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"Infinity Challenge" Teams in Jamaica and Korea, Which Team Will Rule the Broadcast?

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On the episode of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” that aired on March 1, we got a look into the team that went to Jamaica, as well as the team that remained in Korea and went to Kangwon-do. With the teams split halfway across the world, which team's presence ruled the broadcast?

The team that went to Jamaica, consisting of Haha, No Hong Chul, and Jung Hyung Don, dove headfirst into a ‘Find Usain Bolt’ project. They visited the Caribbean Sea cliff where Bolt is often seen, as well as Bolt’s restaurant and alma mater. The “Infinity Challenge” members took on various challenges such as diving from the cliff that they visited, as well as trying their hands at racing Bolt’s juniors. 

With little hope of actually meeting the Jamaican star, the “Infinity Challenge” team finally came across a promising lead, and whether or not the team had succeeded in their “Find Usain Bolt” project was revealed on the broadcast.

On one hand, in Korea on a trip in Yoo Jae Suk’s car was Park Myung Soo, Jung Joon Ha, and Gil, who went to help people affected by heavy snowfall, spreading warmth not only with their assistance, but with endless laughter.

The episode aired on March 1 at 6:25PM (KST).

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