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  1. Annyeong chingu deul Oh my goodness! I love today's ending. They kissed! WJ told SR that he likes/loves her and SR replied she too. So they kissed. Then suddenly SR scooted away far from WJ, he asked her why. She said because her heart beat so fast and loud, she's scared he heard. Then he laughed and ....... Then WJ asked her to hold hands and while they were walking, SR asked him "one more time" and WJ smiled and kissed her. She continued to say "One more time" and he kissed her again. Then SR said one more time to see the sketch of her and joom joom joom. WJ said something and joom joom joom. Both of them really match each other, both has 4D personality. So cute! I laughed so much at the ending. @ohoheli dongseng, odi? Did you watch live? Ok dongseng, I just saw your screencaps, so you were watching live with us too
  2. Wow the ending.....Woojin said he don't want the woman he likes/loves get hurt!!! But then the preview for tomorrow showed that Seori still leave Woojin and left crying. But again, the ending of tomorrow's preview may produce a kiss .......maybe it is to tease us
  3. Annyeong everyone I just finished Episode 8. Wow Lee Jung Shin can act as a sick psycho. Bravo Jung Shin. He's a member of CN Blue. Hi @nateko I can understand your frustration, me too. No doubt Kangwoo had bouts of fainting spells and unable to recall his memory of that moments but I believe he's not a psycho. The psycho is that detective, what's his name? Let me search now... I can't find the actor's name. Actually this is not the first time I saw him acting, how come there's no record of him. Errr is this him? If it's him then his name is Kwon Yul. I believe its the psycho detective and his gang that killed people. Even Lee Jung Shin's character had a briefcase of weapons to kill the elevator repairman, poor guy. Looking forward to next Saturday. If this season can't wrap use the story, there will be Voice 3
  4. Thank you @kysy Wow the preview is so exciting. I like the sound of Ji Eun Han slapped Jung Soo Jin. Served that evil woman right!!!
  5. Annyeong everyone Hi @topazeyedgirl I like this drama lots too. Have been waiting to see when Han Seung Joo begin to fall for Joo In Ah and also for him to discover he was wrong all along about Joo In Ah. He found out its Joo Se Ra whom his best friend was in love with at last. Can't wait to see what he will do in the next episode next week. This is my 1st drama with Kim Jin Yup (김진엽) as Cha Jae Hwan. I like to see this actor, not only he's good looking and he can act too but sad that in the next episodes his character will turn dark. For a while, I like In Ah with Jae Hwan because he was so adorable whenever he's around her. Gomawo @0ly40 chingu for sharing the OST and clips. Wow this thread is moving very slow, was it because not many people are watching this drama or they are like me who seldom post?
  6. Annyeong @kangminjae just realised your ID almost like Kang Mi Rae . Hi @marrez1 and @sks18 I'm happy you all like Im Soo Hyang's acting. I like her too especially since The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed (KBS1, 2017). She was in IRIS II (KBS2, 2013) too. I remember seeing her as a spy and she looked cool. She has other dramas as well but was not a fan till The Rose of Sharon Has Bloomed. In the drama, she was a single mother and a police officer. If you all have the time, do watch the drama. A big contrast with her character in Gangnam Beauty. And she was a psycho in Criminal Minds (tvN, 2017) as a cameo. She's good as a villain too. Im Soo Hyang is one of my fave Korean actresses.
  7. Annyeong @packmule3 chingu....Wow I like your detailed comments. Keep it up coming. I love to read everyone's posts.
  8. Annyeong @vangsweetie637 my Kraken chingu so happy to see you are here too. Yup we have not been spazzing for a long long long time. I'm enjoying this drama so far, it has comedy and horror genre
  9. Welcome @ohoheli dongseng I'm so glad that you like Thirty but Seventeen too besides Gangnam Beauty. I'm so ready for tonight's episodes. I hope my internet connection won't fail me so I can watch live, if not, then will have to download RAW later.
  10. Hi @turtle0217 me too. By the end of the episode with Philip's dead mom dangling upside down, goosebumps on my arms even on my face!!! Luckily I watched it during daytime, if night time, will have nightmare. Looking forward to tonight's episodes.
  11. Hi @bebebisous33 chingu As always I love reading your detailed post. LMIH is getting more and more exciting with lots of suspense. I just know that KCK is not to be trusted as we see that he is having an affair with the evil butler, But I never suspect that he is an abusive husband. Its a shock to know last Saturday. Han Eun Jung as JSJ, is acting her character very well, I really find her very evil and ugly looking as a villain. Anyway she always hold the villain characters since Fullhouse. OMG I just checked, she was in Successful Story of a Bright Girl too but I don't remember her at all. I only remember Jang Nara and Janghyuk. At the ending episode of LMIH, can see JEH's determined and revengeful face. I hope she will plan her moves properly now as she remembers what happened.
