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Heechul Apologizes for His Reaction to Sulli and Choiza's Dating Rumors on "War of Words"


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Super Junior's Heechul has offered his apologies for taking a defensive stance against the dating rumors of f(x)'s Sulli and Dynamic Duo's Choiza.

On February 20, JTBC's talk show "War of Words" celebrated the program's first anniversary, and took a look back at some of the most memorable talks. The "Best minute" top five voted by 2049 viewers were revealed on the episode.

Episode 32 discussing Sulli and Choiza's dating rumors was voted the best moment, receiving 2.09% of the votes. Second was episode 41 regarding guests on "Hidden Singer," third was episode 38 discussing controversies of first-generation idols, fourth was the same episode 38 that included an interview with "Reply 1994" PD Shin Won Ho, and fifth was episode 33 that included the announcement of MC Park Ji Yoon's pregnancy.

Heechul opened up about his attitude, "I joined the show during episode 31, and the topic discussed on the next episode was Sulli and Choiza's dating controversy. I must apologize to the active viewers of 'War of Words.' I took a very protective stance [against the issue], which at the time, did not match the purpose of the program."

Special guest TV columnist Lee Seung Han commented, "While the topic itself was interesting, the reason for watching the show was to see how Heechul will react to it. His confused expression is still memorable."

Hearing this, the honest idol said, "When I was considering joining 'War of Words,' Kim Gura said to me, 'You are a person with a lot to lose, so it will be difficult to talk about everything,; and gave me advice. Two weeks after joining the show, I realized what he meant."

Kang Myung Suk, Senior Editor of web magazine ize, explained, "The public was interested in whether Heechul will be able to criticize SM or not. As Heechul is known for being SM's representative 'freeman,' people are expecting him to talk about his agency, but until now, he seems to be sparing himself."

Actress Yeo Min Jung expressed her opinion, "After Heechul joined the show, I stopped watching the show when it airs as often as I used to. As Heechul is very exposed to the public, the level of mystery drops, and I feel he doesn't shine as bright as he did on 'Radio Star.'"

Have you watched "War or Words?" What do you think of the comments? 

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