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  1. @kkddrraammaa thank you for inviting~ the ride is so cute! (I don't know how to remove instagram link. may I keep it here?)
  2. I am not 100% sure but from the drama Secretary Lee mentioned that DJ's mother died when she was working for Dom's father outside the office (rushed to save the fish) and died in the car accident. So Dom's father should be partly responsible for her death but he refused to pay any compensation for that. This was the main reason for Secretary Lee to start the secret group to help DJ and other people under similar situation, e.g. the driver. Also, at the end of the episode, the back of Dom's eye sight was not permanent but just temporary.
  3. Dom may have changed his mind when he got the call from the restaurant, i.e. when he thought GH is having a date with the man. In the restaurant, he talked to himself that he will do everything to make GH come back to his side. So I think he has decided to confess when he called GH to invite her to come.
  4. Lee Dong Wook is the model for the men's makeup line - BOY DE CHANEL. The set of products appeared on JR's desk, including the lip balm.
  5. I guess that "not so close" hug was requested by the PD. JR is a person who always hides his feelings (LDW said this in an interview). And JR just told JS he's a slow person, wouldn't it be strange if he suddenly hug her so tightly? So i think this hug fits his character and their situation at that moment. p.s. I watched the 50-minute kakaotalk event (interview) of this drama. I am not a shipper of them, but I can feel that the two people are good colleagues feeling so comfortable with each other.
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