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♪ ☆ 「C.N Blue (씨엔블루) Official Thread」 ♪ ☆

iluvemdaniluvemdan Posts: 882Member


edited May 2012 in k-pop





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Now or Never (Japan Mini-Album)

Official Release - 19th August, 2009
1. Now or Never
2. Let's Go Crazy
3. Love Revolution (written by Yonghwa)
4. Just Please (composed/written by Yonghwa)
5. Teardrops in the Rain (composed/written by Jonghyun)



Voice (Japan Mini-Album)

Official Release - 25th November, 2009
1. Voice
2. Wanna Be Like U
3. Never Too Late (composed by Jonghyun/others)
4. Y, Why... (composed/written by Yonghwa)
5. One of A Kind



Bluetory (Korea Mini-Album)

Official Release - 14th January, 2010
1. 외톨이야 (I'm A Loner)
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why... (composed/written by Yonghwa)
4. Now or Never
5. 그럴겁니다... 잊을겁니다... (I will... forget you; composed/written by Jonghyun)



ThankU (Japan Album)

Official Release - 20th March, 2010
1. Intro (composed by Yonghwa)
2. Let's Go Crazy
3. Love Revolution (lyrics written by Yonghwa)
4. Wanna Be Like U
5. Never too Late (composed by Jonghyun/others)
6. Now or Never
7. Voice
8. Just Please (composed/written by Yonghwa)
9. Y, Why... (composed/written by Yonghwa)
10. Teardrops in the Rain (composed/written by Jonghyun)
11. One of A Kind
12. (composed by Jonghyun)


Bluelove (Korea Mini-Album)

Official Release - 19th May, 2010
1. Love
2. Sweet Holiday (lyrics written by Minhyuk)
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo (composed/written by Yonghwa)
5. 사'빛 (Love Light; composed/written by Yonghwa)
6. Let's Go Crazy



The Way (Japan Single)

Official Release - 23rd June, 2010
1. One Time (composed/written by Yonghwa)
2. Ready N Go (lyrics written by Yonghwa)
3. Eclipse (composed by Jonghyun)


- #1 on KBS Music Bank K-Chart for 외톨이야
- Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo for
- #1 on Mnet M!Countdown for Bluelove (10th June, 2010)
- Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo for Bluelove (20th June, 2010)
- #2 on Taiwan Music Charts for Bluelove
- Peaked at #11 on Oricon Chart (first time) for The Way
- Topped the Gaon Charts (23rd Feb) for
- ENDORSEMENTS - Skoolooks, Nii, Hollika Hollika, Sony Ericsson X10
- #1 on Mnet M!Countdown for Bluelove (1st July, 2010)
- 2nd Mutizen on SBS Inkigayo for Bluelove (4th July, 2010)


1. CN Blue debuted in Japan before Korea, with their mini-album Now or Never.
The members have played in over 100 lives in Japan.
3. CN Blue debuted with Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk, and Kwangjin, who used to be the bassist of the group. Due to various personal reasons, Kwangjin had to leave the group and Jungshin is now the bassist of CN Blue.
4. Yonghwa has starred in the drama 'You're Beautiful' as Kang Shinwoo.
5. Yonghwa/Jonghyun are from Busan, and Minhyuk/Jungshin are from Ilsan.
6. Jungshin is the tallest member of the group.
7. The CN Blue members have been quite involved in the composition and making of their albums. Please read above in the "Discography" section to see!
8. Yonghwa is currently filming on a show "We Got Married" with SNSD's Seohyun.
9. Both Yonghwa and Minhyuk are/have been MCs - Yonghwa has MCed for SBS Gayo Daejun, and Minhyuk is currently one of the MCs for Mnet M!Countdown.
10. All of the CN Blue members are the youngest of 2 siblings in their families; Yonghwa/Jungshin have one elder brother, and Jonghyun/Minhyuk have one elder sister.
11. Minhyuk was featured in Orange Caramel's MV 'Magic Girl" as a cameo.


