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    edited March 2012
    [Trans] Trendy no.33 ~ CNBLUE interview

    Taiwan magazine TRENDY no.33 – CNBLUE on cover. Bluestorm Taipei report and interview. Check out scans shared by @kof1_ (tweets 1, 2, 3)

    My translation of the interview as follows. (Dating 1 is the concert report. I think the pics say it all. Excuse my being lazy.)

    Dating 2
    Taiwanese flavor afternoon tea with CNBLUE

    CNBLUE gathered fame instantly after debut and has been flying around, bringing their own music to various places of the world. After more than one year, with great anticipation from local fans, CNBLUE finally comes to Taiwan again with a concert.

    Exclusive interview with CNBLUE in Taiwan
    In order to have the best performance in the concert, CNBLUE will be spending most of their time staying in Taiwan this time for the rehearsal. They arrange only the short slot of time right after their arrival for a join interview with the press and this exclusive TRENDY interview. It is such a valuable opportunity, TRENDY obviously treats CNBLUE well on behave of all Taiwan fans! That’s why we prepare famous Taiwan snacks for the four members to taste our “Taiwan” flavor. And they surely need energy for the rehearsal after the interview!
    That’s how the CNBLUE date happily begins, amid food aromas and the boys’ saying “delicious” and all.

    Taiwan concert with a special meaning

    It’s more than a year that CNBLUE visits Taiwan again, and it’s the first time they hold a big full concert. They talk about how they feel.
    “It’s been long that we come to Taiwan again. But we had such great memories from our encounter with fans that all the four of us anticipate this concert so earnestly. We don’t say this just because we’re in Taiwan now, nor because it’s the right thing to say. We really feel this way.” Yonghwa said with a sincere face.
    Jungshin, “We haven’t come for so long. But right after we left the plane, we felt the enthusiastic welcome by fans. So warm and so touching.”
    Yonghwa, “Taiwan really means special when it comes to concerts.” Minhyuk and Jonghyun nod hearing that.

    Taiwan is the most dreamy concert stop to Yonghwa
    Talking about concerts, TRENDY is curious and asks CNBLUE what concert venues they think are most dreamy.
    Yonghwa: Taiwan! The place that left me dreamy and great memories. Taiwan fans are all very straight forward and enthusiastic giving us responses. This is just too difficult to explain in words … To us the performers on stage, such encouragement is a big source of energy.
    “I want to have concerts in all kinds of ‘domes’.” Jonghyun reveals it’s until lately that he realizes there are these dome-shaped concert places all over the world. He really likes to challenge a “dome tour”. Jungshin wants to have a big open concert in the country side, while Minhyuk says he hopes to perform in special venues all over the world. Yonghwa can’t help but teases his naughty dongsengs, “Amazon forest concert seems a good idea for you two.” Jonghyun adds to the teasing, “The audience are crocodiles and wild animals.” Everybody just laughs out loud.

    Jungshin keeps growing taller, a crisis?!

    It’s 2 years since CNBLUE’s official debut and they’ve become a super popular band in Asia. One sees changes in the ways they perform on stage as well as their appearances. When asked about what they think about all these changes, all four say their inside has changed; they are more mature and calm about things and the best is they enjoy their own stages more and more. But what about the individual members’ changes?
    Minhyuk: Maybe it’s because we see each other every day. I don’t feel any big changes.
    “Oh~ Jungshin’s hair is longer.” Jonghun says with a smile, like he suddenly remembers. Jungshin seems so happy with his long-hair look and responds with a satisfying smile. Yonghwa adds, “And Jungshin has grown another 1.5cm.”
    TRENDY remembers in a past interview with CNBLUE, Yonghwa joked that if Jungshin continued to grow and exceed 190cm, he’d leave CNBLUE and go play basketball.
    “Right. This is still valid. So we have a crisis in the band.” Yonghwa’s pulls a straight leader’s face saying that. But the others react to his seriousness with big laughs.

