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[drama Japan 2001~2003] ムコ殿~女婿大人 Mukodono / Son In

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


* Title: ムコ殿2003 女婿大人

* Title (romaji): Mukodono 2003

* Also known as: The Son-in-Law 2003

* Genre: Family

* Episodes: 11

* Viewership ratings: 12.6%

* Broadcast network: Fuji TV

* Broadcast period: 2003-Apr-17 to 2003-June-26

* Air time: Thursday 22:00

* Theme song:

o Mokuyoubi no ito by elliott

o Omae Yanai to Akan Nen by Sakuraba Yuichiro

* Related TV shows: Mukodono



Fall, 2002: A good-looking guy is kissing a beautiful girl. On the movie screen is the most stylish and striking commercial this fall. The handsome guy on the screen is Yuichiro Sakuraba, and the women in the audience at the movie theater can't take their eyes off the screen during this kiss scene.

The Japan Budokan: Young female fans are screaming at the top of their lungs. The star singing sexily under the spotlight is Yuichiro Sakuraba. When Yuichiro winks at the audience, they squeal wilder than ever.

The television is showing scenes from a documentary-style program that follows the life of Yuichiro Sakuraba around the clock. While watching the show at his agency, "Office Triangle," Yuichiro is getting dressed. Wearing glasses and a headband, the "real" Yuichiro looks like nothing more than a geek. "I'm sooo darn tired! Kin-san wouldn't let me sleep on the plane." "Of course not! The press and your fans were on the plane. How could I let them see you drooling and snoring out loud?" says his manager Sujiyama. "I don't drool..." "Oh, yes you do. Right, Kawamura?" "He sure does. He even farts from time to time," says Sakuraba's personal driver, Kawamura. Takuro, the president of the agency, is the only one laughing. "I'll bet ya all the stars fart." "See! Taku-san agrees with me!" "Stars DO NOT fart!!" "What about you Kin-san? Do you fart?" "I... For heaven's sake, stop calling me Kin-san!" "The tour in Taiwan was a big success, and everybody loves Yuichiro's new commercial, so let's just forget about it."

Yuichiro is riding his motorcycle home in his tacky sweatshirt, when a kitten jumps out in front of him. In an attempt to dodge the kitten, Yuichiro falls on his side, and hits a pedestrian. Yuichiro seems to be in pain, but he is more worried about the person he collided with. "I'm okay. I was the one walking absent-mindedly." Minami Ishihara looks up at Yuichiro.

It was love at first sight for Yuichiro. But the moment he feels relieved to know that Minami has no bruises, he realizes that he has hurt his foot, and can't walk. "OUCH!!" Minami insists on taking him to the hospital, but Yuichiro keeps saying, "That's not a good idea." So she helps push his motorcycle home with him.

They arrive in an underground parking lot of a gorgeous apartment building, where an elevator takes them straight up to Yuichiro's room. At first, Minami is amazed, but gets suspicious when Yuichiro keeps his helmet on even inside the room. Minami nurses him. Yuichiro's eyes are fixed on Minami. But she's terrible at nursing him. That's what touches Yuichiro's heart even more. When Minami is ready to leave, Yuichiro stops her, and is ready to reveal himself. With his heart racing, he slowly takes off his helmet. But Minami has a blank look on her face. "What?" Minami can't tell that the geek in front of her is Yuichiro Sakuraba, the star.

"What songs do you like?" Yuichiro starts asking leading questions, but Minami doesn't have a clue to what he's getting at. Unable to tell her who he really is, the two just exchange phone numbers and part.

When Yuichiro is later scolded by Sujiyama, Yuichiro decides to keep the encounter with Minami a secret. After an exhausting day, Yuichiro returns home from work, picks up Minami's business card, and smiles to himself. A 31-year-old librarian. She's six years older than Yuichiro. He gathers some courage and dials the number.

His first date with her is in a disguise...It is also Minami's first time to cook a homemade dish... Next is their first Christmas together...And finally their first kiss.

There's one big problem though. Yuichiro still hasn't told Minami that he's "Yuichiro Sakuraba" even after they've been dating. Because his real last name is different, and he hasn't yet found the opportunity to tell her, Minami is unaware of her boyfriend's true identity.

