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  1. I guess Shinhye is busy with her movie shooting, but HB does he even go on TV? I don't remember watching a show where he is a guest in ;( sad tbh .. we hardly see him on tv and we have to wait a year for a movie he's in! :(:(:(
  2. she gotta show that she cares for all her characters somehow anyways, these two, especially Yura wasn't necessary ..hell, even Sujin, they showed us that she donated the money? was that really necessary ...... she could've used the minutes on something useful one thing for sure, this episode was all a mess, and they didn't know what to do with it, so they went with the typical stuff, all happy characters (ex for the main). ----------- @rAMYlola isn't it ridiculous? someone, maybe HJ has to play the game for idk another year? till she can be the master and JW gets out? and for what? Seju was afraid cuz of Marco, but JW has no one to be scared of, and if what u said him feeling like a bug irl resulted to this, then why he didn't hide irl instead of a game? he knows how hard it is for someone to help him out someday, and he def knows that when he shows up, HJ gonna go and rescue him. And when the police dropped the case, he could've shown up again. JW is smart, but if what u said is the case, then he became an idiot tbh. Also, the writer could've showed us how he disappeared, and hid himself? and not just showing us his aches or whatever that was, so we could understand him more.
  3. the writer didn't focus on Seju at all and that's sad tbh, she could've used his character to solve many things, but chose not to. ---- a second season with another writer, focusing on JW and HJ's dating life, and Seju being a CEO and developing the games would be cool
  4. I was wondering about him too, but I remembered that Seju said he got out now cuz JW completed the quest, so he prolly disappeared then, otherwise, he would've appeared again when they opened the server, or the writer and director are stupid again and left it out :))))
  5. gosh when Emma stabbed Jinwoo, she just was brutal!!!!!! and maybe he will live after she stabs him again and won't die? even tho I doubt it. And, that health portion, that guy created, JW never used it if I remember correctly, maybe he will?! or cuz he left it in Granada, he can't get it back?! -- I loved that Professor Cha died on the hands of his son at the end haha
  6. TRANS: Siwon: You've worked hard, Seju. No Chanyeol. So what happened. Why did you create that game. First,let's watch it live. Chanyeol: I didn't make..a good game..I should've checked it more.... Marco stabbed me. Siwon: Oh. First, let's watch it live.
  7. Jang Hyuk In Talks To Join Yang Se Jong And Woo Do Hwan In Historical Drama Jang Hyuk is in talks for a new historical drama! Recently media outlets reported that the actor had confirmed his casting in the JTBC historical action drama, “My Country” (working title). On January 16, his agency, SidusHQ, stated, “Jang Hyuk has received a casting offer from JTBC’s new historical drama and he is positively reviewing it.” If he accepts the offer, he will be playing the role of Lee Bang Won, the prince who helped his father overthrow the Goryeo dynasty and begin the Joseon dynasty. He would later become known as King Taejong, the father of King Sejong the Great. Both Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan have confirmed their roles in the drama, which takes place between the end of the Goryeo dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon dynasty. Yang Se Jong plays the son of a general and Woo Do Hwan plays an aspiring military officer who is hampered by his background as an illegitimate son. AOA’s Seolhyun is also in talks for the role of the female lead. https://www.soompi.com/article/1293735wpp/jang-hyuk-talks-join-yang-se-jong-woo-hwan-historical-drama ------------- hope he agrees, I like his acting. We gonna get 3 handsome guys in one drama! *.*
  8. It's sad tbh, this drama could've been the best of 2018-2019 if not of all the confusion and flaws tbh .... The drama being all based on JW and not HJ annoyed me, as well as PSH fans cuz she's my fav actress, but that's how the writer wrote and PSH accepted it either way, so I don't see why would we be mad at the writer for that thing. But hope she getsSame thing goes to Seju, even though the whole thing is created by him, he didn't appear much, and that's also unfortunate. We could've seen how he created the game in the first place, what was on his mind when he did so, and especially how he created Emma and she became like. Tbh, we EXO fans were so mad at this from the beginning but continued watching cuz he's gonna appear later (in my case I watched cuz I like the lead actors and the story made me want to watch more). I just hope in the final episodes, we will be satisfied by the ending. That will make us less "annoyed".
  9. isn't this ridiculous? a police officer and not a doctor assumed something and they all believed him? :/ and how on earth he speculated it? the viewers, of course will believe it cuz we've seen what JW did to CHS, but the characters in the drama? they didn't know what JW did to CHS in the game? how he killed him? (apart from his team) ------ anyways, I really wanted to see Granada full of Magic just like how Jinwoo imagined it to be in the first episodes, if this ends without it, it would be a bummer tbh.
  10. Writer Of “Memories Of The Alhambra” Explains How Pokémon Go Influenced The Drama At an interview, writer Song Jae Jung of tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” revealed how she came up with the idea for the unique drama that combines suspense with an augmented reality game theme in a Spanish setting. Song Jae Jung explained that after “W,” she was originally thinking of writing a time-slip story as the last part of a three-part series that would include “Queen In Hyun’s Man” and “Nine.” She came up with a story about a man from the future, and that was Yoo Jin Woo (played by Hyun Bin). At the time, the story involved Yoo Jin Woo staying at a hotel room and opening the door to a stranger and who would shoot him with a gun. She shared, “However, I didn’t feel motivated, and that’s probably because I had already written so many [time-slip stories]. While I was searching for ideas to write about, Pokémon Go was the new craze, so I got curious and tried it out.” “I didn’t think of doing a video game theme because it didn’t seem possible to recreate a virtual reality like the movie ‘Avatar,'” she continued. “But if it were to involve augmented reality with items [on the screen] like Pokémon Go, it seemed doable. That’s when I dropped the time-slip theme and decided to only keep the character Yoo Jin Woo.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1293003wpp/writer-memories-alhambra-explains-pokemon-go-influenced-drama
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