    Chinese vs Korean food
    Among the Taiwan snacks that TRENDY has prepared, Yonghwa likes I-Lan’s 三星蔥蛋捲 most ( Minhuk’s favorites are Taiwan style deep-fried chicken and papaya milk. Jungshin likes iron egg (, for its special appearance, sweet aroma and special texture. Jonghyun is so busy putting fried rice noodles to his mouth to tell his choice. Yonghwa laughs out loud and answers for him, “Jongshyun can’t stop eating that, so you know his favorite.”
    CNBLUE recommends Korean food too. Minhyuk says there are all sorts of kimchi in Korea; every single kimchi worths a try. Jonghyun and Yonghwa name rice in pork soup, from their hometown Busan. Jungshin’s recommendation is knife-pared noodles (刀削麵) from Ilsan. (Food pics shared by @FayeNuna)

    Jonghyun aspires to be in action movies

    Other than their outstanding achievements in music, CNBLUE members have been showing off their acting skills too. I ask what roles they would pick if they have the opportunity to be someone totally different from their real selves. Jungshyin thinks seriously and replied, “A very masculine and heroic character!” Yonghwa, who’s been a leading actor in a drama says he wants a role who’s a lively and bright personality. As for Minhyuk who’s been in couple of dramas, he just wants all opportunities to do interesting roles. “I want the challenge of an action movie. It would be so cool to be an action movie actor.” Jonghyun who replies last looks so serious. Then Jungshin who sits next to him pats his shoulder, supporting his choice. Jonghyun, the action movie actor, we are so looking forward to your next movie!

    CNBLUE members’ fight for the title of best boyfriend

    Valentine’s Day is just over and White Day in March is around the corner, so comes the hot topic “The best boyfriend in CNBLUE”. The bickering and all is so unexpected.
    Yonghwa replies without second thought, “I think I’m the best boyfriend. Because I understand myself very well, I will pour my whole heart to the girl I like.”
    Minhyuk seems hesitant, for he first picks Yonghwa but changes his mind right away and says Jungshin. Yonghwa protests, “Why you changed? Now I feel so embarrassed.”
    “Actually I think I would never choose myself, others just seem better than me.” Minhyuk doesn’t mean bad, but his saying that embarrasses Yonghwa even more. Yonghwa can’t help complaining more.
    Jonghyun said with some serious thinking, “I also think everybody else is better than me.” This makes Yonghwa feel angry and laugh at the same time, “How come now I feel like needing to agree with you two?”
    “I think I’m the best. Because I know myself very well too!” One should never underestimate Jungshin. So they don’t have a consensus on this matter. But I guess fans have their own answers already!

    Young Minhyuk thinks about marriage already?

    The best boyfriend topic is followed inevitably by the following. What’s the ideal type of girls for individual CNBLUE members?
    All four have the same criteria of pretty eyes and a kind heart. Besides these, Jungshin likes a girl who is kind and respectful to parents; Yonghwa likes someone whom he can really talk with; Jonghyun likes a girl who’s understanding and caring; Minhyuk says an ideal girl is someone with the conditions of a good wife. Hearing Minhyuk’s answer, Yonghwa almost shouts, “You’re too young to talk about good wife. Isn’t it too early to think about marriage now? Work hard for some years before you even mention that!” He talks really like an uncle, no, I mean a big brother.

    After the interview

    My happy time with CNBLUE, the two hours passed like someone’s stolen it to make cotton candies. (The saying means sweet time passes quickly.) Time flied and even Yonghwa asked, “How come it feels like we’ve just talked for a while and it comes to end already?” TRENDY had the exactly same sentiment! You readers too?!
    Since TRENDY first interviewed CNBLUE on their debut day, these boys have been doing miracles with time. They just make time disappear. Even though they are now superstars of a super popular band, their smiles, their pureness, and the flickers in their bright eyes haven’t changed a bit. Their sincere attitude and zero distance remain the same. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why CNBLUE gain super popularity!
    Don’t you miss CNBLUE already, just like TRENDY? I think they will come to Taiwan to see us soon. Let’s anticipate together.

