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Fool-Proof Ways to Get Your Family Hooked on Korean Dramas Over the Holidays


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Are you the only person in your family who has finally discovered the joy that is Korean dramas? Do you want to give them the gift that keeps on giving aka a healthy appreciation for the amazing media that Korea creates?

We’ve compiled a guide to help you introduce your family to the shows that we truly believe will resonate with them. This is partially based on the viewing habits of my coworkers and partially based on my own assumptions. I’d like to give you a guarantee that it works but I don’t want to get sued so I’ll just let you know that I strongly stand by this guide.

For the Dads:


I don’t know about yours, but my Dad is very solidly not interested in dramatic TV – in fact he’s much more of a documentary kind of guy. But he will, at times, watch The Food Network and indulge in some beautiful shows about food. Well in that same vein, how about a show that sucks you in with amazing food porn and then sinks its claws into your brain with some good old-fashioned murder mystery?

That’s right, I am recommending Let’s Eat for your dad. Or really anyone who loves food in your family. And the bonus that comes with “Let’s Eat” is that everyone will simultaneously want to eat copious amounts of Korean food – so research good restaurants or Korean markets in your area before you start marathoning it!

For the Moms:


Let me admit, my mom is a sucker for family drama. Sure, she’ll watch tons of different programming but when there’s some sort of deep TV show airing about a family you can bet she’s already found it and it DVR-ing all of it. With that in mind, I’m going to recommend “All About My Mom” for all the moms out there. Family doesn’t mean that everyone is free from disagreements and hurt feelings – but it does mean that at the end of the day you are somehow connected to the people around you. “All About My Mom” is about those conflicts and the bonding that comes from it – with the main focus being on the relationship between mother and daughter. Your mom will probably make you watch it with her for the bonding – which is a total plus!

A second option if your mom is a sucker for cute kids is the variety program “The Return of Superman.” She can reminisce about the old days when you, too, were a cute child while watching a whole plethora of cute kids do things, adorably. You’ll also probably get hooked as well, just a warning.

For the Brothers:


There are a lot of Korean dramas that are based on Japanese manga which tend to lend itself to a broader male audience internationally. Perhaps one of the best of these adaptations is the action-packed “City Hunter,” starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. Secret agents? Check. Thirst for revenge? Check. General kicking butt? Check. And some romance, because even trained killers have hearts!

For the Sisters:


What would I want to see if I was going to be forced in front of the television to watch content from another country? Eye candy. Of the “Flower Boy Next Door” variety.

Ko Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) is a recluse who passes time watching the gorgeous guy who lives across the courtyard and imagining a life together. When said gorgeous guy’s younger brother (Yoon Shi Yoon) catches her peeping, well he’s not about to let her continue her recluse ways. Add into the mix the attractive manhwa writer next door (Kim Ji Hoon) who has always liked Dok Mi from afar and… well, everyone will steal your heart and you’ll have to watch to see who successfully steals Dok Mi’s!

For the Cats:


Actually I was going to include this as a joke but there is actually a show out there your cat might enjoy: “Imaginary Cat.” Who woulda thought?

For the Whole Family:


If your family loves movies, Viki has a whole slew of them that you can choose from for a short, 2-hour introduction to Korean entertainment. Check out all of the films here.

But, if your family loves laughter and joy then I completely, wholeheartedly recommend catching an episode of ”Running Man” together! Seriously, you don’t even really need the subtitles when you are laugh-crying over something ridiculous that everyone’s fave giraffe Kwang Soo has done. But, lucky for you Viki subtitles Running Man so you will never miss a thing.

Did we miss any sure-fire hits? Any family members that you’ve managed to hook on Korea TV?

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Besides my parents, I actually got my entire family hooked on variety shows, starting with "Family Outing" and then moving onto "Running Man."  Some of them haven't seen the charm in "1N2D" or "Infinity Challenge" yet.  As for my mom, she is definitely hooked on family dramas.

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