB & as tagged

    (110705) 2011 Marie Claire Style China Interview 

    Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    (110707) Tian Xia 2 Promotional Shooting ( Han Geng playing Tian Xia 2 online game with some lucky fans)



    Thanks Credit: as tagged

    "My Kingdom" MV Filming


    Thanks Credit: as tagged

    (110708) Jumei's TVC 

    Clip >>

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    (110710) China's Got Talent in Shanghai (Performing "My Kingdom" Theme Song )





    Thanks Credit: as tagged

    (110710) Han Geng's song for My Kingdom's OST - 如梦令 (live performance)

    Thanks Credit: 

    English translation of Han Geng's new song "如梦令" by Windchime @
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    (110711) Han Geng Learns Horse Riding for "Founding Father Sun Yat-sen" Movie


    Thanks Credit: MOGO张咿

    *Please take out with full credit!

    The MV of My Kingdom's theme song "Like a Dream" - HanGeng

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng

    (110712) Xtep Sportswear Endorsement 

    Click image to enlarge






    Thanks Credit: 特步志愿者,, 黄桂凤的围脖

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    Who says spokesperson does not play games? The video of HanGeng playing "World II" exposed!

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng & HanGeng韓庚 FB


    >> http://www.moviexclu...ra-costumes_922

    Thanks Credit:


    The production team for the romantic action-packed film “My Kingdom” premiering in mid August, got invited by Dragon Television to formally introduce its theme song on July 10 during the annual celebration of “China Got Talent”. Han Geng, who is also the main lead in the film, will sing this song live in front of an 80,000 seating stadium for the first time. The big screen will also show images from the MV for the first time.

    Earlier on May 9th during the press conference of “My Kingdom”, director Gao Xiao Sung expressed that he will write the lyrics and music himself for the theme song of this film. However due to the “drinking and driving” incident, this came to a stand-still. With the “My Kingdom” premiere in August coming up soon, the production team only has the finished lyrics by Gao Xiao Sung at hand. Just as the crew were worried about the half completed work, many of Gao Xiao Sung’s friends from the movie and music industry came to the rescue, highlighting that the friendships in the circle is priceless. Famous music people like Zhang Ya Dong, Xiao Ke, and so forth, all came forward to write the music for the lyrics of “My Kingdom” without fee, which greatly moved and consoled the production team. On Sunday night, which version of the theme song will Han Geng sing at the “China Got Talent” annual celebration? What kind of feelings and emotions will Gao Xiao Sung’s smooth and flowing poem like lyrics reveal about these wu shengs from the days of old? How will Han Geng, who is the male lead and the main singer, present this stirring piece of work? All will be revealed on Sunday night.

    Source: Sina Entertainment News
    Shared and translated by:
    (PLEASE TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT) twitter: Gengfans in LA, San Francisco, or NY, check out the note China Lion Film left on our North American petition: "Great News! China Lion is recruiting the volunteers to help the local promos of MY KINGDOM in NY, SF and LA, there will be a chance to attend the premiere and possibly have chance to see HanGeng! If you are a super Gengfan, please send your info. to​m. Look forward to having you to be part of us!" twitter: 'My Kingdom' release in Mainland China is now on the 12th of August instead of 18th as earlier stated.

    Lucy Yang FB : My Kingdom will be released in North America on August 19th. China Lion, the official distributor of the movie for North America announced on their weibo that the movie will be released in 9 cities: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Hawaii, Vancouver and Toronto! Go watch it everyone and spread the word!上映日期8月19日(暂定),纽约、洛杉矶、旧金山、​华盛顿、波士顿、西雅图、夏威夷、温哥华、多伦多
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    The latest trailer and highlights of My Kingdom

    Thanks Credit: MyDearHanGeng
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    wow, he changed A LOT :o

    thanks to Mrhanoh for keep updating about him
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    Mrhanoh thanks for the white horse pic. He really look like a prince on a white horse. it would be perfect if he was wearing a white suit.

    when is the offical date of the movie coming out? will his second album come out soon?

    I am not crazy about love scene, but he is one guy I never get enough of.

    Lately, I missed him being in SJ too since he said he missed Heechul.
    The art of love... is largely the art of persistence
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    Yah im the DDR guy >.>
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    I'm really happy that Hangeng is nominated for the MTV EMA this year along with Super Junior.  This will be a tough decision to make though.  Voting either Super Junior or him.  They've been through a lot to get this far.  All that I have to say is that it's not gonna be easy.  But I really hope that Hangeng wins though, not only for himself, but also for his fans that they have stuck by.

    Jia You Hangeng!


    Choua Hang
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