    White Day presents from CNBLUE

    As White Day treats to TRENDY readers, we ask CNBLUE to make these special presents. And they are the world’s only ones, super valuable presents!

    Hearing that they need to be creative preparing these White Day presents, all four CNBLUE members feel so excited. Seeing the four serious faces, people who don’t know will think they are watching some competitive drawing competition!
    Yonghwa says with a smile and full confidence, “Being creative is just me! Though I’m better at music now, I once came first in a drawing competition when I was little!” Minhyuk who sits next to him responds, “Everybody has been the first in drawing competitions when small.” Hearing Minhyuk’s teasing, Jungshin and Jonghyun smile.

    After some thought, Minhyuk decides his theme for his creative present. Taiwan’s 101 Building, his favorite tourist attraction of Taiwan. Before he starts drawing, he makes sure he gets the shape of the building right. We can see a side of Minhyuk’s character from this.

    Jonghyun just keeps drawing and haven’t said anything at all. But nobody has a clue what he’s drawing. TRENDY even thinks he’s doing Picasso style, but then Jonghyun asks a staff member to get him his cell phone. See how he stares at some photo on his phone, cutely pouting? Why’s he looking for a photo? What’s he working on? Everybody’s just too curious!

    Yonghwa decides from the right beginning that he’ll draw a brain map, something he always draw and good at. He’s so confident, his movements so straight forward with zero hesitance. And he uses bright and contrasting colors. He even casually talks while drawing. The leader is really talented in drawing!

    As his design is mistaken to be Sponge Bob, Jungshin can’t help but explains his artwork. It happens Jungshin likes Edward Munch’s paintings a lot, so his design theme is “Munch in 2012”. If you’ve seen Munch’s most famous painting “Scream”, I think you’d agree Jungshin’s work has the essence of the master’s style.

    In no time, CNBLUE members’ presents are almost done. Jonghyun checks with the photo in this cell phone again.

    The theme of Jungshin’s present is “Munch in 2012”. Receiving such a unique and artistic present on White Day, one’s pressures should go away!

    Clever readers will get it right away that Yonghwa just loves Taiwan lots! Yonghwa has said in the interview that Taiwan mean special to CNBLUE. He means what he says. This present which is so full of feeling is just plain unique. For Yonghwa himself admits, “I don’t think I can draw another one, won’t be the same!”

    Jonghyun’s Picasso puzzle is solved, when he shows us the finished present. Jonghyun is no Picasso, he’s doing realistic. He draws the exact picture of his favorite guitar. It’s his love, and he’s giving away his love as present. The sweet present filled with Jonghyun’s sweet love is finally done!

    The ones who will receive these exclusive and unique presents from CNBLUE on White Day will surely be super touched and insanely happy. Think they will treasure them like family heritage! Who wants to get these valuable and special presents? Look out for the how-to from the special column on treats to readers.
  • ry9ry9 Posts: 48Member
    Does anyone know where I can get a cnblue storm shirt? I've looked but they seem to be out of stock with the ones I want....I like the guitar ones...please help...or if you just know where I could get their shirts in general....thanks...
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    edited March 2012
    CNBLUE 3rd Mini Album coming out in March 2012!!

    Important dates

    1. March 16th 12:00 am - Pre-release song written by Yonghwa Jung is coming out!
    (Buy & download the music, check out the official CNBLUE youtube page)

    2. March 26th (putative date) – Release of all tracks from the CNBLUE 3rd mini-album, including the title song
    (Buy & download the music & check out the official CNBLUE youtube page)

    3. March 27th (putative date) – Release of the CNBLUE 3rd mini-album
    (Buy the album)

    * official CNBLUE youtube page
    * official CNBLUE facebook
    ( )

    Boice Overseas Fans can purchase music at the designated sites that help CNBLUE to top the K-chart

