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Lee Jong Suk Receives Spectacular Gifts from Fans for His 26th Birthday


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Model and actor Lee Jong Suk turned 26 (Korean reckoning) on September 14. In celebration of his birthday, his fans gifted him with unique yet meaningful gifts. The actor was born September 14, 1989 First, his fans from the official Chinese fan café gifted him with a screen door advertisement in a subway station in Myeongdong. This gigantic advertisement has a birthday greeting for Lee Jong Suk, along with a nice poem that is garnering much attention among fans. This advertisement was placed there on September 1, and will stay there for the remainder of the month. Another spectacular gift from his fans is a forest named after him. It is located in Seoul Mapo-gu, and it is the largest scale out of all of the actor forests that reside there with around 1000 trees. The gift was a joint project by the Korean fan café “With JS,” the Chinese fan café, the Taiwanese fan café, and Hong Kong’s fan café “LJS-HK.” After the forest is finished, it will have multiple benefits to the city as well. With the large number of trees, it will reduce the noise of the city’s railway and help with the shortage of forests. There is also a “Lee Jong Suk Star,” gifted to the actor by his Japanese fans. It is one of the largest and brightest stars in the constellation of Pegasus. This gift of a star conveyed their message, “Please be an iconic actor of Korea, just as Pegasus is an iconic constellation of the fall.” 914 lee jong suk birthday These spectacular gifts with deep meanings are gathering much attention as they show the close bond between the actor and his fans. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk will establish a free, official fan club on September 14. Approximately 2000 fans will be attending this event, and it will be his first official Korean fan club since his debut five years ago. Which gift do you guys think Lee Jong Suk will like the best?

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