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  1. Considering also all those words he said to his wife on TV. Not many men would do that on TV. Ya noticed. I think it's a natural reaction for everyone when suddenly someone hugs you from behind. Hahaha! And he also felt awkward. It's awkward ok. Let me ask @azureblue7if you still have that clip which he taught ladies how to protect themselves from molesters (what to do if he hugs you from behind). Oh I so miss Pil Joo & Boo Cheon. They have good chemistry together.
  2. I cried so badly when the script made Ji Cheol die in the end! Couldn't we have a family reunion? In real life, there are also many fantastic fathers out there but are not good husband. What has happened to Ji Cheol marriage also happens in real life.
  3. BPP is 1 of my fav drama because it's so "everyday life" imo. About a marriage gone sour, about a teenager kid (kind of rebellious) about the struggles of a breadwinner trying so hard to bring home the dough. About illness of a loved ones. If we look at people around us, we may encounter people whom we know in similar situations. I like drama like this but this one is really sad. Ji Cheol is such a sad man who doesn't communicate with his wife (a typical mistake in a long marriage).
  4. Yes I was surprised/shocked about the 21 days sail. This is not a joke. Sure get seasick. Many donkey years ago when going to China from my country was via ship, as there wasn't flights available yet, my grandparents sailed for 7 days on the big ship & still fell seasick or motion sickness upon disembarkation. And yes, the typhoon, even with a big ship can't even challenge the typhoon, what else a yacht that they're in. Whether the yacht is even built to withstand rough sea during typhoon is a question mark. Once I saw a taiwanese interview, 1 of the taiwanese sho
  5. I was browsing in my sleepy state this morning & I thought I saw/read he said his wife is the only woman he's ever loved. Wow, how lucky she is! Although he doesn't reveal her look/identity but by always professing his love for his wife on tv is a sure way to keep women at bay. Tomo is Christmas Eve, wishing everyone a very happy & merry christmas!
  6. @dramafan33I've been very busy with domestic stuff lately. Didn't realised I've missed 6 pages! Lucky you to be able to sleep. I've been sleep deprived for many years now. Can't easily get to sleep or can't stay asleep. Very easily wake up. I've tried yoga, I've tried long walks....sometimes I'm so desperate that I take a flu tablet just to be drowsy & go to sleep.
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