    • Album Purchase

    1) Synnara eshop (This is the best site because the albums purchased here are double-counted in the K-chart)
    - Information
    ( )
    - Place to order
    ( )
    2) Other eshop sites
    (Other sites that sell the album and registered as official Hanteo & Gaon Korean music chart system)

    - For all international fans

    - Japanese fans

    • Song Download & Streaming

    1) Soribada Download
    - Visit
    * English site that is convenient to search and purchase the song
    * Depending on the album distributor, some songs may not be available to purchase

    2) MNet Streaming
    1. Register at ( )
    2. Purchase the streaming & download coupon ( )


    There are many options to choose. You can go for streaming only for 3,000 won for one month (as shown in this example)
    or mp3 download only for 5,000 won which includes 40+5 bonus downloads. Once you click on the option button,

    3. On the pop-up menu, click the green “purchase(구매하기)”


    4. Download the Mnet player
    ( )
    You install the player as any other program. Clicking on the “blue” button will get you to the final stage.
    Check the configuration pop-up box as below.


    5. Open the Mnet player & login The player is in the “off” state (red box) when you first activate.
    Search “CNBLUE”

    6. Make an 1-hr Song list from CNBLUE album


    7. Select the newly released 3rd CNBLUE mini album
    (* Example here shows for the First Step Album)


    8. Start streaming


    9. Important note

    a. MNET allows each ID to stream for a song up to 50 times a day
    b. But if play the same song more than twice in a row, only the first two will be counted in the system
    c. You have to mix your playlist.
    Example) CNBLUE prerelease song twice, another CNBLUE song, and then CNBLUE prerelease song or title song twice etc.

    2) Mnet Download (mp3)

    Follow Steps 1, 2, 3 in the “MNet Streaming” method,
    And Search for “CNBLUE” and Select the new 3rd mini album
    (*example shown here is the First Step album)


    For each ID, you can download each song once a day

    4) Other important Korean music download & streaming service sites are

    5) Also check out the itunes, if all of the above is not available to you

    Download it as pdf form

    (credit: DC Yonghwa gall)
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    edited March 2012
    CNBLUE 3rd Mini Album - Ear Fun Cover



    BOICE will be trending #stillinlove at 12:00am KST in support of Jung Yonghwa's new self-composed song. Join us! [@CNBStorm] 
    jjeennyy19catherine annpandathaiwawa_minnielunasapphire18tecle
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    CNBLUE's I Still Love You MV up for download at 

    blackstar23catherine annpandathai
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    CNBLUE 3RD MINI ALBUM [아직 사랑한다] M/V
    jjeennyy19catherine annpandathai
  • agasshi02agasshi02 kfanatic (^_^) Posts: 354Friend of Soompi
    love their new song!! -->> C.N Blue - Still In Love MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul]
  • YongSeoTURKEYYongSeoTURKEY Posts: 29Member
    edited March 2012
    Please just follow here .. Please support CNBLUE...

    CNBLUE-Still in Love (아직 사랑한다)

    [Lyrics|Trans] CNBLUE- Still in Love (아직 사랑한다) 
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    You’re my love

    긴 밤을 잠 못 이룬다
    kin pameul cham monee runda
    그린다 또 난 난 난 난
    keurinda tto nan nan nan nan
    오늘도 눈물 참아본다
    oneuldo nunmul cham abonda
    한숨 쉬어본다
    hansum syieobonda
    You’re my love

    Stabirabi rapststabira
    Love you love you love you my love
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    I want your love

    아픈 사랑아, 살 베인 듯 난 아프다
    ahpeun sarang aa, sal ppaein deun nan apeuda
    참으려 애써봐도 소리 없이 또 아파온다
    chameuryo esseobwado sori eobsyi tto apa unda
    쓰린 사랑아, 독을 삼킨 듯 쓰리다
    sseurin sarang aa, dokeul samkin deu sseurida
    웃으려 애써봐도 아련하게 쓰려온다 난
    useuryo esseobwado aryeonagae sseryeo unda nan

