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  1. In a Radio Interview he did with the lead actress of SOGC, the interviewer asked him which actress he has the most chemistry with. He answered, is the one next to him, which is the lead actress of SOGC. Then the interviewer asked how about #2 #3 since the one next to him is #1 in best chemistry, he answered #2 #3 is also her. He pointed out that what's past is past, what's present (current) is most important. Can probably guess that he's very careful when he speaks. So anything to do with family, who got best chemistry with him, these sort of questions I think he won't answer. @azureblue7Is that the guy who went to Croatia with him?
  2. I think he'll request for non personal questions. He'll answer only work related questions. In 2011 when he did promotion for Midas in Msia, I think is Msia, the interviewer asked him how has marriage/fatherhood changed his life & he politely declined to answer personal questions. When he was in Taiwan, I think after his daughter was born, he also requested not to be asked personal questions.
  3. @azureblue7Thanks...2 months is still bearable (not 2 years)...lol. I love the way he talks in an unhurried way, slow & still thinking & I'm curious to know what sort of questions will be asked. I hope (because I'm nosey) it'll be questions that he hardly talks about. It's impossible to not have a crush on him, so how does he "avoid" it? This is what I'm curious to know. Nosey enough? Hahaha! Ya I also think his book doesn't come in English version. If I force myself to read, chinese version is still bearable. If I should come across it (by luck) I'll let you know. Although I doubt very much. Btw, can you read Korean? If just alittle?
  4. Oh, btw, would anyone know the "Ask an Actor" thing, is it going to be a TV interview, Radio interview or Magazine interview? Like how we would know what method he's going to answer the questions. I'm looking so much forward to this. Love his interviews. Also anyone know if his Book (Hot Blooded Man) has in English version & if have, where can I purchase?
  5. @Biology LessonFan war (of words) is very scary. Apparently is a small issue made big at that point of time. About whose name appear first, 2nd or 3rd at the end of the movie. I can't remember whether JH name appeared 1st or 2nd, other actors name appeared after his. So other actor fans were displeased that their idol name appeared after JH.
  6. @KeddongieThanks for explaining. Actually I know nuts about market....like how much they're paid....Actually is not that I m against him doing overseas project. Not at all. If he gets international recognition is good for him. I'm only concerned about how crazy fanatic audience in some countries are, that they give personal verbal attacks, just like what happened in Inside Outside.
  7. Coming back to the topic 新海, I don't quite understand why he wants to work outside Korea, unless of course if the script is good & the pay is rewarding, I'll buy that. But now, we don't even know if he's being paid for his filming in 新海. I've watched 2 of his overseas project (Inside Outside & Dance of the Dragon), I didn't think they were fantastic. Not him, his acting is good but is the storyline kinds of sucks. Ok maybe Dance of the Dragon is more watchable than Inside Outside for me. Him sending coffee truck to his friends who are filming, I think generally he's a nice considerate thoughtful person. Remember he said he had 2 rules while filming, 1 is to ensure people want to work with him again & 2nd is that not to be confused between character & reality. So far he's achieved. Ask any actress, am sure they want to work with him. And so far we didn't hear news of him getting himself entangled into any relationship with any actress, still faithful to his wife since 2002, where their relationship started, is actually very rare for a celebrity. For this I truly believe he's a good husb & a good father. I really hope he has good projects to come. I would hate it if he's doing a 2nd lead role or doing a mentoring role or a cameo role. Not now please, my Kang Pil Joo is still going strong. I've been re watching his previous drama/movie but when it came to WOL, I just can't. Why? IDK why...I just can't.
  8. @azureblue7Yes, this is the one. Can't find any sub. @nykThanks for posting, I've seen this before. He looks soft & gentle which I believe is his real personality. The interviewer was trying to get a hug out of him but he just smiled/laugh it off. LOL..
  9. @PrettysupI hope so too. 新海 was filmed quite a couple of years ago. Anyway, 2022 is a good 3 years away. I'm (still) looking for the sub version of 1 of his interview, dated 20110108, Entertainment Weekly. He talked pretty much there but I've not been able to find the chinese or english subtitle. His hairstyle in the interview is the Midas hairstyle.