  12. Hi @hyall welcome Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience before with a senior. How did you manage to overcome it? Was it better to be quiet or to voice out?
  13. Annyeong @Lmangla chingu I picked: #1 Option B #2 Option B #3 Option B Hmmm It seems that all my choices are Option B
  14. Hi @ChyuuNyuu I have the same thoughts as you. At the moment, I don't like the senior GTY, he is easily swayed by a prettier face. He don't deserve KTH. The tomboy is pretty and cute, she's bold and WY was taken aback by her compliments. I have to confess, I like MR for KS and WY too. But of course we know this story is all about MR and KS.
  15. Annyeong @xxPeepsxx chingu, sorry to disturb when you were almost asleep. Then you should only do the video the next day. Nomu gomawo for the video and the translations. Your hangumal is good ahhhhh. Are you a hanguksaram or you have taken a class before? Annyeong chingu deul, Ep9 showed how desperately SA wanna hold on to KS. Did you all notice she touched his arm when her part-time cafe boss hired KS? Luckily KS overheard the male worker and rejected the offer to work there. If not, the poor male worker was going to lose his job. Today, SA will confess to MR that she likes KS and I hope MR don't give up on KS. Anyway it seems that MR admires WY because he's a very nice guy even though a nagger @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @ohoheli @nonski chingu odi?
  16. Hi @xxPeepsxx can you do another video of the piggy back scene. I like to see KS' smug face that he won, that was to carry MR instead of WY. Gomawo ya chingu.
  17. There was a scene which the old house was shown and the picture of the fortune teller/old man with one white eye was on a small desk. The situation indicated he's dead. Wow what a twist, so the girl who called Philip's mum is actually Eulsoon. I think our chingu @turtle0217 is correct that Philip's mum abandoned him to take care of Eulsoon. By the way, chingu deul, both Eulsoon's parents have died? We know her mom is dead because she visited the grave. How about the dad? I hope Sungjoong will find the suitable time to tell Eulsoon that he's the little boy who used to sleep with her. Sad that Sungjoong will be heartbroken later when Eulsoon and Philip became a couple.
  18. Hi chingu, is that why today only showed 1 episode? due to the sport? haizzzzzzzzz so sad! I was expecting 2 episodes tonight.
  19. OMG the ending of Ep17-18 was so heart fluttering. Poor Chan is going to have heartache soon but I guess he will overcome it as he loves his Mr Gong so much. I thought at the ending, WJ would kiss SR but alas....staring contest was on. Oh I thought there's going to be 2 episodes today? Maybe I missed???
  20. Yup I think Cha Eun Woo feels comfortable around Im Soo Hyang. She's very approachable. Have you watched their episode at Knowing Brothers?
  21. Hi @zenya22 I enjoyed reading your detailed comment on the latest episode. I agree with the above, next week's episode will be more suspense, intriguing and exciting. That Butler Jung is very smart, because she knew that KCK monitored the CCTV, she went down to kneel as if begging JEH but instead she was threatening her with an evil and crazy look. I hope this time, JEH is much stronger than the old JEH. I wonder why they don't want to tell JEH about Dara. Is Dara her daughter or KCK's out of wedlock's daughter. His rival told him after investigation, found out he has a house in Japan with a beautiful woman and a little girl.
  22. Ahhhhhh after rewatching the preview for Ep9, I'm mistaken about the part that KS said he's interested in MR. Its actually he told CW that he's not the one he should apologized to. He should apologize to MR. Yup it seems that in the preview, MR is having jealousy pangs.
  23. Yup SA is getting worse. She don't want to see other couples happy. It seemed that Sunbae is swayed by her attention especially she is supposed to be the most beautiful at the university.
  24. Annyeong Gangnam Beauty chingu deul Love love love to see all KS and MR's moments. KS is so cunning, the main reason why he chose to move in WY's place is because of MR. He is jealous of the interaction between MR and WY. This episode shows that MR does have feelings for KS. If I'm not wrong, she admitted she can't see KS as a normal boy friend. She always want a good boy friend not the couple boyfriend. I hope you all know what i mean Wow SA is really a sly bxxxx. Now she's trying to seduce the sunbae who likes Kim Tae Hee. SA is really a bxxxx, she can't see others happy. She's going to ruin TH & Sunbae's relation soon. I hope Yooeun will let the others know soon that SA is liar. There's a scene which KS was sitting alone on the bench at school, SA came to sit besides him, he immediately stood up and took off while saying he's busy and got something to do. Served her right! Next week's episode is getting more exciting. SA is making moves on KS and the sunbae. Then KS told SA that he is interested in MR. (if i'm not mistaken)
  25. Annyeong everyone Looking forward to today's episode but aigoo my usual link suddenly gone dead on me. Can any chingu pm me a good live link? Gomawo chingu.... Omo omo omo I think today's live connection is not good, I can see many of us can't watch live today due to the link not working. Its ok then, I will download the RAW later.
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