    오늘도 아침을 본다 그린다 또 난 난 난 난
    oneuldo achimeul bonda keurinda tto nan nan nan nan
    미련이 다시 밀려온다
    miryeoni dashi milyeo unda
    아직 사랑한다
    ajik saranghanda
    You’re my love

    Stabirabi rapststabira
    Love you love you love you my love
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    I want your love

    아픈 사랑아, 살 베인 듯 난 아프다
    ahpeun sarang aa, sal ppaein deun nan apeuda
    참으려 애써봐도 소리 없이 또 아파온다
    chameuryo esseobwado sori eobsyi tto apa unda
    쓰린 사랑아, 독을 삼킨 듯 쓰리다
    sseurin sarang aa, dokeul samkin deu sseurida
    웃으려 애써봐도 아련하게 쓰려온다 난
    useuryo esseobwado aryeonagae sseryeo unda nan

    나쁜 사랑아, 불러도 대답도 없다 (대답도 없어)
    nappeun sarang aa, bulleodu daedabdo eobta (daedabdo eobseo)
    잡으려 애원해도 냉정하게 돌아선다 (돌아선다)
    chaberyeo aewonhaedo nengjeongagae doraseonda (doraseonda)
    나쁜 사랑아, 연기처럼 떠나간다 (떠나가는 너)
    nappeun sarang aa, yeonggicheoreom ttonaganda (ttonaganeun neo)
    손 뻗어 잡아봐도 어느새 넌 떠나간다 날
    son ppeodeo chababwado aneusae neon ttonaganda nal

    Stabirabi rapststabira 
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    You’re my love

    I can’t fall asleep in this long night
    I draw you out again
    Today, I hold back tears yet again
    I let out a sigh 

    Stabirabi rapststabira
    Love you love you love you my love
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    I want your love

    My painful love, I’m hurting as if I cut my skin
    I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts
    My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
    I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

    Today, I see the morning yet again
    I draw you out again
    Lingering attachments push over to me again
    I still love you
    You’re my love

    Stabirabi rapststabira
    Love you love you love you my love
    Stabirabi rapststabira
    I want your love

    My painful love, I’m hurting as if I cut my skin
    I try to hold it in but soundlessly, it hurts
    My aching love, it’s bitter as if I swallowed poison
    I try to smile but I’m faintly aching

    My bad love, I call you but there’s no answer (no answer)
    I beg to hold on to you but you coldly turn away (turn away)
    My bad love, you are leaving like vapor (you are leaving)
    I extend my hand to hold you but at some point, you already left me

    Lyrics & Translation: @saturnkr

    jjeennyy19resiklobnvealunasapphire18catherine ann
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    CNBLUE Digital Record,until 9am KTS Rank Top 3

  • checkinoutcheckinout Posts: 203Member


    thanks pazzaway, earthprincess for your response and saturnkr for your very detailed instructions. Seems our hands are tied in terms of digital downloads and streaming. :tears: But k-boices have been hard at work and doing an excellent job by the looks of the charts! (thanks Azez) And to imagine all this with minimal if not non-existent promotions for the song! Let's make sure we buy the albums then!

    klaritia thank you for the wonderful translation from Trendy! I really love their interviews!

    Yongseoturkey thanks for posting the twitter news here. GREAT JOB Boices for trending #stillinlove as No. 1 worldwide! Managed to capture a blurry screenshot from my twitter this morning.


    I'm totally in love with the new song, I've been replaying it the whole day - my only contribution: Youtube counts... Once more, a totally new genre.... is it the boys personal mission to cover every known genre while they experiment? Whatever it is, I say bring it on! Can't wait for the mini-album release. I am hoping (more like EXPECTING) a Jong Hyun composed song, and maybe a surprise from our two maknaes too.... :phew:
    Just Jung Yong Hwa
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    edited March 2012
    CNBLUE at concert in Vietnam 20120315 

