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  1. Actually I am not surprised if he quit on social media. I think, as his children grow, he will become even more low profile. If you read page 602 of this forum, he said that he cut down filming time so that he can spend time with his children. (Could it be) his boys are fast approaching teenage phase. It is challenging to parent teenagers, more so 2 (to be) teenage boys. It can be overwhelming for his wife to do parenting alone now. A father figure is definitely needed. And if any of his sons be like JH, who watched porn at aged 12 or 14, it's gonna be soon that junior JH will start soon too...haha! Infact son #1 is 12 years old this year (k age) Can't imagine what will papa do...?? Mummy will freak out I guess. Oh btw, I watched the Official Trailer 1 and 2 of My Country. Sad + upset, his part is so little
  2. Me feel the same. There are still many interviews with no subtitles. Haha, "welcome to the club". In DB, CTH said a man who gets yelled at is a married man. Maybe the unknown sigh is for this. Lol. Am sure Hyuk will have many good advices to give.
  3. Yes, just looking at his face is good enough. Have you watched "Jang Hyuk in USA" (dated 2010)? If you've not, can try watching. He did tap dance he did wine tasting and he was afraid he will get drunk and talk rubbish. He spoke some english. What caught my attention was when the magician made his (wedding) ring disappeared and appeared again, Hyuk took the ring back and checked it thoroughly inside and outside (usually the inner of the wedding ring will have name engraved right), I guess to make sure that's really his (wedding) ring and slipped it back onto his wedding finger. Hahaha...
  4. No i don't mean the character that she played in BM. But yes, at the initial few episodes she certainly was annoying in her portrayal as the traffic police. What I meant is that she looks like a teenager in BM and I tend to feel that Lee Young Ngor is romancing a teenager. That's what I meant and I'm quite uncomfortable with such pairing.
  5. Maybe I'm the (only) one who finds him not matching with PSD. Of course without doubt I love JH in Beautiful Mind. Only I'm slightly uncomfortable with the pairing of both of them. I find PSD is more matching with Yoon Hyun Min than with JH. But yes, hoping the cast of BM can have another team up together.
  6. It's not easy to command respect in the entertainment industry but JH did it. His examplary behaviour and attitude should be a role model for the younger generation artistes to learn from. I dislike how some artistes become arrogant just because of (some) fame. Yet here you have a 43 years old ahjusshi who has been working for more than 20 years, who has made a name for himself in SK and overseas, is still so humble and hardworking.
  7. Younger version of Pil Joo at certain angle, at certain angle like Kim Do Hyun (Midas). New Sea is a 24 episode drama I think, for 2022. I watch with chinese subtitles either in youku, Iqiyi or Sohu (优酷)(爱奇艺)(搜狐). Can't remember which one of the 3 now. I think all his partner actress are mesmerized by him. The hilarious part is that, while the actress may still be mesmerized, probably heart still racing, body still feeling the heat, when he hears CUT, he snaps out of it already @azureblue7Oh I just love that scene with Jung Mal Ran. In my opinion, that scene with Jung Mal Ran (episode 20) has got more sexual tension than a kiss scene. The way he holds her to his body, his breath at her ears, like want to kiss her but no, gosh Pil Joo, you are a good seducer!
  8. @The Reel LifeTo answer your question, I saw an interview, they interviewed the male chinese co star who is also in this New Sea drama. In the interview, were some clips of their filming. This was how I saw the image of JH. This co star shared that JH is skilled in martial arts and JH would wake at 5am to practise boxing. In the drama, he always got whacked by JH. I saw also another interview, they interviewed the female co star in "Fall In Love With Anchor Beauty". She said, in the earlier part of filming, before she and JH even got familiar, they had a kiss/hug scene in which JH had to hug her and kiss on her cheek. She revealed that after the kiss, she could'nt act. She was so mesmerised and felt her heart raced. Not knowing what's happening, she asked another male co star to do the same to her, hug and kiss her but with this co star, she didn't feel anything at all. The interviewer said "you have fallen in love with JH"... @azureblue7Where did you find such a handsome rugged (untidy) look of him? Love this look and love his voice too.
  9. I just went in and I could watch it in youku (优酷). Otherwise you try if you can access into sohu (搜狐). I really don't know about web or app. Or you go to google search, type in chinese text 张赫婚礼. It should come out under TV Sohu. (Fyi, the chinese text reads zhanghehunli).
  10. Yes. Seems like such a long wait after Bad Papa. I have been watching all his other programmes (interviews/variety/award ceremony) from youku, from tudou, from iqiyi, from sohu and from bilibili. Some with subtitles while many still without subtitles. And still no news of New Sea. His image in New Sea looks good/very handsome.
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