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  1. Oh wow I am loving ALICE with Joowon and Kim Hee Sun. I like Kwak Si Yang's acting too. Yeah I found a new fave drama during this miserable pandemic time. Just finished Ep3 and Ep4 within 2.5 hours. This drama is so exciting and I'm now impatient for Ep5 and Ep6. I'm waiting for the day Jingyeom's dad realize that's his son he has been fighting with all these times.
  2. Annyeong everyone...wow it has been quite sometime now that I visited Soompi and do a posting. I love this drama maybe because its Choi Kang Hee. She's one of my most fave actress. I love to see her in this drama. She's beautiful, chic and badass. This drama is the first time I like Yoo In Young's character. I like her acting. Lee Sang Yeob is a handsome and cute CEO. I also like Kim Ji Young as Hwang Mi Soon too. I have just finished Episode 5 and decided to come in here. Looking forward to Ep6.
  3. Annyeong everyone, 1st time come in here for Memorist. I marathoned Ep1-4 and now its 4:31am at my place so I need to sleep now. Luckily I don't have to go to work so I can sleep in more and wake up late. Alright back to the drama, my first reason to watch Memorist is Yoo Seung Ho, of course. Have been liking this young actor since he was a teenager. I also like Lee Se Young's acting. Memorist kept me sitting on my seat with excitement what's going to happen next. Not sure if any of my gang is here but let me give a shout-out to them. @moodypie @nonski @Ahpheng @bebebisous33 @evie7 @Kasmic @Mau_Cherry @murnii @maplekist @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21
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