    Boys performed 3 songs: I'm a loner, Intuition and Love Girl

    Cr: as tagged, to the right owners

    Many fancams here

    CN Blue - 외톨이야 (I'm a Loner) ( VIETNAM KOREA FESTIVAL )
    CNBLUE (việt - hàn 2012)
    CN Blue - Love Girl fancam (Viet - Han music festival)
    CN Blue - I'm a Loner fancam (Viet - Han music festival)
    Cr: uploaders

    New promotion picture for EAR FUN 3rd mini album

    Cr: via

    AND YESSSS HELLO "STILL IN LOVE" ~~~ I love that song, love Jung Yong Hwa and love CNBLUE :x
    0f945d7579bb5f73da228fa5ed0bf38f_39714044.tumblrlx7ckgp04n1qanahpo1500300x.gif   tumblrlrddeqwgtt1qk6hc6o4r2250.gif
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    Hello everyone!

    Still dizzy from a long sleep... as I end up going to bed late last night as probably most of you guys did.. solely because of the anticipation of CNBlue's 3rd mini album song "Still in Love". Though the waiting didn't disappoint us as the song was really great! Can't remember how many times have I listened to it since I wake up while singing with it through the lyrics that came out hours after the song was revealed ... then I come across on this blog that amazes me more with this song. I do not fully understand the meaning of the lyrics as my Korean language is very limited, so I have to read posts/translations about it. I am posting it here guys, so feel free to read it and let us know your mind... Thanks to ladyoflake for a wonderful blog...

    Below is the full blog, you may visit the page here ~

    Beauty of this song lyrics and difficulties in translating Korean into English:

    Yong Hwa uses a writing style that he hasn't tried before in Korean lyrics. This song lyrics are not really written in a formal form of speech nor they are written in informal (banmal) form of speech. The song lyrics are written in a style in which a person in the song is merely writing in a journal entry. It is written in a "matter of fact" manner. The lyrics are frank, to the point, decisive, and a bit dry although they are full of heartaches, longing, and sadness. It is because Yong Hwa ends every measure of lyrics with ---- 다 (da).

    This form of Korean, ending sentence with --- 다 (da), is not commonly used in conversational Korean. This form of ending to a sentence is usually used when writing a journal or an essay and when simply stating a fact without embellishment. As I said, it is a bit dry and "matter of fact" form of speech or writing style.

    There is really no English equivalent way of this kind of Korean speech or writing style. This is where difficulties of trying to translate this song lyrics without losing the original beauty of Yong Hwa's Korean lyrics of this are present.

    As I mentioned, the song lyrics sing of pain, bitterness, longing, and still loving despite all the heartaches, bitterness, and longing after a probably a very painful and bitter break up. The usual and typical Korean ballads, right? Wrong!

    Because Yong Hwa uses a writing style that is very "matter of fact" and somewhat dry, and because of the way he sings the song as well as the generally upbeat melody also, even with those meaning of the lyrics, this song sounds refreshing and prevents the song from becoming melodramatic.

    The song lyrics are written by Yong Hwa in a style that is very different from his previous Korean lyrics, like in "Love Light", "Imagine", "Tattoo", or "For First Time Lovers".

    I am very saddened that there in really no way for me to translate this song lyrics in English truly give Yong Hwa's original lyrics justice and truly demonstrate the lyrical marvel of Yong Hwa's song writing (especially since it is so different from his previous Korean song lyrics).

    Yong Hwa really is an amazing song writer/ lyricist.

    Another difficulties in transltion Korean song lyrics into English: Many times, subject like "I" is skipped in conversational Korean or in song lyrics writing. For example, in the song title, "아직" means "still" in English and "사랑한다" means "love" or "loving". Therefore, a direct English translation of "아직 사랑한다" would be "Still Love" or "Still Loving".

    However, this direct translation version wouldn't really make sense without "I' or "you" attached. The best way of translating would be "I Still Love You" or "Still Loving You" since one can assume "I" or "you" is implied in the song title, following the general flow of the entire song lyrics. (Of course, one could say that "Still Loving" is more "사랑하고 있다" in the most accurate translation.

