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What Is MC Mong Up To These Days?

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It’s been some time since MC Mong has been out of the spotlight and a number of fans are anticipating for his return. But, will he ever make a comeback?

On July 3, tvN’s “eNEWS - Yesterday’s Hot Topic” aired a short segment that featured MC Mong. A couple people from the program’s production team waited out at the parking garage for a while before being able to grab a short interview with MC Mong. The reporter asked how he is lately and he responded, “I’m doing well.”

When asked about a possible comeback, he replied, “I’m doing well spending time with family. I’m not doing anything related to creating an album.” MC Mong added with a bow, “You don’t have to come. I’m just going to live in peace.”

The production staff managed to score an interview with one of his acquaintances after seeing MC Mong. The person shared about MC Mong, “It’s difficult for him to go out in the world [right now]. It’s even difficult for him to go to a restaurant and eat.”

0705 mc mong inside 

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