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  1. Ya, miss his interaction with children. Like the girl in Robbers, the girl in TY, the girl in Flu. His interaction with his daughter in BPP was alright. Hahaha...are you worried the teenager might have a crush on this ahjusshi? Not impossible ya. Lol. I think the script is bland. Not much the Director can do to un bland it.
  2. IKR. Could it also be 1 of the reason(s) why the rating wasn't good or the viewership wasn't good - I'm guessing. People really have to get past those annoying episodes but if anyone who isn't JH fans or isn't the FL fans, how many people would want to sit through those silly episodes. I'm sure in our circle of friends we've also come across people who masked their jealousy behind a smile or behind a laughter. JH is loyal to all his friendship & relationship - to a certain extent naive to think that everyone will be the same as him but in actual fact, not everyone values f
  3. Obviously the scriptwriter doesn't know (very much) that cops are supposed to be smarter (hahaha) or alert or whatever it is. Have you watched Beautiful Mind? In the early episodes, the role of the Traffic Policewoman (the FL) really got me boiled up. Seemed like the scriptwriter doesn't know the difference in duties of a TP vs that of a Criminal Detective. Are you surprised if CTH mocked JH? Frankly, I'm not. CTH has always given me the impression he's "jealous" . Whether intentionally or not intentionally, constantly harping on the same stale joke is not gentlemanly. Who does
  4. Are the comments about him personally or about the character he plays? My opinion, his performance in Midas was off for me. And it's just bad that both he & his FL don't produce any chemistry as lovers. The FL in TWDR doesn't have chemistry with most of her MLs. And the FL in WOL is annoying for me. Not her but the role she plays. Is it the acting, is it her smile or her hair? Something is just annoying.
  5. Indeed. He doesn't mind looking weird or silly or ridiculous for that character. Or even his looks. Look at the bad hairstyle in BPP, Iris, WOL. Mainly that mushroom hairstyle. Some actors won't shave their hair or have a weird hairstyle for the character they play. I think I prefer good casts over good scripts. Hahaha! At least the good cast can "compensate" for the lousy script. But I contradict myself. Gaekgu got fairly good cast but still the drama was off for me.
  6. Actually I like to ask, which is "better"....? To have good script with not so good actors/actress as the leads or to have super good leads with lousy script? Imo, Gaekgu got fairly good casts but the script .....not for me. So I like to hear your opinion on your preference. For me, MF & FTLY got good cast & rather good script. MC got good senior cast but script yiaks at some point. My dramaland taste changes as I age or as the years go by. What I enjoyed before may now seem yiaks or old fashioned. Hahaha! As for JH "Gaebong Ah" I think he got carried away or overdo it.
  7. Please no! No Gaebong ah!! I realised that I like JH in heavy stuff. Don't know what word to use so I use heavy. Characters that are serious & no nonsense, ie. Pil Joo, Bang Won, Dr Lee Young Oh. I don't like him to play roles that requires him to act cute & most definitely not Gaebong ah! Apart from Gaebong ah, Wang So was rather alright for me (when Wang So was serious).
  8. I love JH crying scenes - the reason why I felt such a plot ie. Hercai, is suitable for him. JH cry scenes are very convincing. Not only his cry scenes but also the "torn in between" feelings. Want to love the girl but want to revenge as well. For him, 60 episodes also never mind. I like that.
  9. What he said is so true. Acting melo (I take it as romance) in his 20s 30s & now 40s would have a different effect. Let's wait for a good script. Personal opinion, I feel such plot suits JH because he's good at acting conflicting emotion. I'm only at episode 2 but those reviews I read said it's a good drama not to be missed. The sypnosis seemed straight forward (hahaha) how he used the girl for his revenge. Different from MF, this one has romance. Lol. I'm not sure how k entertainment industry works - whether it's the norm for actors & actresses to open t
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