    I heard that English ttile that is circulating around is "Still in Love". That is not really the most direct English transltion of the actual Korean title for this song. "In Love" would be "사랑에 빠졌다", which is different from "love you" or "사랑한다".

    I don't mean to go into so depth into Korean lession but I just wanted to clarify how much thought is usually gone into even the simplest translations when I translate. Translating song lyrics are even more difficult for me because I tried to stay true to the lyrical flow that usually is present in the original lyrics by the original song lyricist as well as staying with the most direct and most accurate translations. Maintaining the original lyrical flow of the original song lyrics is especially important when translation song lyrics into another language, imo, because there is where many of true beauty of some song lyrics lies.

    Some of Yong Hwa's Korean song lyrics have this beautiful lyrical flow that can be easily lost in translations if not careful. Song like "Love Light", "For First Time Lovers", and this latest song.


    And once more. let us all be bewitched with the beauty of this song...
    deeana55angelxsmileaurora82lunalindt_chodreamyboofabiolanoirWhitegarTheLICcatherine annwindmill007YUINFrench_Nekomed
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    edited March 2012
    CNBLUE reaches #1 on real-time charts with “Still In Love”
    With the release of their 3rd mini-album, titled ‘Ear Fun‘, scheduled for March 27th, CNBLUE pre-released one of the new songs, “Still In Love”,  on March 16th, enticing fans with a little taste before the big  release. As soon as the song was revealed on line, the song quickly rose  to #1 on real-time music charts. Through various portal sites, ‘Still In Love’ quickly gained much  popularity as it rose to the top of the real-time charts as well as  became one of the most searched topics of the day. In addition, the song  reached #1 on Soribada’s popularity chart, garnering much attention for  the song’s quick rise to fame.

    Netizens stated, “CNBLUE’s ‘Still In Love’ is awesome”, “Waiting one year for CNBLUE’s ‘Still In Love’ did not disappoint”, and “CNBLUE’s ‘Still In Love’ defeated my expectations”.

    ‘Still In Love’ is a self-composed song by CNBLUE’s leader, Jung Yonghwa. The song is an emotional acoustic, modern-rock with a sweet melody and sad lyrics, and shows Yonghwa’s talent as a composer.

    Source: TV Report via Nate
    cr. fr. allkpop


    Hello everyone here..^_^I'm addicted to the song!!!!I love the contradiction of the lyrics and the melody...How the lyrics is so sad and heartfelt while the melody is so sweet!!!Can't wait for the other songs....

  • yonghwayonghwa Posts: 1,471Friend of Soompi


    this song is great ... I love going .. thanks for uploading the letter ... and if that of translation from Korean to English may lose its essence but I feel like listening to the song, it's as if he understood what it says Yonghwa in the song, I understand the bitterness, sadness, pain portraying ..
    my favorite of the compositions of the leader

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  • lunaluna Posts: 571Member


    edited March 2012
    Jonghyun's STABI-RAB-ING sold it for the melody which iswonderful, sweet and light & YH's painfully singing the words in a beautiful serenade
    made it complete


    after reading #stillinlove lyrics it was uh ummmmm ooh OMG ! uhHmmm.. *chocking on my tears* painfully beautiful… took my breath away

    The words are so sad yet the melody is so light and sweet. asif he is well acclimated/adapted with his feeling of pain that he can singabout it -stabi-rab-ing- like it is nothing but it is really hurting inside


    is it just me or does jonghyun sound like he’s saying“STABBY STAB STAB”

    YEAH … a lot of stabbing going on….

    hope no one got hurt in the making of this song …

    like getting stabbed by a knife or something LOL!





    replied the vid like 15 times to get the characters right…hehehe just like jonghyun said them

    STRABIRABI RAPSTEPSTABIRA is my best part of this song


    When we boice girls say we want to have jungshin hair and sojelous of him

    We mean WTF? that man should not have better hair than me .iwanna have hair like that…

    But some girls dig men with long hair so it varies

    Plus jungshin’s hair is so healthy and shiny with no splitends and that makes us “jelous“




    jungshin is the untouchable of cnblue
    but when I hear untouchable i think of MC HAMMER famous songCANT TOUCH THIS dan da da dan da dan da dan CANT TOUCH THIS…. LOL!