CN Blue Official Website (Korea) -
CN Blue Official Website (Japan) -
CN Blue's Official Twitter -

CN Blue Forums/Other Sites

CN -
CN Bluestorm - [url="http://http/"] [/url]
Yonghwa DC Gallery -
CN Blue Official Myspace Page -
Official CN Blue DAUM Cafe -

Members' Official Picture Threads

Yonghwa - [url=""][/url]
Jonghyun -

Minhyuk -

Jungshin -

Yonghwa Drama Thread - [url=""][/url]
Yonghwa WGM Thread -


May 2012

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  • orange_skiesorange_skies under.Posts: 464Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2009
    haha Im glad their gonna debut soon.
    Been waiting long for these boys.
    Support and buy their mini album releasing august 19!
    Its on Yesasia, HMV, Tower Record!

    Yonghwa and Jonghyun english is really good haha

    (G.&Vo.)JONG HYUN
    (Vo.&G.)YONG HWA
    (Dr.)MIN HYUK
    (Ba.)GWANG JIN

    Record Label: AI Entertainment Inc
    Music Genre: Indie

    just some pictures cause i wanna hogg the rest to myself lol

  • Pepsi48Pepsi48 Missouri yo~!Posts: 41Member
    edited August 2009
    honestly, i haven't heard of them before *fail*
    but i like what i see =]
    Kwangjin has cool hair in the first group pic xD

    and they're under the same label as FT Island wich is a plus image

    Awaiting for a debut!
  • kirra12kirra12 Black Fire Gods HomePosts: 1,112Member
    Wow another FnC group <3
    Im sure its gonna grow big~
    Seems like the magnae this time is not a drummer but a bassist XD
    Hopefully they will learn alot from their sunbae XD
    wkwkwk and Lee Jonghyun.. OMO XD a day older than meXD
  • xj. jinxj. jin usaPosts: 932Member


    edited August 2009
    Awwe the trainees are finally growing up.
    From what I've heard from them so far, they worked really hard and they sound amazing.
    I'm excited for their mini-album to come out... Only a few more days.

    CN Blue! <3
    Minhyuk still looks hot. D:
    But he's so thin looking...

    v hahaha ok i'll go buy him dinner next time i get the chance to go.
    Minhyukkkk <3

  • orange_skiesorange_skies under.Posts: 464Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2009
    ^ psh Meg, feed him.
    HAHA , from what Im seeing that boy eat way too much
    he is adorable xD
    He seem like magnae , though eskimo boy Kwangjin is.
    Yonghwa has so many look.
    Dorky, Handsome, Sexy? hahah
    I prefer his dorky look ~
    I know it feel like we wanted so long for them.
    But they pop up out of nowhere haha
    Im Happy image

  • sentimental-circussentimental-circus ??? ? lhk. tofu island^_^Posts: 933Member
    waaaahh~ all of them are 180+cm tall...... *q*
    i like minhyuk lol<3 he's so cute! kwangjin too ^^
    can't wait for their official debut! hope they'll get off to a good start like their FT.I sunbaes did~

    I laughed only for you, I lived only for you, I believed in your love... Lies. All lies. Your love for me were all lies.
  • virtuosorosinyvirtuosorosiny unofficial sunshine statePosts: 561Member
    edited August 2009
    So they are a Korean boy band debuting in Japan first?

    Interesting. I love all of them are 180+.

    Are there any video clips of them performing out yet?

    I want no other boy because I'm waiting for someone special
    to come back again and give me that hug and tell me, "Oh, it'll be okay."
    I want to replay our memories, again and again until I know the muzik by heart.
  • rolling_snowrolling_snow ???? ? F.T ISLANDPosts: 41Member
    YAY! ♥ *happy*
    I've been waiting for their debut~!
    (& been spazzing over Jonghyun since last year when the pics came out LOL)

    I love their sound and their english is good ^^

    하늘이 맺어준 넌 내 사랑 우린 잠시 멀어졌던 것 뿐이야
    FTISLAND|2NE1|BIG BANG| without you there is no me
  • j00niej00nie SHINee <3 Posts: 1,237Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2010
    oooh they are cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omggg im like in love with them!!!!!!
    i love their korean album bluetory <33333333333
    ♥♥♥ Always keep the faith ♥♥♥


    Siggie credit to omoi
  • shinee_islandshinee_island Posts: 48Member
    ooh meeeenn
    ive been anticipating them for so long!!
    finally . . . . . . and clever fnc putting them in japan lmao
    and hey, u guys are mostly pris! no wonder . me too kkkk

