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Kim Jong Kook Once Scolded Sung Si Kyung for Bad Manners?


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Singer Sung Si Kyung recently revealed that Kim Jong Kook had scolded him in the past. 

On December 20, Sung Si Kyung starred as a guest on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” where he shared, “I made a promise with my manager before I debuted and was told that I could be friendly in greeting people I knew but didn’t have to greet those I didn’t know. As a result, a lot of people I didn’t know said a lot of negative things about me.” 

He gave an instance of when he was scolded for his bad manners saying, “Since I knew Hong Kyung Min better than Kim Jong Kook, I would give Kyung Min a friendly greeting and to Kim Jong Kook I wasn't as friendly. When Kim Jong Kook caught on, he scolded me saying, ‘Let’s do it correctly next time.’ I have been greeting him properly ever since” causing everyone to laugh. 

Shin Dong Yup commented, “I don’t know about anyone else, but with Kim Jong Kook you better behave properly.” Yoo Se Yoon also contributed his own encounter with Kim Jong Kook adding, “One time, Kim Jong Kook told me that he was going to hit me.”

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