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[movie 2007] The Old Garden 오래된 정원

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Ji Jin Hee & Yeom Jeong Ah

The Old Garden 오래된 정원(2006/7)

Starring: Yeom Jeong-Ah, Ji Jin-Hee, Yoon Hee-Seok

Director: Im Sang-Soo

Genre: Romance

Runtime: 112mins

Production: MBC Production

Distribution: Lotte Entertainment

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea


Drama/ Completed

an IM Sang-soo film ("The President's Last Bang", "A Good Lawyer's Wife")

Starring JI Jin-Hee (TV Series "Jewel in the Palace" & "Bewitching Attraction") and YEOM Jeong-Ah ("Sad Movie" & "A Tale of Two Sisters")

an MBC Production production

An anti-government prostester finds that the world has been changed during his 17-year of imprisonment. At the brink of despair, he learns there was one that remains the same and loyal to him to the end -- the woman who had harbored him 17 years ago.

SOURCE : 오래된 정원

오래된 정원

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Guest Choi Ji Woo

Oh my!!! Yeom Jung Ah and Ji Jin Hee together in a movie..I love both of them in ATOTS & Dae Jang Geum...

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Full Synopsis : One chilly winter morning, a man steps out of prison. It is Hyun-woo who is released after serving 16-years and 8-months of incarceration. Upon his return home, his mother reveals to him the death of Yoon-hee.

In 1980, after escaping Kwangju during the uprising, Hyun-woo begins a life on the run from the authorities. He steals his way into a mountain village, Galmwhe where he is introduced to Yoon-hee who provides her house as a hideout. Hyun-woo is taken back by the headstrong Yoon-hee, an art teacher at the village school. To Yoon-hee, Hyun-woo is not merely a fugitive, but a beautiful human being who shines when reciting his self-written short poem to her.

The two live together like a dream in Yoon-hee’s small, secluded house. Together, they build a kitchen garden, eat lettuce wraps and go on a picnic. Six months fly by as they enjoy their life together when one day, while looking down the world from the hilltop, Hyun-woo is racked with guilt for leading a safe and comfortable life when his fellow protesters were fighting for political justice. Yoon-hee’s heart also sinks as she fears her time with Hyun-woo is running thin.

Eventually, guilt forces Hyun-woo to leave Galmwhe. But his heart aches when Yoon-hee suggests they should hide deeper into the mountains. Convinced that he would return to Yoon-hee shortly afterwards, Hyun-woo sneaks into Seoul, only to be caught by the police. A few days later, he is sentenced to life in prison leaving Yoon-hee behind to deal with a separation she had never expected to be so long.

Years pass and Yoon-hee has become a part-time teacher at a university. People including her mother are bewildered by Yoon-hee’s devotion to Hyun-woo who may as well never walk out the prison gates. Things have reached a point where everyone’s concern has become a burden to her, even a new man’s attempts to find his way into her heart.

17 years later, Hyun-woo heads back to Galmwhe to find the traces of his time together with Yoon-hee. Their house is the same as if Yoon-hee had lived there all along. Reading through Yoon-hee’s diary, Hyun-woo finally comes face to face with the 17-years lost, Yoon-hee’s life he missed, and a daughter, Eun-gyul whom he shared with Yoon-hee, born after his arrest. Confused and overwhelmed, Hyun-woo’s heart aches with regret but is also released from the pains of loneliness and long imprisonment.

Hiding his real identity, Hyun-woo meets with Eun-gyul for the first time…


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I was disappointed by the last two movies by Im Sang-Soo (Good lawers wife and President's Last Bang).

On the other side, I'm a huge fan of Tears, a real punk movie with no money, bad actors and shoot in DV by drunk monkey :w00t: Really cheap but rock'n'roll, after this movie, Im Sang-Soo became too academic :fury:

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Guest lord_jedi

I really wanted to watch this movie months months ago. I even download it from the net since the movie is not selling at my country.

It said that it is english subbed but when I finished download it, it's turned out to be a chinese sub.

Is there a soft sub for this movie? I really want to watch it. I already have this movie for months now..

Please PM me if you know the link to download the soft sub for this movie or even the hard sub video. I don't mind at all. Thanks. ^^

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