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Which Do You Do First: Cleanse Or Exfoliate?

leongfunleongfun Posts: 2,223Member
edited February 2009 in beauty & fashion
I cleanse, and than exfoliate.

Some people don't even cleanse before/after exfoliating.

And also, how many times do you exfoliate a week?

(found on another forum)

Used to cleanse then exfoliate until i had a skincare consultation and they told me I should exfoliate first to open the pores etc for the cleanser to work properly.
I cleanse first - I don't like the idea of an exfoliator possibly grinding grime deep into my pores :eek: Paranoid perhaps, but... better safe than sorry I say image
Definately need to cleanse first to get makeup, oil, grime off and on a clean face exfoliate gently.

Also, if you're using a facial mask, should you cleanse first or after?
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