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Chae Yeon In Sydney

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Guest engot02


omg. i couldve seen herrrrr!

love what shes wearing!

not the usual clothes i see her wearing ..


its soo .. artistic. lol.

love the 5th pic!

i want her camera! ^___^;;

thanks for sharing~~

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Guest Vagabond.

``I do what my r i c e . k r i s p i e s tell me to do--

Ohhhhh.. so she WAS in Sydney! O_O

Aiiish... if only I knew earlier..

Hey look! A `b a n a n a!``*

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Guest lovesiick

OMG ><

she was in sydney???

i like LIVE here ><

and she was like there at the harbour bridge OMFG ><

I like pass there everyday to school xD

ahhhh...that's just sooo weird xD

she looks cute with short hair <3

thanks for sharing ^^

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Guest keiichiro


i love all these shots so damn much >O<

she sets me free LOL kiddin

i love it anw HAHAHA

she seems to be d real chaeyeon in those shots

not chaeyeon in tv

so cute, bright, cheerful, and gorgious anw

accept that i prefer these shots than those sexy ones ^O^

cos actually she already has it inside ^^ great

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