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Girls' Generation Sooyoung Explains Why She Denied Relationship with Jung Kyung Ho

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The highly anticipated episode of the talkshow "Healing Camp" featuring guests Girls' Generation finally aired yesterday, giving viewers and fans a closer look at the girl group's ups, down, secrets, and career. The hottest topic of discussion was, of course, member YoonA and Sooyoung's romantic relationship with Lee Seung Gi and Jung Kyung Ho, respectively. 

While YoonA discussed her worries after her relationship with Lee Seung Gi was first made public and confirmed, Sooyoung opened up about why she denied her relationship with Jung Kyung Ho twice.

Sooyoung explained that when her relationship with Jung Kyung Ho was first reported, she denied it because the couple was only at the stage of getting to know each other. She also half-joked, "Also because there were no pictures."

sooyoung jung kyung ho

She continued, "I think I didn't know how to handle it. Since [Jung Kyung Ho] is the first person I have dated, I think I didn't know how to feel. Personally, I didn't have a clear idea on what my position [in my career] was, and I wanted to officially pave the way to be an actress. I didn't want a modifier to my name (i.e. Jung Kyung Ho's girlfriend)."

Regarding her dating rumor with actor Won Bin, Sooyoung revealed that her real boyfriend was happy with the rumors. Jung Kyung Ho asked her, "Do I look like Won Bin?"

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