    Minhyuk is the best looking drummer ever


    Loving his mad skill drumming



    Yonghwa’s lyric writing ability is mind blowing amazing
    the lyrics are excellent

    And after reading the analysis on the lyrics in the abovepost @Ihizbrit
    I guess yh can write korean song lyrics and no one can argue with that


    And his voice is umlimitly awesome , he is the master of high notes and play with notes easily

    I just adore the tone of his voice



    if this is the last post on this page......... i will be really pissed off

    STILL IN LOVE MV is great for making gifs
    every shoot is priceless and gif worthy ^_^
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    pazzaway wrote on 13 March 2012 - 11:55 PM:

    hello... I guess digital downloading/streaming will be very tough for us overseas fans.. As far as I know, MNET no longer allows foreign fans to purchase streaming coupon as well as downloading songs. Same thing with Soribada... Foreigners can no longer purchase music card for Soribada Korea. We can only purchase from Soribada English... So I guess there's nothing much overseas BOICE fans can do to help their digital sales. So the other way we can help for their comeback is to buy more albums... not unless, we coordinate with KBOICES and help them financially. I mean, we can send them financial support then they will do the purchasing/streaming and downloading thing.. 

    What's happening with Melon that CNBLUE hasn't reached #1 yet?  I noticed if you go to Melon's realtime chart page ( you can see the song listed because you see the cover art for EAR FUN as well as the album name by the track.  On the chart you can click on the song to hear a one minute sample.  I heard that even this type of streaming counts but I don't know if it's true.  You don't even have to be registered to the site to stream the one minute sample so if it works, all the international CNBLUE fans should be streaming there as well.  I also wish all the Korean CNBLUE fans would just concentrate their efforts for the moment on Melon until "Still In Love" reaches number one there.  I'm happy to see the song doing so well on the charts put it hurts that the boys are just one chart away from an "all kill". 

    It's just really too bad international fans can no longer purchase music cards from Soribada Korea.  I remember when "For First Time Lovers" came out I purchased both the original and the instrumental to support Yonghwa and streamed the song like there was no tomorrow.  I was just thrilled to see a track that he wrote and composed was released as a single and wound up doing so well.  It's too bad I can't do that with EAR FUN.  As international fans the best thing to do is purchase the album from reputable BOICES who will collect orders from all the fans who want the album and then make a bulk order.  I know that Yesasia purchases are supposedly reflected on Hanteo, but the question is when will those purchases actually be reflected on the chart.  Does it only get reflected after your purchase is shipped?  If it takes weeks, it unfortunately wont help CNBLUE's music show scores much.  If you're purchasing post promotions it will help definitely help them with the end of the year charts.  I think it's definitely a good idea to support CNBLUE by purchasing their music from iTunes as well since they will get more money for their songs there.  FNC also gets to see how big CNBLUE's fanbase is in other countries.
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    i dont post here often, but the new song of Cnblue just made me too crazy to not post here.  love cnblue and listened to all their songs but this is the first time my mind just blew away from Yonghwa's voice. I admired these young boys a lot but this song made me feel like i never admired them enough.

    Yonghwa' s voice is simple but beautiful, full of emotion. listening to him i feel like the guy  in this song is so hurt that we can simple feel from his voice. and the MV make it even more beautiful. And i hope with this song Cnblue will not only win the trophies but will gain a lot of new fans as well. They totally deserve this:-) this is real music
    watch yongseo:
    love yongseo:
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    Anyone who still questions Yonghwa's range as a composer is just....

    I'm just so amazed. How he can go from something like Tattoo, then Because I Miss You, then In My Head, then Feeling, then Still In Love. 

    Just wow.
    CNBLUE is just amazing. 

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