Spring, 2003: Yuichiro is recording a song that's soon to be released. At the same time, he's also shooting a commercial with a young actress by the name of Hikari Aikawa.

One night, after they have been dating for a couple of months, Yuichiro gives Minami a ride home on his motorcycle. It's midnight, and everybody is asleep... they thought. All of a sudden, the light on the porch comes on. "Minami, we've all been waiting for you!" Minami's sisters come pouring out of the house. Toko is the eldest, followed by Nishie, Kitae, and Akira. They've been eagerly waiting to see Minami's "young boyfriend."

Reluctantly, Yuichiro steps into their house. The eldest sister Toko is a cop. The second oldest sister in the family is Minami. The third is Nishie, a doctor. The fourth Kitae, is a flight attendant, and the youngest Akira goes to a well-known private high school.

Every one of the Ishihara sisters has both brains, beauty, and a no-nonsense attitude. They just blatantly stare at Yuichiro, and thoroughly check him out.

Eavesdropping behind the door is their father Mamoru, a gynecologist. He's the only male in the family, and always seems to lose to his daughters. He cares a lot about his daughters, and is proud of them. But none has gotten married yet.

The girls just keep on chattering, and continue bombarding Yuichiro with questions, until finally, Mamoru yells. "What are your intentions for my daughter?" With all eyes glued on Yuichiro, he stammers, "Well... that's a difficult subject." Now everybody's talking at the same time, about different topics, and it's total chaos. Yuichiro feels pressed, and answers, "Of course, to eventually get married." Amidst the confusion, Yuichiro suddenly proposes. Nobody is more surprised than Minami herself. Somebody says, "He looks familiar." Yuichiro can feel his sweat trickling down.

Finally the time has come for Yuichiro to reveal himself in front of the Ishihara's, including Minami. She can't believe that her boyfriend is the famous Yuichiro Sakuraba.

After a lot of ups and downs, and coping with many issues occurring all at once, Yuichiro and Minami get married. What's more surprising, Yuichiro marries into the family of his bride. Will Yuichiro be able to maintain a balance between being a star and being a son-in-law?


* Nagase Tomoya as Sakuraba Yuichiro

* Sakai Noriko as Ishihara Minami

* Shinohara Ryoko as Ishihara Nishie

* Hoshino Mari as Aikawa Hikaru

* Miura Rieko as Ishihara Kitae

* Suenaga Haruka (末永遥) as Ishihara Akira

* Okayama Hajime as Yamamoto Osamu

* Ono Mayumi as Kawase Satomi

* Suzuki Ryouji (鈴木リョウジ) as Terada Satoru

* Kamiji Yusuke as Souma Ryuji

* Kurosawa Toshio as Ishihara Mamoru

* Tsunku as Komine Takuro

* Hiraga Masaomi as Endo Koichi

* Yoza Yoshiaki (与座嘉秋) as Kawamura Hajime

* Matsushita Yuki as Sujiyama Michiko

* Kishimoto Kayoko as Ishihara Toko

* Takahashi Katsunori (ep2)

SOURCE : ムコ殿~女婿大人








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Guest MissMonika

I love this show (the 1st Mukodono, that is)! Nagase Tomoya is so sweet and adorable in this show. I honestly don't think too much of his singing (sorry Tokio fans, don't hurt me) but he's a really versatile actor. He has great chemistry with Takeuchi Yuko.

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

I loved Nagase Tomoya in Mukodono... He is so hot as a big star. Anyone have that song he keeps singing in here? I can't find it.

Everyone should watch. It is very touching and very funny. A good family drama.

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this was my first japanese drama. it was really really funny. one of my faves. Nagase Tomoya is very good at playing the lead in the drama. very convincing and will have u laughing ur head off.

im watching my boss my hero with him now. : )

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

I haven't seen it but I'm planning to..

I liked Nagase from My Boss My Hero and since everyone seems to recommend it..

I saw a link to DL the series on one of the CBs.. I forgot where tho.. If anyone has a link, preferable 350 mbs ones please share ^^~

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