  10. If anyone can do chinese, youku has a short video of his wedding. Type 张赫婚礼. Not a close up version but can still see. It's pretty touching to see the bride's father walk his daughter down the aisle towards JH & also to see both Mothers walk together towards the 4 tier cake.
  11. If you can do chinese, you can check out his (previous) interviews at youku, tudou, iqiyi or bilibili (I apologise I do not know how to post the interviews here). IDK who's closest to JH but CTH/JH have common ground as both have 3 (school-going) children. JH youngest kid already attends Kindergarten,Hong Kyung Min daughter was 16 months old during the programme, Hong Kyung In has no kid at that time & KJK isn't married. In Mom's Diary, JH mentioned he never met any of JK's girlfriends - I'm not surprised. As a celebrity, you don't want to walk around openly with a girl unless she's someone you want to tie the knot with. Infact when JH announced his wedding/arrival of 1st baby, many were shocked/surprised that he even had a girlfriend & already for 6 years long!
  12. I agree with @azureblue7 that JH/CTH family know each other. JH complained in WIN WIN programme that his wife compared him with CTH because CTH is good with babysitting while JH is not as good. JH protest that while he is good with housekeeping, CTH is not as good. But for both wives, babysitting is more important than housekeeping 1x JH even pretended to be asleep (in CTH house) while they all were chatting about children/babysitting. Later CTH told his wife, next time JH no need to come already. CTH also mentioned that when HKM looked at how both CTH/JH are living now, HKM doesn't want to get married. LOL... JH wife knew all the 4 of them. CTH/HKM were the Master of Ceremony for their wedding. KJK sang the "Star Wind Sunshine & Love" song. Don't know if HKI was there - nothing mentioned. At HKM wedding, the Dragon Bros performed. And also during their bromance trip, whose wife was it that bought those pyjamas? For sure the wives knew the existence of their 20 years long friendship. But as they all have their own career & family, meeting each other on a regular basis is not as easy. As JH said during the BBQ, sometimes 3-4 of them gather but very difficult to get all 5 together due to work schedule. As for them being surprised at JH, perhaps his character did change from 20 years ago. While they were waiting for that train ride in the park (with that girl), KJK commented that JH hardly spoke 20 years ago. But now, JH is pretty chatty. So maybe they find this a huge change in him. But the 1 thing that never changed in him, as HKI mentioned, JH is bad at telling lies, he's pure. this was said during the breakfast session before JH/CTH rode the scooter to buy ice pop for the girl. I'm very sure their friendship is still strong despite the teasing. Their friendship is like, we don't have to see each other regularly but we'll be there for each other should the need arise. As in any friendship, there's bound to be differences sometimes & even displeasure but putting all those aside, the friendship is still strong. Especially for JH, he treasures people....and things. (Sorry if I've bored you all with my long chats. I really enjoyed chatting with you all, while waiting for his new work to be out. All of you are so nice here. I've seen threads where people scold each other just because of differing opinions. Thank you for welcoming me here).
  13. (Just my personal opinion). Of course their friendship is still strong despite the teasing. True friends don't break off easily but of course there might be times when each don't see eye-to-eye which is common in any kind of friendship/relationship. (I'm sure we ourselves have similar experiences). There were 2 incidents I found disturbing. At the Thai Restaurant (after surfing), CTH teased him about using the plaster without removing the plastic wrap. And his reply was..."enough enough already, I'm already a father of 3". Another incident, during the BBQ, when they teased him endlessly about his red face, he said something like... "if it's amusement to you, go ahead"...I can't remember his exact words in the subtitle. To me, these are words of displeasure. As much as we can be friends for eternity, but we still have to have mutual respect & not go overboard with teasing to the extend the person being teased becomes uncomfortable. Another incident I found disturbing (although not related to JH). JK commented that HKM dated many celebrities. My 1st thought was "oh no, his wife is going to watch this". We can be best of friends forever but there are still things that can be said, some things better left unsaid. Of course we all know that JK slipped of tongue...but sometimes slipped of tongue can get another person into trouble.
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