    © heatherfeatherx7
    thanx ^^
  • sujuxlove37sujuxlove37 USAPosts: 68Member
    I'm super excited for these boys!
    I think the kpop scene needs more instumental bands =D
    FTI + 오원빈; oh, you make me smile
    嵐~ they are my soul ★彡 {411}
  • Mardi09Mardi09 underrated ❤ where underrateds roamPosts: 4,928Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2009
    They haven't debuted yet so when their album releases the thread will re-open.
  • edward1849edward1849 Staff Posts: 9,164Member


    We clarify that this group is releasing a Japanese album, not a Korean album. So I am moving this thread to other music.
    Music Chart 2011 June week 3
    Han Hyo Joo Official Thread
    banners credit to Immortal_Angel, avatar credits to bashful_harmony
  • xj. jinxj. jin usaPosts: 932Member


    Finally open...

    090822 Blog Update

    Credits; C.N. Blue Blog + Honey @

    090821 Blog Update

    Credits; C.N. Blue Blog + Snowy @

    090820 Blog Update


    credit; cnblue

    090819 Blog Update

    There was a drum battle among our boys excluding Minhyuk, who was the referee XD

    Yonghwa on the drums
    Kwangjin on the drums
    Jonghyun on the drums
    ANNNND Yonghwa won image
    I wanna hear Minhyuk sing O:!

    credit;cnblue blog + Snowy @

    I'm done for now.

  • FTIsland&amp;amp;PrimadonnaFTIsland&amp;Primadonna YOU GLASSLESS BEACH Mother Father loveft-islandPosts: 3,023Friend of Soompi


    i wonder why Yonghwa went back to Korea alone.
    Wonder whats going on v_v
    Hope he update us whatsup.
    Finally the thread is open.
    FNC NEW ARTIST; choi jun hee
    cjhbutton.png (FTISLAND)
  • cookieremixcookieremix kihwan AmericaPosts: 738Member
    C.N Blue - Now or Never Live Version


    They did really well for a live performance! Even if they were nervous. But hey, they have a lot more live performances coming up. So it'll give them some time to warm up to the crowds and stuff. Overall, I think they did really well. (:
  • FTIsland&amp;amp;PrimadonnaFTIsland&amp;Primadonna YOU GLASSLESS BEACH Mother Father loveft-islandPosts: 3,023Friend of Soompi


    I wish i was there to see them live. haha
    They did a good job image
    Yonghwa voice is good and Jonghyeon is dang
    that boy voice is sexy D:

    FNC NEW ARTIST; choi jun hee
    cjhbutton.png (FTISLAND)
  • faabnnyfaabnny Posts: 12Member
    edited August 2009
    aww. i was wondering why they debut at japan first. image

    whatever it is, i am one of C.N BLUE fans now! hihi. image
    they got nice song! and its all in english..,.. right?
    (sorry, didn't buy their album yet T-T)

    i like min hyuk the most. hihi!
    he got my heart. *melt~melt~* image

    i wish them good luck and
    FIGHTING! >.<
  • rrrrrairrrrrai SingapuraPosts: 789Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2009
    Ah, F&C FAMILY LOVE! ♡
    Minhyuk looks cute teeheehee. & I love his hair! <3

    They definitely has alot of potential, judging by their live performance.
    Looking forward to hear more from them! image
    재범아, 네가 없으니까 시간이 멈춘것같아
    프리마돈나 최민환
  • cookieremixcookieremix kihwan AmericaPosts: 738Member
    edited August 2009
    QUOTE (faabnny @ Aug 22 2009, 10:00 AM) »
    aww. i was wondering why they debut at japan first. image

    whatever it is, i am one of C.N BLUE fans now! hihi. image
    they got nice song! and its all in english..,.. right?
    (sorry, didn't buy their album yet T-T)

    I'm guessing it's because F.T Island is still having Cross & Change album promotions going on and FnC didn't think they could promote C.N Blue as well as F.T Island in Korea so they made C.N Blue debut in Japan first to at least get some fans interested in them before debuting in Korea.
    And yes, their album is all in english but they can speak/write in Japanese fairly well. (:

    Also, if you happen to be living in Korea. Here's where you can buy their album on line. ^^
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