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Online Shopping At Sasa

confusedfaceconfusedface CanadaPosts: 45Member
is t trustworthy
For all you soompiers, who has done online shopping at I looked at their site and they offer free shipping and there are some things that I would like to buy. Please share your experiences with them!


  • stellabellastellabella PHX AZPosts: 2,543Member


    I have ordered from Sasa before and I got my stuff within a week.
  • epic_darknessepic_darkness Posts: 684Friend of Soompi
    I ordered from them and I live in Canada and I got my things when they were supposed to come, I was happy with their service
  • Kay*KayKay*Kay Posts: 708Member
    yes they are trustworthy.. theyre a pretty big company and i ordered from them and got my items just fine. they ship from hk tho so it depends where u are.
  • BatgirlBatgirl The Oracle San Jose, CAPosts: 2,634Friend of Soompi
    i ordered and had a good experience
  • AzngelAzngel zBanned Posts: 4,888Friend of Soompi
    same here. ordered and got my stuff in about a little over a week. maybe it was less than a week cant remember. they are a good site
  • TrainDriverTrainDriver look behind you....Posts: 3,909Member
    Sasa as in the chainstore? most likely they are pretty reliable since they have tons of stores.
  • confusedfaceconfusedface CanadaPosts: 45Member
    Wow! Thanks guys. I was just wondering if there are any other good online shopping sites such as SaSa?
  • kawaiiprincesskawaiiprincess ♥DreamLand♥Posts: 518Friend of Soompi
    i just got my order from sasa and i was pretty pleased image they give you a tracking number too ^^;

  • beckiibeckii 한번뿐인 인생 이렇게 살수 없어. Posts: 4,668Member


    ..u can buy online with sasa!? OOOH.....mebbe il buy sth from there in ther future....i love their stuff=]=]
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  • dalgyaldalgyal NJ, NYPosts: 91Member
    i found them to be pretty reliable. i ordered a makeup base that only costs $5 from them once, but it was free shipping and got my stuff in about 1-2 weeks.
  • HyeYeonHyeYeon NorwayPosts: 61Member
    I've never shopped online before.. but wanna try. Is ebay trustable? Now I know sasa is^^
    But I'm from Norway. can I order from sasa then? Not sure..
    HyukJae <3
  • justwildbeatjustwildbeat Ohio&#33;Posts: 1,229Member
    Ordered from them as well, and it was reliable. I think what I remembered about them was that shipping wasn't outragous like you would think since it's from HK, and the product prices were very reasonable.


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  • hunnyhunny icelandPosts: 3,133Member


    I'll never ordered anything online from Sasa before, however there're alot of retail Sasa stores here.
    I pop in and get something, they're pretty good, wide range of selections and somehow, cheaper than other departments.
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  • vividifiedvividified Sydney, australiaPosts: 2,220Friend of Soompi
    ordered from them twice

    got items within a week
    they are awesome image

    another good one is
    free shipping image
  • luthienluthien ? Posts: 2,582Member


    i've ordered from them several times, and my stuffs always arrive in two weeks. they're much cheaper for stuffs like shiseido, plus the shipping is free and there's no tax. i used to order kose from but for shiseido or sk-ii stuff i either order it at sasa if i don't need it right away. if i procrastinate, i can always get kose at some bath and body works, shiseido at macy's and sk-ii at nordstrom (i think).
  • GenuineGenuine CanadaPosts: 599Member


    i ordered from them but they're taking longer than i thought they would and i'm from Canada. They gave me a tracking number but it only told me what day it was dispatched from HK. the shipping should be approx. 14 business days but its the 15th day today. I e-mailed them two days ago regarding my order and i haven't heard from them yet. am i the only one who is experiencing this?
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  • AzngelAzngel zBanned Posts: 4,888Friend of Soompi
    ^it might be held up at customs. the shipping will be 14business days but they cant control what the canadian gov't does
  • bebesoulbebesoul Posts: 233Member
    THey have good service and I got my things in a weeks time. Make sure you take advantage of free shipping when its avaliable. image
  • broken.wingsbroken.wings Posts: 1,584Friend of Soompi


    I just recently bought from them. I just got my item yesterday too. lol. Their shipping took a little longer because I ordered during CNY. But they're reliable! image
  • In.tro}In.tro} ?? WE.ARE.ONE ?? hakuna matataPosts: 872Member
    edited January 2010
    Someone, please help me with sasa.

    Okay so I order some stuff on sasa and of course I used paypal account (my brothers).
    A couple of days later sasa sent me an email stating this:

    In regards to your order number #*********, we regret to inform you that we have not yet received the payment confirmation from PayPal. To help us to process your order delivery as soon as possible, please kindly provide your payment confirmation email from PayPal with the payment reference number clearly stated to us at or by fax to (fax number: 852-2505-0631). We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will contact you again once we have further information regarding your order.

    can anyone PLEASE tell me what is a paypal reference number? Is it the Transaction or Invoice ID?
    I did not have a clue what they were talking about so I just forward them paypal receipt that PP
    send to my brother. But then they send me another email saying the same old thing as the quote but
    instead bolded: email from PayPal with the payment reference number

    and I don't freaken know what the heck they want.... *sigh* I bought online before with PP but the seller
    never made me 'show' them the payment reference number.

    oh lord, the website is pissing me off. So someone, ANYONE please help this poor soul!
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