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Davichi's Kang Min Kyung Shines in Recent Selca


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Female duo group Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung recently posted a selca of herself on Twitter.

On February 22, the singer posted, “With long hair for a shooting. It feels awkward. But I’ve only had a bob hairstyle for a short time.”

In the picture, Kang Min Kyung’s hair is very long indeed and styled with a white feather. The singer looks luminous with her white-colored outfit that matches well with her porcelain white skin.

Netizens’ comments included “Kang Min Kyung looks like a goddess,” “Long hair suits you as well,” “Her skin really is milky-white.”

Kang Min Kyung recently featured for the ballad group Vibe’s new song “Haeundae.” Vibe is a famous male duo ballad group composed of Yoon Min Soo and Ryu Jae Hyun. Yoon Min Soo is also the father of Yoon Hoo, Korea’s favourite boy who garnered immense popularity with his father for their appearances in the show that gave the father and son the spotlight in the first place, “Daddy, Where Are We Going?”

Kang Min Kyung selca

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