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  1. Alot more pleasant! I used to be able to hang around, now I can't. Eyes can't take it. Makes my "old flower eye" even worse! To those who don't understand "old flower eye" I actually direct translated from mandarin to english (in mandarin is called : lao hua yan), meaning presbyopia.
  2. The drama is only 10 episode? I read reviews about it that it didn't match the standard of the other adaptations but again, this is very subjective. Ya, let us know how you feel since it's such a short drama. I didn't watch because the ML is too young for my liking.
  3. If you're watching it for the 1st time, you'll just be "oh, what a shitty man she married" but you soon realise every drama is the same plot. I can only guess thai audience like this type of genre. There's a lot of dragging, a lot of pushing, a lot of struggling, etc. C drama has many of these. Supernatural powers. I wasn't impressed with her in SSBG or VIP. The Last Empress so so only. Maybe because I'm not her fan so I'm neutral where she's concerned. But I didn't even finish any of her drama except for SSBG because it's with JH. @coreyAre you watching FTLY Japanese version?
  4. Seems like K drama likes to do those "rich man poor girl" type of romance. The guy is some CEO & fallen in love with a commoner. Thai drama likes to do those "revenge love" type of drama. Marry the girl only to torture her but fall deeply in love with her. Er...I was referring to what I saw in c drama as in the ML can fly from this destination to another place. LOL. So drama right? The C drama adaptation changed the premise also. Instead of the ML becoming feminine, the story changed that the FL is the formidable one & fallen in love with the ML. If we talk about this premise, I find JNR not suitable.
  5. Am sure the producers or whoever (agency) wants to do those drama that will bring in ratings, viewership, and it seemed that k audience mostly like romance drama, for example, CLOY that kind of genre, some years back was DOTS. Ya, I've always wished JH would do a drama where he can fly. When is he going to act in that drama which he wanted to do with JNR? Title : Invincible East. But IMO, JNR is not suitable for this role. She's too small size & she doesn't have the look. No offence to anyone here ya, just my opinion. Can he team up with HJW for a good ancient drama? Can I dream on this? What do you wish for? Another what type of drama? Hahaha...Hmm...I also wished k drama will remake the c drama "remembering li chuan" type of genre. This one really cry buckets. I know some audience didn't like the drama due to it's plot, or due to the FL, or due to the casts aren't top notch artistes, but there are also audience who love the drama so it's very individual. JH will do very well here due to he can do sad scenes very well & this drama has plenty.
  6. Please don't "repay" me any points. I have no use for it cos I don't intend to shop. It has to follow the original version rather closely in order not to be blasted by the c audience - they're definitely very good at blasting. The 2008 version was very well accepted when it was broadcasted so I think the producer/director/agency all want to play it safe too.
  7. But I rather watch MC than WOL. At least MC got the 2 veteran actors, the one who acted as King & the one who acted as NJ. The 2 young guys & the FL I can do without. Heehee! Director truly a lot of work. After filming is done, got to do those post filming stuff. I guess it'll take up lots of his time. As an actor, once he's done with his filming, he can go home & relax until the next project. I guess he just only want to act & that's it. If he wanted to be a star to start with, he would be taking on those more prominent projects. My opinion only.
  8. Haiz...that drama is everything WRONG to me. 1st, his screen time is so little. 2nd, the storyline is uninteresting. 3rd, he doesn't play the gangster according to what I would expect. 4th, that horrible looking haircut! 5th, the annoying FL in the drama (not her in person, it's her drama character). That's what I meant. Although Director-nim may praise JH for a job well done but not many Director want to work with someone like JH. Not saying paying attention to details is no good but Director has got his own work to do too, he cannot concentrate solely on 1 actor's demands or whatever. He has other areas to look out for too. These Directors could find working with JH burdensome. He can be Director/actor at the same time. Many C actors have done that. They become director & act in the drama or movie at the same time. Not sure if this is common in K industry but it's common in C industry. That once the actors/actress have "reached" a certain status, they open their own agency. And they hire people to be their manager. This way I guess the actors actress have more say as to what he or she wants to accept.
  9. SJK is a good 9 years younger than JH so you could be right, they want a younger actor to do romance. Plus he's now single, coupleship can be stirred up to create some heat for the drama. I know this sounds absurb in the western community but it's not absurb & is applicable in the asian community. That once a man hit a certain age, in his 40s, married with kids, he is less considered for the romance role. Not saying totally zero no romance drama but to a certain extent, his age/marital status does affect. JH was 38 when he did FTLY, haven't hit the 40s yet. In WOL too. He didn't come across as a gangster at all. To me it's like watching cartoon but not in its cartoon form. SOGC is another drama that I see LG in a traditional costume. There's so much of LG in his acting. On the otherhand, I know we've discussed this before, the reason why JH isn't getting roles that we think he's supposed to be getting. Although he made sure the actresses/actors want to work with him again after every project, but am not sure his style is suitable to all Director-nim. You know what I mean? There are still Directors who want to have the final say & the final cut.
  10. I do agree with you about the "taken for granted" part. Sometimes when we've been friends with someone for ages, we tend to (not on purpose) "neglect" the feelings of the other person. We often might think that, we've been friends for ages, he/she won't be angry but it's not true. The Running Men host right? Ya I like him too! He knows how to coax people to talk. Frankly, initially I used to like watching RM but over the years, sometimes I find they're too noisy. Hahaha!