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  1. Lee Dong Wook is the model for the men's makeup line - BOY DE CHANEL. The set of products appeared on JR's desk, including the lip balm.
  2. I guess that "not so close" hug was requested by the PD. JR is a person who always hides his feelings (LDW said this in an interview). And JR just told JS he's a slow person, wouldn't it be strange if he suddenly hug her so tightly? So i think this hug fits his character and their situation at that moment. p.s. I watched the 50-minute kakaotalk event (interview) of this drama. I am not a shipper of them, but I can feel that the two people are good colleagues feeling so comfortable with each other.
  3. I remember that scene as well and presume he is 29. But in another scene, the patient information of SG (from Dr. Daniel) showed that SG's birthday is 9 Mar 1991.
  4. From the english version of wiki, the no. of episodes is 15 (+1 special), each of 80 minutes. But from the chinese version, the no. of episodes is 16, each of about 75 minutes. And 1 special episodehas already aired before EP1. So I am not sure if there are 15 or 16 episodes in total.
  5. I agree with #3, 4 & 5. Also, all the ministers either support KCE or the queen. No one support CP at all, and the king is just too weak. And I guess KCE has full control of the army. So, even if CP exposes the evil things that KCE and CPss had done to him, it is not easy to put KCE down. So I guess the Ming serves as the power support in the drama to help CP to beat KCE, most properly during the war which will be raised by KCE.
  6. Though the editing of this drama was a bit messy in the past few episodes, it was much better in EP12. Especially I want to give a big thumb to the editing for the scene when the Crown Prince stepping into the living place of the Crown Princess. The scene before this one was that Hong Shim threw away her shoes but picked them up again and cried loudly. The screen is then changed to the Crown Prince, standing outside the Crown Princess’ place, with a face full of sorrow. What impressed me most is that the editor didn’t remove the sound of Hong Shim’s crying together with the shot. Instead, the crying sound remained and acted as the background sound for the CP. It gave me a feeling that the CP can actually hear Hong Shim’s crying, but there’s nothing he can do. He is now betraying his beloved Hong Shim, going to step into the place of his “wife” to comfort her. On the other hand, he is now a bad man who forgot his own wife and child, and fell in love with another woman. He feels so sorry for both women. He’s so hesitated to step into the place. Kyung Soo’s acting here is so amazing. The last line of this scene is the CP saying “I will not make the mother of my child cry (I will not break the heart of the mother of my child)”. The screen is then changed back to Hong Shim’s crying immediately. This echoed with my thought “The woman who is crying for you is Hong Shim, but not the Crown Princess!”. I appreciate the editing here so much.
  7. As usual, there is at least one more line in the preview at the end of EP11 on air than that shown in youtube. I watched that in ViuTV (with chinese sub) and let me try to translate it here. JY: There is no way we could be friends. It's because you are the Crown Prince. ennuch Jang is saved by JY, and kept in a secret place. JY asked a doctor to heal him. So please see the extra line in the preview above.
  8. To Jae Yoon, Hong Shim is different. The faces of other people are like blurred drawings in his eyes. But he can see Hong Shim's face clearly, with big eyes and red lips. So he thinks it's so amazing to him and so he keeps tracing after her. (EP5) So, he can recogize Hung Shim by her face, not only from her voice and the way she speaks.
  9. The title of the book "Night Open Door" is the chinese words representing a medicine which gives men more energy for the night......(from Google) Or just like @000231846597 said, it is related to that korean movie. Anyway, i guess the writer may try to use this title to mislead us that the book is something similar to "the fifty shades of grey". Yes, the content of book is actually the ledger that detailed the wrongdoings of the local magistrate. I guess the story is like this: The book was somehow accidentally brought to the bookstore. But the owner doesn't understand the content of the book so he just sells the book just like other normal novels. WD bought that and then hided it under the firewood. HS found it and she could read it and knew that it is a ledger. (<- this becomes a clue of her noble identity for WD) After the house was trashed, HS got up early that morning to find her father, and she noticed that the man in the room was holding a metal bar. The metal bar should be something that reveals the identity of the man. Then HS guessed that he comes to investigate the misbehavior of the magistrate. Then, she went back home and took the book from the firewood, and gave the book to the man. (Later he told WD that HS gave the book to him early that morning) After that, WD woke up and went back home to get the book but he couldn't find it. It's because HS has taken away already.
  10. This should be the other person (a 38-year-old man) killed in the bus accident.
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